Y. NTR Ch.45

Ch 45

After terminating the delivery, “Imai”… or Mai was shaking with a pull.



She raised her upper body as if to leap up and threw the camera in her hand as hard as she could at Eiji, who had been interrupting her earlier.

It did not matter that her G-cup breasts, which were not concealed by her clothes or bra, were openly visible.

And, although the camera was a very sophisticated and expensive one, she was willing to use it as a weapon.

It didn’t work on the gorillas, though, and he took it lightly and let it slide.

“You! Don’t play with me, gorilla! I’m seriously going to be found out… or rather, I’ve been found out! I’m sure they found out about that!”

Mai’s face turns bright red and she shows her anger by waving her arms buzzing.

Her boobs are also blubbering and Eiji is smiling.

In the end, he forced his way through, but there was no way he could fool all the viewers with that.

Many of them may have noticed something unusual.

“I thought I’d show them the real Terui, not the one acting…”

“It’s none of your business!”

“But I think you got more money to throw around, didn’t you?”

“… Well, that’s for sure…”

Mai nodded her head in agreement.

It’s true that I have always been proud of the amount of money I’ve thrown at the site, but this time, it’s now the largest.

This pleased Mai, who has a tremendously strong need for approval and wants to be prettier than everyone else.

“But of course I would be embarrassed if I showed my true self like that! Besides, if it gets out that I have a guy, I’ll lose viewers…”

However, it is a different story if she is thankful to Eiji for all that he has done.

Even though she is more than half hidden by a mask, many fans of those who expose their faces like this are looking for someone like a virgin, regardless of gender.

So, if you behave in any way that suggests you have a man in your life, you will of course be questioned, and if you are not very good, you may even have your favorites removed…

“… Do you think the number of guys who watch pornography streaming would decrease just because there’s a guy around?’

“… I don’t know about that.”

I was thinking, but on second thought, that is an all-ages distribution site.

I was not sure if the viewers who register on such sites for… erotica would seek virgins, although there may be many viewers who seek virgins, since few would be looking for erotica.

Besides, even if the number of viewers were to decrease, Mai would be able to quickly regain it and even increase it.

She was annoyed by her own admission that she was pretty, but Eiji saw that she was certainly attractive enough… to say so himself.

“’But it’s true that I’m embarrassed!”

Mai, who was feeling kind of tipsy, hurriedly made an angry expression.

I am not scared at all because I am in a very unattractive state, naked on top and my lower body is also messed up with love juices.

“Wouldn’t you be more embarrassed if you were acting?'”

“No, no, I’m wearing a mask, so it’s less embarrassing that way. I can just rub my tits and say, “Oh, my God, you’re so licking me.”

“Don’t lick it…”

Mai scoffs at him.

Even after being fucked and humiliated by Eiji, she still has a tendency to look down on men as a whole.

Well, Eiji is special in her mind, and she has had nothing in particular with other men, so it is not surprising that she does not change her mind.

“Well, what does it matter?”


Eiji lightly ignores Mai’s snarl.

“I’m just wondering, are you sure you’re going to be okay with this? Can I go home now?”

“What? That’s right…”

Mai begins to squirm at Eiji’s words.

It was a sight for sore eyes to see her voluptuous limbs swaying, and he stared at her intently.

In the first place, Mai, who normally remains tsun-tsun, even though she has been humiliated, would normally reply immediately that he should go home.

But not now. During the delivery, she was extremely horny, as he had been caressing her incessantly and desperately trying to suppress her pleasure because she had to keep the viewers from finding out about it.

He licked and kissed her mouth all over, squeezed her breasts insistently but never touched her nipples, licked and slurped her pubic region, and finally sucked on her clitoris.

Even though he made me come once, the climax I had to endure was enough to make me feel bewildered.

“Well, well, if the gorilla wants it, I’ll let him fuck me at least once.”

Mai teasingly says while looking away, pouting her lips and poking her fingers together.

It’s so cute, a man should jump right in…

“Huh? Well, okay then. It was interesting and satisfying just to see you hold back from cumming. I’ll let someone else fuck you.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! You should be more aggressive there, gorilla!”

Eiji easily turned away and was about to leave when Mai jumped on him, almost naked.

She clung to his legs and bit down on his pants.

But it was clearly Eiji who had the mental advantage.

“Then what do you have to say?”

Eiji looks down at Mai with cold eyes.

She is looked down upon by a man who had looked down upon her. It must be unbearable for her pride.

But she is not angry.

There is a part of her that feels humiliated… But that does not lead to anger.

It was connected to… oppressive pleasure.

Being disrespected by the man she was supposed to be standing above… and who was supposed to be looking down on her.

It was enough to stimulate the proclivity for abuse that she had originally harbored and that had been allowed to flourish by Eiji, and it brought about a change in Mai.

Her face was reddening, her breathing became huffing and puffing, her nipples were erect, and her secret parts, hidden by her dark pubic hair, were slowly oozing love juice.

Then she…

“I want you to fuck me… please fuck me…♡”

She said the words that would make her fall to a lower position.


Seeing her like this, Eiji chuckled ruthlessly and with satisfaction.

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