F.G. Ch.6

Ch 6 Sana’s little sister Saya is at home

I was stuffy with Sana from the morning at my house today. Sana came to my house right away at my call.

It seems she remembered the place because she went to my house on the day I first met Sana. It seems like a long time ago that that day became the day I took Sana away from Noboru. And it seems that she and Noboru have not broken up at all. Sana says that when she broke up with him, he cried and asked her not to break up with him, and she reluctantly complied.

However, Sana and Noboru have been meeting and communicating with each other as little as possible. While playing with Sana in the morning, the phone kept ringing.

“Hey, Sana, are you sure you don’t want to answer?”

“Yes. I’m Keita-kun’s woman now. I don’t care about Noboru anymore.”

Sana was hugging me, moaning from the nipple torture, and kept shaking her hips frantically.

“Sana has changed too.”

I smiled as I twisted her nipples.

“It’s all Keita-kun’s fault… The way you hold me is so naughty.”

“Haha. It’s great. Sana’s nipples are worth touching.”

“Keita-kun’s dirty… Ahhh! Nipple tease noooooo!”

The incoming calls from Noboru would stop and then start ringing and stop again, over and over again. I wondered how many calls there were.

“I wonder what happened to Noboru.”

“I don’t care about Noboru. Please make it harder.”

I didn’t think the day would come so soon when Sana wouldn’t care about Noboru. I’m the one who made Sana like that.

“Fuwaaaa… Kufuuu… It feels good.”

In response to Sana, I also increased the speed at which I played with her nipples. I continued to play with her nipples as if I was rubbing them at high speed.

“How is it, Sana?”

“It’s good. It’s so good… Please give me more. Rub my nipples all over.”

As I continue to play with Sana’s nipples with my fingers, the door suddenly opens. I stare at the door. The person who opened the door was Sana’s sister, Saya. I hadn’t seen her since the last time I visited Sana’s house. If I put Sana’s face and her hair in a twitail, Saya would be complete.

“What are you doing here, Sana-neechan?”

“Sayaa… Your sister is having sex with Keita-kun.”

Sana shows Saya a pathetic face that is not like her older sister. Saya sees that face and looks at Sana with a despairing face.

“Sana-neechan… Sana-neechan that Saya knows is… Sana-neechan, let’s go home now. Noboru-san was worried about you too.”

“Noboru? I can’t. I’m Keita-kun’s woman.”

I patted Sana’s head as if I was showing it to Saya. Sana was like a puppy obeying me.

“Sana-neechan is acting weird. Wake up.”

Sana was in a good mood when I patted her head. She rubbed her head against my body and showed a spoiled attitude.

“Sana-neechan… It’s all his fault, isn’t it? As I recall, he was Noboru-san’s friend, right?”

“Oh, that’s right.”

“I’m going to tell Noboru! I’ll tell him all this!! I’m going to return Sana-neechan to Noboru-san.”

“I’ve been meaning to ask you… how did you get here?”

I finally asked what I had been wondering ever since Saya came to my room.

“Sana-neechan has been away from home lately, so I’ve been following her today. But I didn’t know this was going to happen… I listened to what she was doing from outside her room for a while, but it’s terrible, too terrible. You’re a scumbag.”

It’s quite a feat that you’ve been eavesdropping on our interactions for hours in the morning.

“I’m a scumbag. Because when I weighed Sana and friendship, I chose Sana without even bothering to think about it.”

“You lousy man! I won’t forgive you!”

“That’s not a line from a guy who’s trespassing in someone’s house.”

It was my fault for not locking the door, but it was also Saya’s fault for coming in without permission. Cuckolding is bad, but trespassing is bad too.

“It’s okay because it’s an action to help Sana-neechan!!”

“It’s not fine!”

Me and Saya glared at each other, and the atmosphere became a touchy feely one. Meanwhile, Sana licked my fingers with her saliva, and after a while, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

“Return Sana-neechan.”

“I refuse.”

“Ku!! I won’t allow it. I won’t forgive you.”

Saya is also cute, with a face just like her sister. Moreover, she is still in the growth stage. She’s a gem with hidden potential, considering that she will eventually become like Sana.

“Huh. Alright, I’ve decided. If Saya will do whatever I say, I will consider releasing Sana.”

“Is that true? You’re not lying, are you?”


“Okay. I’ll do whatever you say.”

“All right, first, take off everything but your pants.”


I give her a wry smile. Saya listens to what I say and becomes only in her underwear. The cute little bear pants make her look so young.

“You’re still a child, aren’t you?”

“Shut up!”

Her small tits and nipples are pointing up at an angle. I am interested in her because she is the complete opposite of Sana.

“Come to my side.”

Saya walks slowly to me.

“Well, let’s see… First, sensitivity.”

I grab Saya’s small breasts and touch her nipples.


Saya jumped up and down on the spot to the point of surprise. It was as if an electric current flowed through her body. And her voice is cute too.

“Then I’m going to touch both nipples.”

I timed it perfectly and flicked both nipples with my fingers.

“Hyafu…! Wahn!”

“Hahaha. That’s a good reaction.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me. You’re the worst kind of guy, messing around with people’s bodies.”

“Shut up. Trespassing Sister Complex”

I flick Saya’s nipples quickly from side to side with my fingers. The nipples of Saya’s nipples are gradually getting harder.

“Wow… Don’t be silly… By such a person. …. I hate it when people only torture my nipples… I hate it!”

“Compared to your sister, you have very small breasts. On the contrary, though, I find them erotic.”

I grab a handful of her tits and lift a small amount of them up and pull the smaller ones in.

“That’s a hard chest to grab.”

“Damn! Damn!!!! My body feels so… I feel so weird.”

“Well, let’s get it in.”

I push Saya down and bring my penis close to her vagina. The first thing I did was to open up her virgin membrane and look at her closely.

“No… Don’t do that… Don’t put that in there!”

“What are you talking about? I’m going to put it in now. Look, the glans is touching your vagina.”

“No! I hate it!”

I let my penis screw into Saya’s small and narrow vagina. It’s too tight and I can’t get it in. It’s tighter than Sana’s.


“Ahhh… No… It hurts!”

“Be patient. You’ll feel better if you endure.”

“Oh! Ugh… Ahhh! Oh!”

“Okay, I’m in.”

The tight pussy is in strong contact with the penis. The penis also reacts to the vagina that is moving. It seems as if the vaginal meat is breathing.

“Hey. That’s amazing. You can feel it directly. I can feel your vagina moving.”

“That’s disgusting… This is the person who took me for the first time.”

“Huh. I’m going to be happy from now on.”

I gently shook my hips against Saya for the first time. The feeling in the vagina is completely different between Saya’s first time and Sana who has been fucked many times. The degree of penetration is also completely different. Saya’s unfamiliar feeling is also good.

“It’s good. Saya’s pussy. I’m going to make it my own.”

“Hyahahaha… Fuck… Oh, fuck… My pussy is tingling.”

“I’m going to slowly stir Saya’s pussy with my very thick penis.”

“Phew… Hhhhh… It hurts, but… It’s something… It’s addictive.”

“Saya, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum a lot. I’m going to cum all over Saya’s unfamiliar vagina.”

“Oh, no… No, no, no, no.”

“No, it ’s not bad.”

“Hyaaahhhh… Wahhhh.”

I ejaculated into Saya’s vagina. Every time semen was ejaculated into her vagina, Saya’s body trembled slightly. After ejaculating, for the first time, she lay there without moving her body.

“How was my semen?”

“The world is different… I’ve never felt like this before…”

I found that Saya was very interesting to play with, and I enjoyed using her many times after that. She accepted me without resistance and let me do what I wanted.



Four hours had passed since I started having sex with her. She was shaking and trembling. The figure that had challenged me to get her sister back was not there.

“What about you, Saya? You don’t feel like bringing your sister back?”

“Oh, my sister… Saya… takes her… back…”

“Huh. It’s impossible.”

Saya turned her semen-covered face to me. The hostility in her eyes was gone, and I read an atmosphere that told me to do whatever I wanted.

“Do you want me to wash you in the bathroom? 

“No… Yes.”

I took Saya and washed her body in the bathroom. When I put my face close to hers, she sticks out her tongue and kisses me. I bit and licked her nipples and she moaned pleasantly. Saya was doing exactly what I wanted. Compared to Sana, she fell much faster. Maybe because she is more childish than Sana, she is pure and easily falls into pleasure.

“Saya. What do you think about me?”

“Saya… I have to help Sana-neechan…”

She said that with her mouth, but I couldn’t see any desire to save Sana in her eyes.

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10 months ago

Now this is really like a Miel’s game! Corrupting the heroine on just one chapter is totally Miel’s style.