R.C. Ch.9

Ch 9

“Now let’s get started.”

I decided on a thumbnail and a title, and started to distribute the video.

I put my male face on the thumbnail, and I hope people will come because of the rarity.


I tried to say hello, but, well, it was my first distribution and right after I started, no one really came.

“Hello, ho, it’s really a man.”

“Oh, hello, Mi-chan?”

Then the first viewer shows up, and gradually the number of viewers goes up.

“Oh, Cool.”

“Thank you, Tenkey-san.”

“Wow, you should read mine too.”

“Uh, Art-san?”

Before I knew it, the audience had swelled to about two hundred.

“I think I’ve never seen such a kind man before.”

“Mi-chan, you commented earlier. I wonder if I’m that kind? Am I?”

“You’re too kind.”

“Too kind.”

“I think you’re probably an angel.”

“That much? Thanks, guys. I hope you’ll take this opportunity to become my fans.”

The comments flowed in at a blistering pace as I smiled softly.



“Cute. You’re so cool and cute.”

“Cool and deadly.”

“Well, I don’t want to die. I’m going to try to live, and I’m going to stream tomorrow too, so I hope you’ll come.”

“I’ll be there.”

“I love you.”

“I’m a fan.”

I’m aware that I’m saying a bit of awkward lines, but I’m glad they’re happy.

“How old are you now?”

“I’m 15.”

“Hey, that’s a sexually harassing comment.”

“Don’t worry about it, Ao-kun.”

The comments rapidly became rough.

Apparently, the question asking the current age was not a good one.

Just asking the age is probably a sexual harassment judgment. It seems like they are more strict about sexual harassment than the other side of the world.

“Hey, guys, it’s okay, okay? I’m not going to get mad at you for that.”

“You’re really sweet.”

“Ao-kun, you’re really great.”

“What’s your favorite type? Do you like big tits?”

“You’re really a psycho.”

“Go home.”

“If he stops streaming, it’s your fault.”

“Fuck you.”

This guy is probably a troll.

But I feel that trolls in our world are not that bad.

“People don’t get mad at them for that. As for my favorite type, well, I like gentle people… I like big boobs too.”



“Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh?”


“Ao-kun is amazing.”

The comments again flowed so fast that it was difficult to keep track of them.

However, some comments were a little different.


“In a few days, anyway…”

A few negative opinions can be found, though they are few.

“Hmmm, how can I get people to believe me… I’d like to have an offline meeting sometime, but it’s still early.”

Then I hear a knock on the door.

“I’m sorry, guys.”

I hid the screen and opened the door to find Rimi wearing a mask.

“Brother was in trouble, so I thought I’d help him out.”


I thought if I showed them how well I get along with Rimi, maybe they would believe me.

“Sorry to keep you all waiting.”

“It’s okay.”

“I can wait for you for hours, Ao-kun.”

“Thanks, guys. So, I’d like to introduce you all to my sister, Rimi.”

“Hello. This is my brother’s sister.”

Rimi, who said that hugs me as usual.



“What? I’m too envious of you.”


“Heh. Isn’t that nice? Big brother is always nice to me.”

“It’s normal to be nice to your sister.”

She looks at the camera with a mean smile on her face as if to show us.



“I wish I’d been born a sister.”

“I have an older brother, but he’s never been this nice to me.”

“She is lucky to have him.”

There are many voices of jealousy.

“And big brother likes really big breasts, okay? And also asses. See?”

“I’m streaming.”

“Just touch them, okay?”


I touched her slowly.

It was a little smaller than Mom’s, but it was still incredibly soft and wonderful.

“Oh, my God.”

“I love you.”

“I’m a G-cup. Can you touch me?”

“I’m a F cup.”

“I’m a H.”

The situation was quite chaotic, with comments filled with bust sizes.

“I’m ticklish, brother.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, touch me more.”

She then grabbed my hand and pressed her breasts against my hand further.

“I’m so jealous.”

“I’m jealous.”

“Heh, heh, it’s okay. I love you, big brother.”

“Yes, yes.”

I patted her on the head as usual.

“I want the legendary pat on the head.”

‘I want to be petted too.”

“I love you!”

“I want you to do the same with my breasts.”

“How can I be your sister?”

Before I knew it, the number of viewers had exceeded 20,000, and the trends on social networking sites were filled with my videos.

“Okay, that’s it for today. See you tomorrow?”

“Bye, everyone.”

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An empty existence
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Thanks for the chapter~

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Hopefully soon and thx for chap.