Y. NTR Ch.46

Ch 46

“Ah ah ah ah ah♡”

Jerking, Mai climaxed under Eiji’s strong body, her whole body shaking.

The inside of her vagina tightened with a squeaking sound, encouraging ejaculation.

Eiji spewed his semen unreservedly along with it.

Moreover, there was no rubber attached. It was an unreserved cumshot.

It was truly irresponsible cumshot. Mai, too, understood the difficulties of having a child at her age, so she was on the pill.

She had discovered the pleasure of being fucked raw and could not demand that a condom be put on, so she simply sank into the swamp of debauchery.

After being made to cum so many times, Mai’s voluptuous limbs were glistening with sweat all over.

When their bodies touched each other, the slickness felt good.

Also, the sweet and sour smell of sweat and females that seemed to erupt from below made Eiji’s head dizzy.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh ♡”

Eiji felt the semen remaining in his urethra and swung his hips several times while ejaculating.

Mai screams like an animal as she is gulped down and pushed the cuck into her while she is experiencing a deep climax.

The cuteness she was looking for was not there; all that was there was a sweltering sexuality that rutted the viewer.


Another small amount of semen poured in.

The actuality that it is raw, Mai felt it firmly and climaxed, shaking her sweat-soaked limbs again.

She arched her back as if to jut out her ample breasts… and sank limply onto the bed.


Eiji had also poured several times and was looking a little tired.

Instead of suddenly leaving, he collapsed onto Mai’s body, which was still jittery and basking in the afterglow of his climax.

Just in the right position to bury my face in the cleavage of her breasts, which were filled with plenty of sweat.

The feeling of her soft nipples pressing against my cheeks is unbearably pleasant.

The fact that they were cool and wet with sweat was also nice.

“… It’s heavy. Please move out of the way quickly.”

Even as she said this, Mai’s arms were around the back of Eiji’s head, and she was holding him even closer to her, so her words and actions were in disagreement.

Eiji knew that she did not really dislike him, so he pressed his head into her cleavage and enjoyed the sensation.


Eiji’s thick tongue reached out and licked away the sweat that had collected in her cleavage.

Sweat is supposed to be dirty and smelly, but with a beautiful girl like Mai, why does it smell so good and taste so good?

The tongue was then traced horizontally from the cleavage to the side…


I sucked on her puffy nipples.

He took the entire nipple in his mouth and sucked on it with a slurping sound.

He sucked them like a child, but much harder than a child, so that her G-cup breasts were obscenely pulled out of shape and distorted.

The well-developed nipples were sensitive to this rough caress and transmitted strong pleasure.

While tightening the penis, which was still seated in the cupped vagina, she experienced several light climaxes.

The nipple is released from Eiji’s mouth with a popping sound.

The nipple was sucked so hard that it was painfully red and glistening with saliva.

The sensation of being sucked still lingers in the nipple, and I look at the nipple that has become erected so disgustingly.

“Mother’s milk, it still doesn’t come out…”

“No, it won’t come out. If it comes out, it’s a big problem. It’s the end for both you and me.”

She looks at Eiji in dismay as he squeezes her breast with a disappointed look on his face.

He is trying to get her to breastfeed him. Is it a mother’s complex?

Mai smiles wickedly, trying to tease him.

“If you want, I’ll get pregnant without taking the pill. Then I’ll be able to breastfeed.”

Mai laughs with a giggle.

Will she try to mend it as if in a panic?

Seeing that reaction, I think I can enjoy it for a while… and Mai sneaks a look up at Eiji’s face…

“… That?”

Eiji was looking down at me with a rather serious expression.

Was he angry? Did he get angry?

It’s all right to make him a little angry and have him hurt you, but it’s not good to make him so angry that he really hates you.

Mai was in a hurry to make things right…


“… Huh?”

Mai makes a stupid face that almost makes you laugh at Eiji’s response.

Her mouth is open with a pout and her eyes are wide.

Good? What?

“The pill, you don’t have to take it. If you get pregnant, I’ll take full responsibility.”

“… Ehhhhhhhhhhhh!?”

It took her a while to swallow what Eiji had said, and after a while she screamed out loud.

If this were a luxury condominium with no soundproofing, the volume of her voice would surely have sent a wallop flying.

Eiji, who was nearby, also suffered serious damage to his ears.

“What is this, a marriage proposal? I’m surprised suddenly, but I’m happy, but I’m not happy!”

“I can’t understand what you’re saying because you’re talking too fast.”

I said a lot of things that I shouldn’t have, but fortunately I was talking fast enough that Eiji didn’t notice.

It was quite amusing to see her face turning red and panicking.

Mai, who had looked down on him, was now in a panic because he had played her for a joke.

It was definitely an interesting sight.

“I’m going to get married to someone I like properly. That’s why I’m not with you… Huh? If I like you, no problem? No, no, I like a gorilla? What I like is Rika-chan, not…”

She teasingly intertwines her fingers in front of her ample breasts, and then begins to fret about something.

Eiji, almost gushing at her impatient movements, decides to correct her misunderstanding.

“… Hey, what’s your misunderstanding?”

“What? Responsibility…

“Yeah, I’ll take responsibility.”


Mai smiles a truly disheveled smile at Eiji’s words.

Her slack-jawed appearance may not be well received by the male students at the school, who only know her pretty surface, but her peers will appreciate that there is no happier expression on a woman’s face.

She is not even showing any pretense of disliking it anymore.

Mai was enjoying such happiness…

“I’ll keep you as a pet.”


Eiji’s words freeze her.

The air around her froze with a pithy sound.

With a drawn-out smile, she tilts her head.



Eiji nods his head.



Mai points to herself.


She repeats the same words as if swallowing the situation.

Then, when she was able to understand what it meant, she pulled and shook her body…

“Damn you!!!”
She erupted in a big way.

I had seen many small-scale eruptions since meeting Eiji, but this was one of the largest.

Or perhaps for the first time since I was born. I had never been so angry.

“All right, all right. Come on, turn your ass over here. I’ll take care of it.”

“I haven’t said I’ll be your pet yet.”

It may be that when I say “yet”…

Despite her gawking and threats, Mai honestly got down on all fours and raised her buttocks to Eiji.

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