Y. NTR Ch.47

Ch 47

Eiji looked down at the woman on all fours in front of him, her buttocks raised toward him.

Her beautiful black hair was very shiny, silky, and comfortable to the touch.

It was long and exuded femininity.

The back line extending from the nape of the neck has a very beautiful straight line, and when I run my fingers through it, she shakes her body ticklishly, which is very cute.

The two deltas on her chest were so large that they could be seen from behind.

They were swaying heavily, and attracted a man’s attention.

And then there is the plump and fleshy buttocks. It is so soft that you want to put your face into it when you caress it.

I let her slowly open the butt tabs while slurping and stroking the buttocks.

While enjoying the feeling of my fingers sinking into her ass, I peeked into her hidden secret area.

The secret opening, which had just accepted the man’s cock, was wriggling and dripping with glistening love juices.

A little of the semen that Eiji had poured into it was spilling out from there.

“Ah, ah♡”

He caresses her soaked pubic area with his fingers.

Even with these soft caresses, the area is extremely sensitive after being repeatedly made to climax and being inundated with semen, and Mai’s mouth emits a lovely moaning sound.

When he moves his thumb and forefinger close together and apart, the sticky liquid draws out like a thread.

Eiji looks at this and smiles.

“… Please fuck me fast.”

Mai looks back at me and murmurs in a hushed voice.

She is embarrassed to beg, but however, her burning body cannot stand the thought of not having anything done to it.

She waved her big ass to seduce Eiji.

“Oh, of course.”

And even Eiji doesn’t want to hold back.

He already had her begging done, so there’s no need to rush her any further.

He grabs her waist, which is not as tight as Rika’s, but it is still firm and well defined.

When I put our bodies closer together, Mai’s body trembles with anticipation.

As if in response to that anticipation, Mai’s vagina twitches and wriggles in a disgusting manner.

Looking down at the scene, Eiji smiles and pushes his hips forward…

Mai makes a terrific sound like a fur seal.

I can feel her intention, as if she didn’t expect this to happen to her.

Or, more accurately, she doesn’t quite understand what has been done to her.

It is strange, I know it is strange. But I can’t understand it.

“Huh… eh…?”

I look back with eyes and mouth wide open to see what happened.

After all, it was hard to see. But I already knew what had happened.

Eiji’s thick penis was inserted not into my vagina, but into my buttocks.

It did not push in through the cleft, but entered by prying open the asshole.

“Oh, oh, you! What are you doing? Damn… I’m in pain…!”

She screamed loudly and immediately tried to move forward to pull it out, but she could not move because Eiji had a firm grip on her waist.

I thought about going on a rampage, but the difference in strength between the man and the woman was obvious. I couldn’t even move a muscle.

And above all, the pressure was tremendous.

It was being inserted externally into an organ that was originally only meant to be let out.

Moreover, it is the largest and thickest I have ever experienced… it was no wonder Mai was gasping for air in pain.

“No, I’ve read that you should fuck a cheeky girl in the ass.”


“And I’ve been doing some development work so you get used to it, so if it’s a little painful, it won’t hurt, will it?”


That was certainly the case. If Eiji’s deadly penis had been suddenly inserted without any preparation, it would have been a rather splattered and shocking sight, no doubt.

One could certainly say that the asshole, which is dilated enough to accept that penis, is well accustomed.


“That’s why I hate gorillas who suddenly plunge into it!?”

“I think the subject gorilla is funny.”

Right. Well, I knew that Eiji was interested in the backside because he played with it on a regular basis.

I was very reluctant to… do so, but there were times when it felt good, and if he got down on his knees and asked me to do it, I would have accepted it.

But that’s only if it was explained to me beforehand.

I would never have allowed him to just rush in out of the blue.

“Nooo remove it…! Quickly, before my ass gets too messy…!”

“Well… I haven’t put it all in yet!”

“I don’t want any more pain!”

Mai is making a lot of noise.

In response, Eiji blandly let out a sigh.

“Okay, I’m gonna pull it out.”

“Oh, do it fast.”

Eiji grinned as he looked down at Mai’s ass, which was sucking a thick penis into her ass.

As she said, he slowly pulls his manhood out.



A wild, beastly, winning voice arose, which would have made any other listener cringe.

It was not, of course, Eiji’s voice, but Mai’s.

It was clearly a cry of intense pleasure.

Mai, too, had never thought she would let out such a cry, and when she came to her senses, she hastily covered her mouth with her hand.

However, it was obvious to everyone that she had been enjoying the pleasure of having his penis pulled out of her asshole.

“Hey, why…!”

“I don’t know, I’ve never been put in, but I hear it feels best when it’s pulled out of your ass…”


Eiji looks down at Mai with a grin.

Mai is stunned when he calls her a pervert.

There’s no way that’s true. I am normal.

But if I am… then what was that animal-like cry that came out when the penis was pulled out and the intestinal wall was stimulated?

The ass is not such a pleasure-seeking organ.

Ordinary people would never get pleasure from it.

But I was definitely getting it. It felt good.

If… I was, then I must be a pervert like Eiji said…?

“No, no, no, no! That’s not possible…!”

“Well, let’s check it again.”

“What? Hey, hey…!”

I panicked and tried to stop him, but it was too late.

Eiji had pulled out until only the glans was inside the buttocks, and then he began to slowly push it in again.

“Oh, oh…!”

Mai lets out another wild, animal-like voice.

However, this one was more painfully colored than pleasurable.

A huge foreign body invades, scraping the intestinal wall with a gurgle. It also enters the organ that would normally only let it out.

Even though my asshole had been developed so that it would not tear, I did not feel any pain at all.

The whole body is oozing with greasy perspiration.

The lips are pouting and sweat is trickling down the cheeks.

She tried to alleviate the pain by exhaling short, repeated breaths.

“Okay, it’s all the way in. Unlike the previous one, there’s no dead end, so this one feels more like insertion.”

Finally, Eiji’s lower abdomen hits the plump buttocks.

The pubic hair rubbed against it and tickled.

What this means is that the penis has penetrated that deeply into the intestines.

Since there was no dead end, the uterus, it really fit snugly together like a sword and its sheath.

“I’m gonna pull it out.”

“Oh, oh, wait a minute…!”

Of course, there was no way Eiji would stop when he heard Mai’s pleading voice.

In fact, he was even excited to hear the always cocky girl make such a request from a subordinate position.

He grabs her buttocks and pulls his cock out while enjoying the softness of her ass.

Mai tightly closed her mouth, hoping not to make such an ugly scene this time…


Mai could not resist the phallic pleasure that was escaping her as it gurgled and scraped through her bowels with its callus neck.

She let out another flirtatious, winning cry and devoured the pleasure.



Silence ensues.

Mai’s face was difficult to see from behind, but her cheeks and ears couldn’t have been more red.

I could only guess what kind of state of mind she was in, given the small trembling of her body.

‘Okay, then I’m going to fuck you in the ass like this.”

“… Do whatever you want.”

Finally, Mai gave up.

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