F.G. Ch.7

Ch 7 Saya takes revenge

A few days after Saya came to my house, she came to my house again. Sana had plans today, so she was free, so it was perfect.

“Saya, what’s wrong?”

I grinned at her and gave her a coy smile. Saya’s face was a little more normal since the last time I saw her, and her eyes were sane.

“I’m here for revenge. I lost the other night, but I won’t lose this time.”

“You’re an idiot. I can’t believe you came all the way here by yourself.”

“I’m not stupid. I won’t lose today.”

“You came here to feel good, didn’t you?”

“That’s not true.”

Saya denies it furiously as I mock her, I move closer to her, place my hands around her waist, pull her close and kiss her.

“Chururu… Chu… Chu… Chu… Chuu.”

When I kiss her hard, Saya matches me. Her mouth and her words and actions don’t match.

“What, you don’t resist? Are you getting into it?”

“That’s not true… Saya won’t be used in a good way unlike Sana-neechan.”

“Interesting. Then be patient.”


I rip up Saya’s clothes, take off her bra, and bite her small nipples hard.


“That’s a good reaction. Let me hear more.”

I also strengthened my biting power against the nipples that were getting harder. The volume of Saya’s voice also increased.

“Kuwaaaaan… Hyaa… Kuu”

“Where’s your initial bravado?”

“Keita should make Saya cum as soon as possible. I don’t think it’s possible…”

“If you want to cum that badly, I’ll make you cum.”

I take off Saya’s pants and insert my penis. The vagina is almost as difficult to enter as it was the first time.

“Your pussy’s as tight as ever.”

“Hard… The dick is hard… It’s hitting my vagina… It makes me feel weird.”

“Does it feel good?”

“No… This… I don’t feel good.”

Saya is maintaining her rationality while being penetrated. Unlike the other day when she fell at a rather early stage, she resists. However, I have confidence that Saya will fall.

“Oh… It’s just a hard, trashy penis!”

“That piece of garbage is poking you in the vagina, okay?”

“Kuuu! I won’t lose… I won’t lose today…”

“Try to beat me. If you can win.”

I pull both nipples hard and keep shaking my hips. When I pull on the nipples, her small tits are also caught and lifted up.

“Hahhhh… Hahhhh…! Oh no…! I can’t do that… I’ll lose!”

“Come on, hang in there. You have to endure!”

“No… I’ll turn into a naughty bag!”

“Saya lost, didn’t she?”

“No!… I didn’t lose!… Saya’s gonna win! She’s going to win!”

“I’ll have to punish Saya even more for being so stubborn.”

I shake my hips violently as Saya’s body slams to the floor. The penis rubs against the vaginal flesh.

The sound of the penis and the vagina intertwining with each other echoes throughout the room.

“Your pussy is soaking wet. You lost.”

“No! Saya didn’t lose… I’m going to beat Keita and free Sana-neechan too!”

“Saya. I’m going to pour my semen all over your pussy. Here I go.”

I pulled Saya’s nipples the best they had ever been and ejaculated into her vagina at the same time. The sludgy semen seeps into Saya’s vagina.

“Ahh! It’s so weird, it’s spreading inside my vagina…”

Saya screamed and came. I pulled out my penis from her vagina to stop her and splashed the rest of my semen on her face.

“I win. Saya.”

“Saya… I didn’t lose. I didn’t lose. I’m not losing.”

“Come on, suck it.”

When I put my penis close to the mouth of Saya lying on the floor, she sticks out her tongue and licks it.

“Nchu… Jururu… Jururururu… Juppo… Juppo… Jururururu… Juppo…”

“Saya, good sucking. You’re good at it.”

“I’m not losing to you!”

Saya still does not admit defeat. However, her behavior was that of a servant who follows me.

“Sami. I won’t let you go home until tonight.”

“Nchu… Chupa.”

Saya continues to lick my penis. She licks it gently, slowly and lovingly.

I changed my position and played with Saya many times. Saya is more sensitive than Sana, and her body reaction changes when I strengthen her a little. Her voice was also very erotic and cute when she raised her voice high.

We continued to play without putting away the instant ramen noodles we had eaten for lunch.

Saya and I were facing each other and touching each other’s bodies. We gently touched each other to find each other’s sensitive weak points, as if we were stroking each other.

“Saya is more sensitive than Sana. You are better than Sana there.”

“Saya is better than Sana-neechan?”

“Yeah. You’re better than Sana there.”

“Other than that?”

“Sana wins, especially in the breasts.”

When I mention her breasts, Saya gets in a bad mood. She seems to have a complex about her breasts.

“I had no choice but to be Keita’s servant, you know? That’s why you shouldn’t think about Sana-neechan.”

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m making Saya my servant. My true love is Sana. Saya is saffle.”

“It’s terrible. I’ve been made to make my pussy twitch like this, lick your disgusting cock, and have been remodeled for Keita, and you say that?”

“I’m going to say it. I’ll say it. I’ll say as much as I want. Saya is just a saffle.”

“You’re the worst. I hate it. But… Saya is strange now. I’m addicted to being told terrible things.”

“You have been modified for me.”

“That’s right. From now on, call me Keita Onii-chan. And serve me like a saffle. I’ll make you my main love depending on the situation.”

“I’ll do my best to become your true love. So, look at me more.”

Saya looked at me with melted eyes. I looked at her and kissed her.

“We’ll have sex tomorrow and the day after.”

“Yeah, I’ll do it tomorrow and the day after. Saya will satisfy Keita Onii-chan to the extent of Sana-neechan too.”



It has been a week since Saya and I had sex for the second time. During that time, Saya and I met many times.

Saya would do anything I asked her to do. I could do things I had never done with Sana. I put a saucer in front of Saya when she was thirsty and made her drink my urine in it, or I made her walk naked in front of my house at night.

“Saya! I realized something! Your strong point is your big ass! I can’t get enough of this big, plump ass!”

I beat Saya’s huge ass on all fours with a soft stick. I pounded Saya’s ass like a cymbal.

“Hiii! Give me a good spanking on my ass!”

“This dirty ass!”

Hahiiiiiii! Saya’s ass is tingling! But it’s so gross!”

Saya had perfected herself to her best as my saffle in trade. I found myself having sex with Saya more often than with Sana. Saya was falling much faster.

And while I continued physical relations with Saya many times, I stopped having sex with Sana. However, there was no way that Sana would remain silent about the fact that she was no longer having sex with me.

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10 months ago

Now I got it: Sana is a Bishop’s heroine and Saya is a Miel’s heroine. And Keita is a great scumbag who is trying to surpass the heroes/villains from those 2 brands.