Y. NTR Ch.48

Ch 48

“Oh, oh, oh, oh♡”

Phan, phan, phan, phan!

Along with the sound of viscous liquid being stirred up, there was the lilting sound of rich ass flesh bouncing.

The room of this luxury apartment was filled with the smell of sex and heat that almost made me swoon.

The two of them lay on top of each other on the bed, the source of the smell.

However, there was not the slightest hint of a flirtatious, teasing atmosphere, but rather a decadent intercourse that could be described as a kind of animal instinct, with both parties bumping into each other for the sole purpose of devouring pleasure.

The fact that the woman was on all fours and the man fucked her from behind, an animalistic position, also added to this.

The man’s hips would swing forward, and all of his long, thicker-than-average member would be contained within her intestines.

The tight fit between the lower abdomen and the plump buttocks reminded me of the relationship between a sword and its sheath.

However, the buttocks were covered with various liquids, notably sweat, and Eiji’s pubic hair was tickling it, making it a very disgusting sight.

“Uh, uh♡”

After all, it was painful for Mai to have a foreign object of that size inserted into her.

Unlike earlier, however, she was not merely stricken by the pain.

Mai’s lips were pouting and she let out several short gasps of air, but her face was bright red and she was soaked in pleasure.

She was definitely beginning to feel pleasure about having a man’s penis inserted into her buttocks.

After being pistoned repeatedly, and having the penis pumped in and out of her, Mai’s area was being remodeled to allow her to derive sexual pleasure from the discharge organ.


And then, zurrrrrr! and as the phallic cock began to be pulled out, Mai screamed unthinkably loud and disgustedly.

The phallic penis rubs the inside of her intestines, hooking the intestinal wall with the neck of the callus, and is pulled out.

The anus flips up, creating a most disgusting sight.

When the glans was stopped just barely out of the way, a thick sweat broke out.

By doing so, the sweet and sour smell of the female and sweat that once again fills the room becomes thicker.

It is so thick that one would think that it might be a fog. 


Phan, phan, phan, phan!

Eiji smirks and sneers at Mai as she shows off her pathetic, almost pathetic, promiscuity.

He violently fucks her asshole again.

Mai, unable to escape from his firm grip on her waist, can only be tossed about.

Eiji squeezes her ass, his hands clutching her voluptuous buttocks.

Even though he is being very gentle with the force he uses, he is so aroused by this animalistic intercourse that he is forced to use more than a little force.

And it is something that Mai, as a woman, feels strongly, and it is also painful.

But she converts it into pleasure, too, and she drools and writhes in agony.

If Eiji is shown such a disgusting lasciviousness of M temperament, he will be even more aggressive and titillated… 


Slap! I guess I had no choice but to slap her on the buttocks hard.

Mai screamed as if a cat was stepped on.

The way she arched her beautiful back and jumped up and down was even beautiful.

Her full breasts bobbed up and down, and beads of sweat dribbled from the tips of her nipples.

Mai’s eyes were teary as she felt the stinging pain in her ass, but this only served to increase the amount of her love juices. 

“You really are a pervert.”

“Pervert? Ahh!”

Bachin! Bachin! The high-pitched sound of flesh popping rings out.

This was followed by Mai’s mournful screams.

He fucks her asshole, pistoning it several times, and then, as if remembering, he slaps his hands so hard that the flesh of her buttocks flops over.

Humiliating. I can’t come up with anything else but that word.

I am cute. Men are just toys in the palm of my hand.

And they are a medium to satisfy my own self-esteem.

She looked down on women equally. Women other than Rika are not so cute, and they are stupid people who can do nothing more than to talk bad about me from behind their backs, poking fun at my cute selves.

No, she probably looked down on Rika unconsciously as well.

She is pretty. She has good looks. But even so, she still thought she was better than them.

Mai was thinking that… 


She was fucked in the asshole from behind, her buttocks were repeatedly smacked like a child, and she was making a charming animal-like noise that she could not bear to hear.

Her face was bright red and drool was dripping from her mouth.

She was sweating all over, and there was a very sour smell in the air.

If she feels pain from being repeatedly gouged in an unclean place, it is not enough for her to feel pleasure, but she has climaxed many times, so there is nothing we can do to help her.

She squirted profusely as if she was peeing, sloshing around from a secret part that was not even touched.

The man I thought I was looking down on was far outranked by me.

The man whom she had thought was not an object of romantic interest was someone with whom she could feel her heart pounding and smile spontaneously just by looking at him.

Eiji Ogiwara was a man who she could show her true self without putting on a cat’s face.

Mai Terui, one half of a yuri couple, has fallen more in love with a man than a woman. 

“I’m about to let you out. Make sure it’s tight.”

“Oh, oh, oh, oh♡”

Phan, phan, phan, phan!

Eiji’s hips swing more forcefully.

The plump buttocks make a high-pitched sound whenever their lower abdomens are hit, and they sway like ripples spreading out.

While her asshole is being fucked, a large amount of love juice is dripping from her secret parts, and a sickening, watery sound keeps echoing.

The penis is pushed into her intestines and then pulled out.

In this process, the anus was being pushed in and out, and was being abused quite a bit, but since it was firmly spread out, there was no problem.

And the pleasure that surged up my spine from my anus finally reached my brain and… 

“ I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!…♡” 

Zupan! Eiji’s hips pressed against Mai’s ample buttocks.

Mai let out a gasp as Eiji’s hips were pushed in all the way to the base of her ass.

And then… 



Hot semen poured into the intestines.

It shot out with great force and quickly heaped up on the intestinal wall.

Feeling it so hot that it almost burned her, Mai climaxed deeply.

The pain she felt from being squeezed so tightly that her easy to deliver buttocks were deformed also contributed to her climax.

The pain was also a factor in her climb to a higher level, as she was jerked and deflected so that her spine snapped to the point of breaking and her ample breasts shook so much that they almost tore. 

“Ah… hah…♡”

With a smile of ecstasy on her face, Mai crumpled up and plopped down on the bed.

Her heavy G-cup breasts were crushed under her own weight and protruded to the sides, forming a disgusting sight.

Even so, her buttocks were supported by Eiji, who held them tightly, so that only her lower half of her body was held high by him. 


“Oh, oh♡”

He pushed his penis into the asshole, which was messed up with several slurps of semen and intestinal juices.

He let the semen remaining in the urethra spurt out the last of it and pulled out the penis.

Pon! Mai squirmed with such pleasure that she collapsed, her entire body slumped limply, her lower body also loosened from the effort.

Her asshole was obscenely gaping, and the white spunk spilling from it was proof that Mai had succumbed. 

“It’s so erotic…”

I would like to shove my penis back in there and fuck her up again, but she has climaxed so many times, including the last time, that she is too exhausted to even move a muscle.

It would be a pity to ask for more. 

“If it’s true, I’d like you to clean it, but… it’s a stone’s throw…”

Eiji looks down at the penis, which is covered with intestinal juices and semen, and smiles bitterly.

If it were the former one, he would have poured a lot of cum into her mouth and asked her to clean it up, but it would be harsh to ask her to clean it up by licking what was in her ass.

Even more so when it is the one that was in her own butt.

Eiji enjoys tormenting Mai, but he has no desire to hurt her, so he pulls his weight.

But there was one last thing he had to ask.

He rolls Mai, who is lying on her back, over onto her back.

She was so sloppy and loose that she looked like a squashed frog with her crotch spread wide without any attempt to hide her face. 


Eiji unhesitatingly placed his legs on the G-cup breasts, which stood out for their size even when she was lying on her back.

If you move them gnarly, you can feel their softness.

Of course, I wouldn’t do anything stupid like putting all my weight on them.

If I did that, Mai would really die.

But it is true that it would be quite terrible… and humiliating for her.

Hence, Mai was frustrated and squirted more from her pubic area.

She was a masochist who couldn’t make any excuses.

“You’ll be my pet, right?”

Eiji’s most wanted to ask.

The status of pet, which she had refused to accept, shaking her head vigorously, saying she absolutely hated it.

Asked again with cold words, Mai did not get angry again, but raised the corners of her mouth in a distorted… manner. 

“Yes, Master ♡”

In addition, she squirted suddenly.

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