R.C. Ch.12

Ch 12

“No way! And my mom is sly!”

“It ’s okay.”

Rimi, who heard the story, approached with an angry mind.

“I’ll kiss you, too, Rimi, and you’ll let me go to school, okay?”

“Uh… I want you to do it. Uh…”

She is conflicted between wanting me to do it but not wanting me to go to school, and she has a very difficult look on her face.

“… Promise me only three times a week?”


“Okay, then. You can go to school. So, hmm?”

“Yes, yes.”

She pushes out her lips, so I gently and lightly touch them together.

“I love you, big brother. Do you want some more?”

“Oh, I don’t care. Just a little bit.”


“That’s not fair! Me too!”

After a few dozen minutes of hugging and flirting with Rimi and my mom, I was finally released.

Okay, then, let’s stream today.

“Hello, everyone.”



“I missed you.”

“Ao-kun, you’re so cute.”

“Yes, yes, thanks.”

Even though it was just after the start of distribution, nearly 20,000 people were watching the video.

“Ao-kun has become very popular, hasn’t he?”

“No wonder. It’s Ao-kun.”

“You’re not popular enough. It’s only natural that there should be more.”

“I was surprised when I went to bed and woke up to find that there was a huge commotion. Thanks, everyone.”

“Of course!”

“If it’s you, Ao-kun, you’re going to have 100 million subscribers.”

“It’s possible.”

“100 million? I hope it grows that big.”

“Leave it to your sister.”

“I’m sure you’ll make it!”

“Thank you.”

I smiled as I said that, and the comment section accelerated, with many of the comments about me being cute, wanting to go out, wanting to marry, and such as far as I could still follow with my eyes.

Among those comments, I saw a few comments and an apology.

“Sorry about yesterday. No more trolling.”

“I’m sorry about yesterday.”

“I’m not angry, so it’s okay. Just support the distribution from now on. Will you support me? Will you be a listener?”

“I will!”

“Please let me become a listener!”

“I’ll keep supporting you!”

Again, the comment section would accelerate to the point where I couldn’t keep up with the comments.

The number of people watching the distribution exceeded 100,000.

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Thx for chap