Y. NTR Ch.49

Ch 49

“Are you nervous…?”

“No, kinda. It’s a quirky… thing.”

Eiji replies in a toothless manner when Rika, walking next to him, speaks to him.

Even for her to walk next to a man is an accomplishment that no one but him would allow, but the way she closes the distance defenselessly, seemingly without any thought of hostility, is like a kitten approaching its master who has been pining for it.

Clasping her hands behind her back, she peered down at Eiji’s face.

Rika’s silky dyed golden hair sways.

It was like a cat itself, looking up at me with an expressionless but interested look.

Eiji thinks to himself that Mai is a spoiled dog, and therefore a cat and a dog are in perfect balance.

“… It’s going to be okay. Ogiwara-kun, you’ll be fine.”


Although he was grateful for the encouragement, Eiji’s heart was still not cleared.

It’s also probably true. The reason why they are heading there now is because of no other reason.

“We arrived.”


Rika stopped and Eiji also stopped.

They look up at the building that rises in front of them.

This is the very house where Rika lives with her family.

(… I never thought I’d end up greeting Onizuka’s parents.)”

Eiji gives a light dead-eyed look.

While still a student, he never thought he would have to greet the woman’s family.

No, of course, it wasn’t that Rika had found out she was pregnant, of course.

As usual, we were flirting with each other in a way that was incomparable to Mai, and then Rika apologetically told me that her parents wanted to meet Eiji.

Eiji shuddered for a moment, but after thinking about her past, it was only natural that they would be concerned if a man was close to her.

He knew that Rika was loved, and he didn’t mind the idea of meeting with her parents for her sake.

…. Of course, I can’t tell you everything in the open.

“I have a relationship with your daughter, but I use her lover as a pet.” The day after he said that, he could have been buried in a mountain if he was not careful.

“You didn’t have to give us… any souvenirs or anything.”

“No, I’ve heard that you’re usually supposed to give them to people on occasions like this.”

The image is one of “Give me your daughter.”

Hearing this, Rika looks away with a slight blush on her cheeks.

“… It isn’t about that, not yet.”

“Yes, that’s right.”


While thinking about this, Rika’s cute reaction made my cheeks relax unintentionally.

It’s strange because I can’t help but feel a kind of protective desire when I look at her.

When I look at Mai, I only get a sense of cruelty…

Gently, Eiji’s hand was held.

If you turn your face down, Rika will genuinely look up at you.

“… Let’s go?”

With a gurgling sound in his throat, Eiji was led by Rika into her house.



“I am Eiji Ogiwara. I am a good friend of Onizuka-san…”

“Ara, Ara~”

Seeing the giant man in front of her with his head slightly bowed, Rika’s mother, Wakako, put her hand over her mouth and smiled smugly.

“It’s great that Rika just brought a friend, but I didn’t… expect it to be a boy. That’s amazing.”

Wakako looks up at Eiji’s face seriously.

She is not a short person among women either, but Eiji, who is quite large among men, looks very large.

Moreover, with his stern expression and muscular physique, Wakako would not have been able to approach him under normal circumstances.

Nevertheless, the fact that she is able to approach him without any sense of caution is due in large part to the fact that it is her daughter, Rika, who has brought him to her side.

Her daughter has been avoiding men because of a tragic incident in the past.

Since she is the one who brought him here, he must not be a bastard in the least.

It was not impossible that the daughter was being threatened, but I judged that this was not the case because she looked extremely embarrassed at mine own words, blushing red and gently taking Eiji’s sleeve in her hand in a teasing gesture.

This made Wakaiko feel good.

She took hold of Eiji’s strong, thick arm and stroked it.

“And he’s so big and stiff. He’s like a man among men.”


“… Mom, stop.”

Eiji can only chuckle as he is approached so unprotected and stroked by a soft hand.

Rika was embarrassed and desperately tried to stop her.

It had been a long time since she had seen her in such a teasingly cute way, so Wakako can’t help but smile even more smugly.

On the other hand, it was her father who was not at all amused.

“But that’s silly…! When you said you were Rika’s friend, I thought you were talking about Mai-chan…! You think this gorilla is a friend of the lovely Rika…!”

Her father looks shocked.

Oh, this guy is the same type as Terui, Eiji guessed.

I thought that they were probably very close.

“Ahhhh! I won’t give you Rika, you devil! I won’t let you do anything strange to Rika, ahhhhhhhhh!”


Her father is about to jump on me.

Eiji’s expression was indescribable.

I wonder how he would react if he knew that I had already done it.

What kind of expression would come to his face if I told him that I had already done something not only strange, but also something terrible?

Eiji knew that he should never do this, but he also thought it would be a bit of fun.

“… Dad.”

“I always tell you to call me Daddy!”

Rika tries to chastise her father, but he is too strong for her and says something strange.


“… Your dad’s kind of amazing.”

“… Don’t tell me.”

Rika looks down in sincere embarrassment at Eiji’s words.

It must be wonderful to be loved that much by one’s parents, but to be shown such parental stupidity in the presence of friends of the same age would still be nothing short of embarrassing.

“What are you doing sneaking around with my Rika? Mix me in, too!!”

“That’s enough.”


However, the momentum was quickly subsided by Wakako’s small but cold voice.

Eiji chuckles at her father, who looks down and has an indescribable expression on his face.

“Oh, God. That’s why Rika hates you. You should have the dignity of a father.”

“Yes… What? You’re kidding, she hates me?”

“Rika, show Eiji around. Show Eiji around. You don’t want to be with your father, do you?”

“… Yes.”


Without looking at her stunned father at all, Rika took Eiji’s hand and started walking.

The place they were heading to would be her room.

As she was walking up the stairs with her hand in his, Eiji suddenly remembered what he was holding in his hand.

“I forgot to give her the souvenir. I’ll give it to her first.”

“… Okay.”

Rika was a little reluctant to leave but let go of his hand because she knew she would see him again soon.

Eiji went downstairs once more and spoke to Wakako.

“Um, here’s a souvenir for you. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Oh, my goodness, thank you.”

Eiji bowed lightly once more to Wakako, who smiled happily, and turned to go to Rika’s room…



Suddenly, she took me by the arm.

The gesture was so similar to Rika’s that I knew they were mother and daughter.

… However, because they were awfully close together, her breasts, which were bigger than Rika’s, hit him.

The softness of the married woman almost made Eiji’s cheeks loose, but he maintained a crisp face because she was Rika’s mother.

“You know, Rika had a bit of a bad experience in the past, and her father is sensitive about it. So, please forgive that man.”

“Oh, yes,  I’m not mad at him, so it’s okay.”

I was glad that Eiji was not goofing off either, as he told me with a serious expression and tone of voice.

Well, it was true that he was not angry at all, as he was used to it at Mai.

Hearing this, Wakako gave a relieved smile.

“Rika brought this boy with her, so I wondered what kind of boy he would be, but I’m glad you seem… to be a very nice boy.”

“I don’t think I’m a good… boy, though.”

Eiji smiles bitterly.

It is a waste man who interrupts the Yuri couple and eats both of them (In a sexual sense).

“Okay, then.”

“Fufu, so cute. Take good care of Rika.”

Wakako saw Eiji off as he went up the stairs, waving her hand in a flutter.

She didn’t know that her… daughter was going to get erotic soon.

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