B.P. Ch.8

Ch 8 “If you touch her, I’ll crush you.”

▪️Side Akira

Phan, phan, phan, phan.

“Ah❤︎ Ah❤︎ Ah❤︎ Ahhhhhhh❤︎❤︎❤︎”

I’m in the audio-visual room at lunchtime, with Mika holding onto the desk and poking her in the back.

Plump! Muzzle…

“Hiyaaaaan, Akira, that’s it, deep inside, I’m grimacing, ah❤︎ It feels so good❤︎”

Oh, that feels really good… It’s still a nice tight pussy…

What? Why am I doing this? No, because, you know…? How can you say no?

“Akira, I made lunch for you. Let’s eat together❤︎” After eating the delicious bento, Mika rolled up her skirt to reveal a pair of pink lace panties, and a man would take off one of the strings, leave the panties hanging on one leg, and poke her in the back, right? You’d poke her, wouldn’t you? Poke!

Phan, phan, phan, phan.

“Hmm❤︎ Nh❤︎ Hmmm ahhh❤︎ Akira, can you kiss me?”

“Hm? Good, stick out your tongue.”

Nchu, rello, muchhu.

I kissed her by forcing her to turn her back.

“Amu❤︎ chu❤︎ I love Akira’s kiss❤︎”

Well, I know from my appraisal that Mika wants to continue this kind of relationship and go out without a fight… Mika is not malicious, but purely friendly, so it’s hard to be harsh with her… Maybe it’s because I put her body on top of me, but I’m getting emotional.

“Hey! We’re running out of time, so I’m going to cum, okay?”

“Yeah, cum inside me❤︎ ah❤︎ ah❤︎”

“Oh! I’m cumming, Mika!”

Phan, phan, phan, phan.

“Ohhhhhh❤︎ no, no❤︎ in the back❤︎ ohhhh❤︎ I’m cuming❤︎ I’m cuming❤︎”

“Guh… I’m gonna ejaculate too!”

“Come inside of me❤︎ come inside my womb❤︎ let Akira’s sperm gurgle in Mika’s womb?”

This girl…! This is really fucking erotic! Oh! I can’t stand it!



“Ohhhhh❤︎ that’s too much❤︎ you just ejaculated too much❤︎ it’s so hot❤︎”


I pulled the meat stick out of Mika.

“Haa, haa, haa❤︎ Akira❤︎ It was really good❤︎”

Woah my sperm is dripping from Mika’s vagina… that’s so erotic… I got a boner!!

“Mika…. One more time?”

It’s soggy.

“Ah, Akira, you’re a very very man❤︎ aren’t you? Ahhhh❤︎”

It is bad that Mika is too erotic. Yes.

We did it one more time after that.


When I cleaned up and left the audiovisual room, it was already after school.

Ah… I must have skipped my afternoon class.

Mika is walking next to me in a good mood with her skin glowing. Well, this girl is one of the seven most beautiful girls, right? I knew she was cute.

I glance at Mika and see her smiling and holding my hand.

She’s so cute.

“Ah! I found you, senpai❤︎”


When I turned around, Aya was hugging my arm. Her soft tits feel so good.

“Aya. What are you doing here?”

“Hehehe…♪ I was looking for Senpai. I was actually looking for you to have lunch with me!”

Mika, who was standing next to him, said with a mischievous smile.

Let the game begin, Kahn! Fight!

“Oh my❤︎, too bad, huh? Akira ate the lunch I made for him, so he’s done now, right?”

First up is Mika! Jab first!

“What? Who are you? Who is this old lady?”

Oops! Here! Aya’s straight with all her might exploded! The damage is deep⁉︎︎︎︎︎︎︎︎

“Hmmm❤︎ isn’t she adorable? Her breasts are adorable, too.”

Aaaaagh! Here comes Mika’s counter hook! Aya, it’s working!


It’s not time to be reporting on the action. Hmmm… Yeah, I know. It’s too much trouble. Let’s go home.

As I’m walking back home, I’m stopped by two people. What a hassle.

“Senpai, what are you trying to leave for?”

“That’s right, Akira, who’s that?”

Oh…. What a hassle. It can’t be helped.

“Mika. I thought you didn’t want to bother me?”

“Ugh…!? but…”

“Aya. If you make a fuss, I won’t see you anymore.”

“Ugh, it’s…!”

Damn it. I may be the cause, but I don’t want to make a scene. Even so, these guys stand out.

“So? You have something to do, don’t you? Aya.”

“Oh, that’s right! Senpai, I’m in trouble!”

“What’s wrong?”

“That’s… I told Takuya-kun about our breakup, but things got a little messy… Who the hell put their hands on my girl? He was pissed off and was looking around for the other guy… My friend told Aya about it and … I thought, what if he came to my seniors…?”

“Aya… what did you say?”

“What…? Well, um, I, um, I said that I have found someone I like… hehehehe…❤︎”

“I see. Aya, did they do anything to you? Are you okay?”

“Heh? Ah, Aya is fine, but…”

“I see. Well, good. Oh, and don’t worry about the rest. I’ll take care of it even if he comes.”

“What…? But oh…!”

“Just go home. I’m going back to the classroom to get my stuff. Don’t go home alone, okay? If anything happens, call me immediately. Okay?”


“Mika, you go home too. Don’t follow me, okay?” “… Yesss.”

“… Really go home, okay? I’ll get angry.”

“⁉︎ Okay, okay…”


What a hassle. Well, it doesn’t matter if you come. As long as it’s not a nuclear bomb, I can’t lose. Well, what will be, will be.

When I returned to the classroom, sure enough, there were three guys waiting for me.

Hmmm…? Is it these guys? Which one of them is Aya’s ex?

“Hey, are you Yano-senpai?”
You little brats don’t know how to talk to me, do you?

“Yes, but what can I do for you?”

“Can I borrow your face for a second? Huh?”

“What? I don’t want to.”

Oh, oh, you look dumb. You look dumbfounded. It’s so funny.

The ex-kun seemed to be pissed off and started to get all red-faced.

“Just give me your face. You don’t want to get hurt, do you? Right?”

The three of them surrounded me. Oh no. I’m going to get kidnapped.


▪️Aya Side

What do I do now? They took Senpai away. He said he’s okay, but I’m worried…

So I secretly followed the trail. For some reason, Shirokawa-senpai is with me. I actually know this senior. That’s right. She’s famous for her beauty in school. It would be strange if I didn’t know her.

But what kind of relationship do you have with Akira-senpai? You don’t seem to be in a relationship, but… You and Akira-senpai have a physical relationship, right? Because when I hugged Akira-senpai, I smelled Shirokawa-senpai’s scent. I’m sure they had sex earlier! I envy you, not…! Me too! Maybe you’re in the same boat as me? I’m sure you like Akira-senpai, right? So you’re a rival? Ugh…! She’s a strong rival… I can’t lose! Even just being Sakura’s best friend puts me at a disadvantage.

But I don’t have the right to bind my senpai’s actions. It’s up to him to do whatever he wants with whoever he wants to do. I’m jealous, but I can’t complain. I asked him to take my virginity, and he was against it until the very end.

That’s why, just when I was trying to do my best to get my seniors to turn around, I didn’t expect this to happen. That sucks. Aya wasn’t a good judge of character, was she? After all.

But anyway, wasn’t Senpai cool just now? He was so cool❤︎ He was worrying about me before worrying about himself! He was too reassuring that he’ll do something about it! I was really moved by that❤︎ Shirokawa-senpai didn’t seem to be amused.

That is why I came to the back of the school building. Now, where’s Senpai?


▪️Side Akira

Oh, oh, bringing me to a place like this. They’re gonna kill me! Oh, no.

“Hey… Hey, Yano-senpai. Are you dating Aya?”

Hmm? Is this Takuya? He’s really handsome. Do you want me to kill you?

“Hey! Are you listening to me?”

“Hmm? Oh, sorry. Aya? We’re not dating. She’s just a friend of my sister’s.”

I wasn’t lying. We did have a lot of sex, though.

“Really? You’re not scared shitless of me, are you?”

“I’m telling you the truth. We’re not together.”

We had sex, though.

“Then, it’s fine. Hey, don’t you know the guy who likes Aya?”

What would you do if I knew? You got dumped. Well, as far as I can see, he’s not a good guy.

“No, I don’t know.”

I know what love juice tastes like, okay?

“Tsk…! No lead, huh? Ah, well, your sister is Sakura Yano, right? Does she have a boyfriend?”

What is this guy doing?

“Damn it! Aya…. She’s out of her mind to dump me… I guess I’ll have to give her a little pain.”

“Whoa! Takuya, you want to do it? I’ll help you!”

“Hey, Senpai…? Why don’t you introduce me to Sakura-chan? I’ll forgive you, okay?”


……… Huh!!


▪️Aya Side

They are the worst! They’re even going to touch Sakura… absolutely unforgivable!

Shirokawa-senpai was next to me, staring at me with a hard look in her eyes. Why did I go out with such a guy?

That? Senpai? that? Senpai’s atmosphere…

“Hey, you little shit.”

“Oh⁉︎ What the hell… Ehh!?”

Laughing, Senpai approached Takuya-kun, grabbed him by the chest with one hand, and lifted him up with a flick.

What? People can lift up with one hand? The other two guys must be freaking out when they see that, too, right? Shirokawa-senpai also looks incredulous.

“Okay, you know what? Listen to me carefully, okay? I’ll explain it in a way that’s easy to understand for you numbskulls, okay?”

The three who were supposed to have been so bullish just a moment ago are now looking completely pale.

“If you guys touch Sakura or Aya, do you know what will happen to you?”

Before I knew it, Senpai was holding an apple in his left hand.

Huh? Did he have an apple in his hand?

Then, suddenly, Senpai brought the apple in front of them and crushed it with one hand.

Can you crush an apple with one hand?

“In this way, You will never be able to hold a woman again. Do you understand?”

The three of them nodded their heads, their faces turning blue.

“If I hear any rumors that you were messing with someone, I’m going to… crush you all, okay?”

Boom, boom, boom…!

“If you understand, go. Also, If you talk about me, I’ll crush you. Got it?”

The three of them ran away.

I’m in love with you all over again❤︎ Senpai, you’re so cool! Shirokawa-senpai next to me is also blushing. I can understand that! Shirogawa-senpai is a maiden too! Hmmm…? Perhaps, but should I cooperate with Shirogawa-senpai? Hmmm… that’s a good idea!

“Mika senpai… Would you like to exchange LINE?”


▪️ Akira Side

I guess they won’t do anything stupid if I do that much. But it’s been a while since I’ve lost my temper. I didn’t want to get in trouble for hitting him, but he deserves to die if he messes with Sakura… I know! I’m aware that I’m a siscon myself! But she’s so cute! I don’t care if you call me overprotective!

Now… “You guys come out. Let’s go home?”

“Eh, ehehe❤︎”

“Ah, ahaha…”

I had noticed the two were hiding. I left them alone because there was no problem.

“I told you to go home, didn’t I?”


Damn…. Well, I guess it’s a good thing.

“Here, let’s go?”

I said that and I started to walk away, and Mika and Aya poofed, smiles bloomed, and they settled on either side of me and crossed their arms.

Hey, hey… Well, if you go home through the back door, you won’t be seen.

“Nfu❤︎ Senpai❤︎”


Well, they seemed to be having fun, so it was okay.

However, there was a beautiful girl who was watching us from the second floor literature club room. Her name is Yoshinaga Miyuki. She is half Japanese with a Japanese father and a French mother. Her beauty captivates men and women of all ages.

“Fufu…❤︎ He looks like an interesting person.”

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