F.G. Ch.8

Ch 8 Sana and Saya are with me

I had not seen Sana for a while, as I had been seeing Saya only recently. In addition, we had not kept in touch for a while. Then one day, Sana came to my house.

“Keita-kun. You were so desperate to get me from Noburo, but once you got me, you left me alone.”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I’ve been going through a lot lately.”

“That sounds so fake.”

Sana is suspicious of me. Sana made eye contact with me and did not avert her eyes for a moment. Her intimidating eyes overwhelmed me and I was about to turn my head away.

“You’re hiding something, aren’t you?”

“I’m not…”

“I… I came to Keita’s house today with no pants on. I know I’m acting weird, but… Keita-kun made me a strange girl, you know? You’re going to leave me like a weirdo? You’re just going to leave me here?”

“It’s a neglected play”

“Don’t leave me here. I wanted Keita-kun’s penis every day.”

Sana held up the hem of her pink skirt and rolled it up. Then, slippery fluid was dripping from the black bush and vertical crevice. Her clitoris was also swollen like a bud.

“Sana. You’ve become quite an erotic girl. I didn’t tell you to wear no pants.”

“It’s Keita-kun’s fault. You made me become such a naughty girl.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I made you feel lonely. I’ll make you feel even better from now on.”


Sana hugs me and kisses me like sucking me. Her hot and slippery tongue violently twirls mine and sucks every lip.

“Nujuru… Buchu… Buchu… Huh… Nuchu… Kiss with Keita-kun… I always wanted to do it.”

“It’s a cute girl. I can’t believe you’ve been wanting to kiss me for so long.”

“Njuru… Juru Chu… Chuuu… Buchuuu.”

“Sana. Show me more of your melted face, won’t you?”

I grabbed Sana’s face and stared at her face. Saliva is dripping from her lips and her eyes are melting.

“It’s a nasty face. Do you like me that much?”

“Yes, I do. I love you, Keita-kun. I’m your girl. I always imagine Keita-kun’s penis.”


“Whenever I went shopping and saw something long, I naturally pictured Keita’s penis in my mind… I would go home and masturbate over and over again.”

“I see. You like my penis that much? I’ll show you as much as you want.”

I exposed my penis and showed it to Sana. Sana gazed at my exposed penis happily.

“Wow. Keita-kun’s penis. I want to be poked a lot with it.”

“Let me see your pussy.”


Sana rolls her body over and opens her legs to an M-shape. Her wet pink crack increases her horniness.

“It’s a lascivious pussy. I’ll poke it a lot.”

I inserted my penis into Sana’s pussy for the first time in a long time and shook my hips. Sana’s pussy, which I hadn’t felt in a long time, made my penis sensitive, and the more I penetrated it, the more I felt nostalgia for it.

“Woo hoo. This is it. This is the pussy I’ve been looking for!”

“Hohoho… This is it! This is it! This is what I’ve always wanted!”

“Sana’s pussy is so comfortable to penetrate. It’s better than Saya’s, after all.”


I just mentioned Saya’s name in front of Sana. It was too late when I noticed.

“What kind of… How do you know about Saya’s pussy! Explain… Explain it to me…!”

“Don’t worry about it. Sana should be satisfied with my thrusts.”

I increase the speed of the piston to make Sana forget about what just happened. Sana’s body shook violently.

“Ahh… Ahhh…! Rough! Ahh… Don’t do that… I… I’m coming… Ohhh… Ohhhh! I’m going to cum…!”

I stopped pistoning and pulled out my penis from Sana’s vagina after I confirmed that semen was flowing into her vagina.

“Hey, Keita. What do you mean? Were you having sex with Saya when you didn’t see me?”

“Saya. Come on out.”

I said, and a naked Saya came out of the closet in my room. In fact, I had been meeting Saya and having sex with her just before Sana came.

“Sa, Saya…”

‘Sana-neechan… You can go home. Saya will take care of Keita.”

“Keita-kun. Not only me, even Saya…”

“Saya originally came on board with me to help Sana. She resisted at first, but now she’s totally my woman.”

“I see. We sisters are no match for Keita-kun, aren’t we?”

I thought Sana would at least complain about it, but she seems to be rather approving.


“Saya. We’ll both be taken care of by Keita-kun together.”

“Well, I guess that completes the sister-bowl.”

They approach me, meditate and ask for a kiss. I kiss Sana and Saya in turn. I kiss Saya with the tongue I kissed Sana with. Their saliva soaks into my tongue.

“Humu… Buchu… Chumu… messed up… the kisses of the two are the best.”



They look at me with a spoiled look on their faces. I see two lewd sisters in front of me.

“Well, let’s have sex, shall we?”


They both reply at the exact same time. I smile. I roll them to the side and let them open their legs.

“That’s a nice spread. Looks delicious.”

“Keita-kun. With me first.”

“Keita, Saya first.”

I was a little worried, but I decided to take it from my true love. I insert my penis into Sana’s vagina and start thrusting. Her vagina is still sticky from the semen that I poured into it just a few minutes ago.

“There’s still some of that left over from earlier. But it’s a good thrust.”

I frantically thrust up into her gooey vagina. I push myself deeper and deeper.

“Aaaaaaah! Keita-kun’s penis… I love you after all!”

“I love Sana’s pussy too. I love it the most.”

“Anfu… Aaa… Fu… I love this muzzle !!”

“I like it too. Look.”

I grab both of Sana’s hands and pull her while thrusting. The force is applied to the front and the back, and it feels even better.

“Ahhhh! Ahhhh… It feels so good!”

Sana’s voice is hoarse and she is violently disturbed. While enjoying sex with Sana, Saya hugs me from behind and bites my ear.

“Keita. You can’t only have sex with Sana-neechan. Saya has sex with you for Sana’s sake.”

“Saya. You’re a saffle, right? Aren’t you a little over the top?”

“I’m sorry… Saya just wants to… makes Keita feel good ..”

I pulled my penis out of Sana, and this time I pushed Saya down and inserted it in her. Saya’s tight pussy is tight no matter how many times I fuck her.

“Wow … it’s hard!”

“It’s still too tight. But this tightness is so addictive.”

I pinched Saya’s nipples and lifted her up, making her move her hips. My penis is rubbed hard against her vaginal flesh, making her wait for pleasure. Sana’s love juice covered penis mixes with Saya’s love juice in Saya’s vagina.

“Kuuaaaaa!! It’s transmitted to my vagina!!”

“I’m going to cum in Saya’s tight cunt!”

After ejaculating into Saya, I pull it out and insert it into Sana again.

“Here comes the sticky penis!!!! Oh!”

I ejaculated for the third time today using Sana’s vagina.

They were lying there as I came. Their faces were flushed and they were breathing heavily.

“Don’t get too tired yet, both of you. We’ve got a lot of work to do today.”

I took the dog and cat ears, leashes, and bells from the shelves.

“Sana is a dog, Saya is a cat.”

“Keita, what are you doing?”

“It’s a dog and cat play”

I gave a twisted smile. Sana and Saya shook their bodies.



“What’s up? How’s that?”

“I’m a bad dog and I need a good spanking.”

Sana put on a dog’s ear and leash and immediately became a dog. Saya saw this and froze with a surprised look on her face.


“Come on, Saya, let’s do it too. Let’s be a cat in front of Keita-kun.”

“Keita’s Perverted… Nyan. I became Keita’s… cat… Nyan.”

“Let the Wan Nyan play begin.”

We played Wan Nyan until late that night. Sana, the bad dog, and Saya, the bad cat, listened to me and did their best as tools for sexual gratification.

‘Come on, come on. Bark more, ah!”

“Woof, woof, woof!”

“Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah!”

I love the two of them on all fours and flicking their butts. I don’t want to let go of them both.

“You two are mine.”

“Yes, woof!”

“Yes, nyan!”

I really enjoyed this wonderful game.

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Shimaidon, banzai! Wan-nyan play, banzai!