V.A. Ch.8

Ch 8 Once again, he is going to bed the heroine.

Peter Petency.

In the original story, he was a traitor who was in a secret relationship with the Noir.

He has a history of approaching Harris’s parents pretending to be their friend and luring the dark wizard.

Petency takes the form of a hamster, but this is due to a shape-shifting spell.

To escape the crime of killing Harris’ parents, he disguises himself as a hamster and hides himself as Roy’s familiar.

In the future, he will betray Harris and his friends and trigger the revival of Noir.

In an alleyway in the royal capital.

I am pointing the tip of my stick at Petency in the form of a hamster.

“You can’t pretend to be a hamster now. There’s no such thing as a hamster with magic powers.”

Only creatures with magical aptitude, such as humans, demons, and demon tribes, possess magical power.

Animals basically have no magical aptitude. In other words, this hamster is not just a hamster.

I used my search skill to detect creatures with magical powers.

Among them, this was the one that was making a move that did not try to go to the carriage stand. That is why I was able to identify him.

“I have nothing personal against you… but your presence in the future is going to be a problem for me.”

Burr… and the hamster is shaking.

That’s right. The Draco family is a dark wizard force, which means I’m a companion to this guy from the perspective of the crooks.


What should I do with this traitor?

Even if I keep him alive, there is no benefit to it.

It is best to kill him.

… Just.

This guy is also Roy’s precious pet.

I can’t bear to kill him.

“[Absolute Obedience Marionette].”

In the end, I decided to use the magic of obedience and let him spend his time as really just a hamster.

The character indirectly killed Harris’ parents and deserved to die.

Punishment for sin. I decided to punish him by having him live as a hamster for the rest of his life.


At any rate, this means that I have now sealed the person who will be the catalyst for Noir’s resurrection.

I’ll be glad if this doesn’t revive Noir…

“All that remains is to deliver this hamster to Roy.”

And that’s when.

“Oh, um…”

“! What are you… doing here?”

The chestnut-haired girl, Roy, a character in the book, comes up to me.

“I was just curious about Skinny…”

Did you go looking for a pet without getting on the carriage?

Yes, this pet is an emotional support for this child. That’s why I didn’t kill it.

I just don’t want to ruin it, I don’t hate ‘My heart’.

I don’t hate the character.

I just want my characters to live, you know?… Well, I don’t want to get involved.


I give Patency, or hamster, to Roy.


She mumbles, stunned.

“Well, don’t worry about it, It was my fault for bumping into you.”

She is slumped over.

Tears were streaming… down her face.

“Thank you… for your kindness… Thank you…”

I feel guilty because I didn’t do it with good intentions.

However, well, I’m glad I didn’t make her cry.

“Um… you… what’s your name?”

“Me? Marcoy Draco.”

Roy rounded her eyes to find me.

“Marcoy Draco is… that?”

I’m not sure which “that” is referring to.

But the Draco family is famous for its dark wizards, and it is well known among wizards that their son, Marcoy, is an arrogant son of a bitch.

“I see… rumors can’t be relied upon.”


“Because… you’re a very nice person.”

Roy is smiling with a red face.

… Huh? What’s this? What are those moist eyes…?

“And anyway, I’ll just go…”

“Oh, wait, wait, Marcoy-kun.”


That’s funny. In the My Hearts main story, Roy never called Marcoy like that…

Well, again, it’s a different development from the original…!

“What is it…?”

“What are we going to do now… to Ain’s Academy of Magic and Witchcraft. The carriage has already left…”

There is a setting where the only one who knows the way to the academy is the unicorn who pulls the carriage.

But I am familiar with the original story, so I know where the school island is.

I don’t want to get too involved with Roy here. I mean, I already have a pretty solid relationship with…

But I didn’t feel comfortable leaving Roy behind.

Originally, Roy was forced to throw her luggage because of my collision.

… No choice. I’m going to take her with me to the school island.

“Roy, don’t be so down. I’ll take you to the school island.”

“Oh, yeah!? Can you… do that?”

“Yeah, I’ll take care of it.”



I rode a regular horse-drawn carriage from Royal Capital to a fishing village called Woz.

“What do we do from here?”

Me and Roy standing side by side on the beach.

The unicorn carriage to the school island then drove out to sea.

But of course, ordinary horses can’t cross the sea.

“That’s where this guy comes in.”

In my hand was a broomstick.

“Broom… are we supposed to fly? We haven’t learned flight magic yet…”

Flight astride a broomstick.

This is learned in classes at the School of Magic and Witchcraft.

It is a magic that neither Roy nor Marcoy have mastered at this point.

“No, I have to do it this way. [Physical Enhancement].”

I borrow magic power from the red stone and enhance my body to the maximum extent.

I hold up the broomstick like a dart and then…



“What are you doing throwing a broomstick!?”

The broomstick is flying across the sea at a tremendous speed thanks to my enhanced body strength.

“Do it this way!”

I grabbed Roy by the back of her neck and jumped with all my might!

I landed on a flying broomstick and flew on the broomstick.

“I’ve never seen anyone fly on a broomstick like this!”

I guess. I’ve never seen anyone do this either.

But I thought I could do it if I used the magic to strengthen my body with the enormous magical power of the red stone, so I gave it a try.

As a result, I was able to do it. Life is somehow manageable.

I knew the direction to the school island, so I went straight and found…

“Look! Marcoy-kun! It’s an island!”

Suddenly, in the middle of the empty ocean, a green island appeared.

This was the island of the school. This is the uninhabited island where the Ain Academy of Magic and Witchcraft is located.

“Thank goodness I thought I was about to be expelled from the… school, thank you… Marcoy-kun♡”

Roy smiles cutely.

You didn’t smile like that at Marcoy in the original story, did you…?

“What? Oh, shit.”

If I keep going straight, I’m going to run into [that thing] at the back of the school.

“Roy. I’m getting off!”

I grab Roy and jump off the broomstick.

Thanks to the magic that strengthened my body, I was totally fine with jumping from a great height.


The broomstick, which had been given too much momentum, crashed into [It] as it was.


There was a large [tree] in the… forest.

This was the key large tree in the anime…

The tree was obliterated by a direct hit from the broomstick I threw at it.

“I know this one. The “Tyrannical tree”, right? If you get close to it, even trolls get beaten to death by it… that…”

“Oh, yes…

The tree of tyranny was shattered by the broomstick I threw…

“Wow, that’s great… Marcoy-san. What power!”

“Oh, ha ha… thank you…”

Roy’s eyes seemed to glow with a certain radiance as she looked at me.

… I mean, what am I going to do with this?

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1 year ago

Science totes checks out. Jumping onto a broomstick obviously doesn’t generate enough downward force to make you just plunge to the ground, considering the momentum. And of course he can throw a broomstick with enough force to handle the momentum such that it can fly to the destination even with the two of them on it. And of course he can’t just jump that far if he can do this. Fucking science, amirite?

1 year ago
Reply to  Village

Forget science. Maybe the author-sama remembered Tao Pai Pai and decided to use his travelling method. Besides, it’s a magic world, why would be strange that a broomstick has the same strength as giant pillar.

1 year ago
Reply to  Akirei

Just got a bit mad at the author being showy for the sake of being showy. Surely he could jump that distance better, if he could use a broom to do that? And they pretend that getting off the broom just makes their momentum go poof, which also infuriates me on a subconscious level.