Y. NTR Ch.50

Ch 50

“Hmm, chu, hu, hmm♡”

After giving Wakako a souvenir and a short conversation, Eiji was taken by Rika into her room.

The functionality, or rather the very simplicity of the room, suited Rika well, although at first glance it did not look like a schoolgirl’s room.

However, it was not entirely devoid of femininity, and there were a few small stuffed animals placed near the bed.

When Eiji entered such a room and was about to make a brief comment, he was led to the bed and sat down before he knew it.

And Rika, who immediately jumped onto his lap, put her arms around the back of his thick neck and sucked on his lips.

“Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…♡”

Leaving Eiji rolling his eyes, Rika was engrossed in sucking on Eiji’s lips.

Plump, fresh lips are made to adhere to fill the gap.


Rika makes a disgruntled groan.

She opens her eyes, which had been closed in a pleasantly enraptured manner, and looks at the stern face up close with a slightly glazed-over stare.

It is strange that the man’s face, which only a short time ago had frightened me, now makes me feel love for him.


Rika quickly pulls her face away from me.

But they were close enough, as they were still in a sitting position with their arms behind their thick necks, hugging each other.

The distance was so close that they were breathing on each other’s breath. It would not be surprising if they felt uncomfortable since their personal space was invaded quite a bit, but that was not the case with the two of them.

Rika’s sweet smell and soft touch made Eiji happy, and Eiji’s masculine smell and hard touch made Rika feel safe.

At such close range, Rika puffed out her cheeks and showed her frustration.

“…Why won’t you kiss me?”

Rika seemed to be repulsed by Eiji’s failure to respond to the kiss.

Indeed, he did not even move away, but he did not press his lips against hers in response.

He usually responded immediately, but he did not this time.

“No, but hey. This is your house, and your parents are downstairs…”

“Don’t worry… they won’t find out.”

Rika nods confidently.

She moves her hips in a seductive manner as she sneakily rubs her pubic area against Eiji’s thick legs.

Of course, he knows and gives her the white eye.

“… Onizuka, are you aware that you have a rather loud moaning voice?”


Rika looks shocked.

“No, don’t tell me…!”

“You didn’t even realize…”

Rika’s face turns bright red, and she shakes her head uncomfortably, covering it with her hand as if covering it up.

Even so, she is still a tease in that she doesn’t try to run away.

“… It’s okay if you close your mouth like you did for the first time. At worst, if you press your mouth against something, you can suppress it.


Eiji recalls the time when they went to the pool.

Indeed, it might not be so obvious if they were to fuck like that.

The difference in the floors would make it difficult for any sound to leak out.

Besides, there was no way he could not be happy that Rika wanted him so much.

“… To alleviate my man-hating. No?”

“No, I’m weak when you put it that way…”

Eiji choked on his words.

Originally, they had approached each other partly to the credit of his pet named Mai, but also in the name of curing her aversion to men.

He is not at all averse to the idea of helping Rika get rid of that aversion.

Realizing that he was shaken up a lot, Rika put her mouth close to his ear and said something to him to stop him.

“… Don’t you get off on secretly fucking me so my parents don’t find out?”

“… Onizuka, you can now say such a thing?”

A gentle and sweet voice that tickles his ears, and a tingling sensation runs on Eiji’s spine.

Rika’s current sex appeal, with her thin, bewitching smile while showing a bit of embarrassment, was more than just that of a prostitute of the past.

Eiji, of course, has no idea of the sex appeal of such a prostitute.

But it was true that this temptation tipped the scales in his mind at once.

Of course, he was inclined to fuck her.

Rika who felt the hardening and enlargement of his dick with her thighs, smiled wryly.

“… Call me Rika.”

“… Ri, Rika.”

“… Are you embarrassed? Cute.”

Rika strokes Eiji’s stern face and sucks on his neck.

As if to remind someone that this is hers, she sucks hard enough to leave a mark on purpose.

It is too much of a pity that the person who is threatening them is the lover of their own yuri couple…


Rika’s chin, which was desperately sucking and marking his neck, was lifted with a quick jerk and her lush lips were immediately taken.

Rika rolled her eyes and was surprised at the suddenness of the kiss, but when she realized that Eiji had kissed her, her eyes immediately became prodigal, and she opened her mouth to aggressively engage her tongue.

“Nmu, Jyu, Juru, Hmm…♡”

Their red tongues intertwined like the mating of snakes, exchanging gooey saliva.

The tight embrace caused her shapely breasts to squish and distort against the thick breastplate.

The softness of the breasts delighted Eiji, and Rika also got a tingling pleasure from rubbing her breasts against the hard breast plate.

When their lips were separated, a bridge of sticky, copious saliva was formed.

The two of them looked at each other from a close distance, breathing on each other’s breath, not caring that saliva was dripping down.

“I’m going to make you regret using the word “cute” on me.”


Seeing the tantalizing color in Eiji’s eyes, Rika was slowly wetting her secret cleft from anticipation.

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