Y. NTR Ch.51

Ch 51

“Ah, ah, ah, ah♡”

With a small, gravelly voice, Rika opens her lush lips and lets out a gasp.

I really want to raise my voice louder and devour the pleasure with my whole body, but I can’t do that because my family is downstairs.

Besides, my father is a very foolish father, and if he heard my voice like this, he would probably rush in the room immediately.

However, when I try to force myself to make a sound, my body is rather aroused by the immoral feeling of doing something wrong, and the pleasure is also strong.

Furthermore, they were still connected in the face-to-face sitting position, but her own pubic region was a bubbling mess of love juice, and it was sticking to Eiji’s thick legs, connecting thin lines every time her body was lifted upwards.

Because she had been moving her body in close contact with him the whole time, she had beads of sweat floating all over her body.

In such a state, when she held onto Eiji’s hard body and shook her body up and down, it felt good to feel his slimy touch.

I can smell the thick scent of a male rising from his body while pulling my nose close to him, and it makes my head dizzy.

Also, the sweet and sour smell of a female was rising from Rika as well, so this room, with the windows and doors closed, was supposed to have a very dense sexual smell.

It was so thick that if anyone entered now, they would involuntarily go into heat.

We could never let anyone in.

It would be better to at least open the window, but Rika was so absorbed in this sexual act that she could not care about that.

She was rocked gently up and down, and the feel of the thick penis knocking against her cervix made her squeal with pleasure over and over again.

“Nbu, Mu, Fu, Nfu♡”

Rika, with a heart mark in the corner of her eye, seemed to be unable to hold back as she hugged Eiji so tightly that there was no space between their bodies, and sucked on his lips.

Eiji enjoyed the feeling of her fresh and slippery lips pressed against his.

“(I love you, I love you, I love you♡)”
Her lips are pressed so closely together that she cannot speak, but she continues to whisper words of love inwardly while mooing and moaning.

It should be difficult to understand because they are not in words, but those who are intimate with Rika will be able to tell what she is thinking because she presses her lips so tightly together that she never wants to leave and her eyes are heart-marked.

Well, since her friendships are surprisingly limited, the only people who can understand her feelings are the man in front of her, her lover Mai, and her family.

She opens her mouth wide without embarrassment and stretches out her tongue.

Her cheeks are slightly hollowed out and she looks a bit gaunt, but she doesn’t care.

Saliva is dripping down her mouth and dripping onto her upturned breasts, but she doesn’t care about this either.

It is much more important for them to stir their mouths, suck their tongues, and exchange saliva with each other.

“Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm♡”

Rika screams charmingly at the pleasure of being rocked up and down and having his dick grinding against the walls of her vagina.

Since her mouth was closed, she could only make muffled sounds.

So it would be okay if she climaxed.


Bikkun! Rika’s body jumped as if hit by an electric shock.

She arched her back and strained her entire body.

It was a sight for sore eyes to see her moderately firm breasts jiggle a little below Eiji’s eyes.

Her long, slender legs, which she had wrapped around his back, were stretched to the tips of their toes.

The pussy squirmed and squirted, pushing away the bubbling, frothy, love juices that had been stirred up into a mess.


Eiji’s arm went around her slender back to support her as she suddenly relaxed and almost fell backward.

Her golden hair hung down like a scene from a ballroom dance.

Eiji is pleased to see the lewd sight of a beautiful girl in the aftermath of her climax right in front of him.

Eiji is even more satisfied now that he is the one who drove her away.

Rika exhales lightly, and the wave of climax recedes a little, and she finally regains her firm consciousness and strength.

She was supported by Eiji and bent over starting from her back, but she supported her back firmly by herself and hugged Eiji again.

“Did you put it out…?”

“I didn’t.”

Hearing this, she at once looks dissatisfied.


“No, that… I have to try not to do vaginal cumshot as much as possible because it’s raw. I don’t want to be a burden on you.”

Eiji scratches his cheeks and says something that would drive Mai crazy if she were listening.

It’s a big difference from Mai. He is very considerate to Rika, even though he lays on top of her and bangs her vaginal cum shot.

Well, there is a big difference between the two girls, one is a M and the other is not, so it may be inevitable.

In addition, there is also the difference between being pets and lovers. It is natural that the response would be different.

I am sure that Mai, who does not admit to being a M, will be screaming at the top of her lungs when she hears this.

She thinks that she is the most important person in the world and must be treated with care, so it is only natural that she would demand a higher level of treatment than Rika, her lover.

“It’s fine… I’m on the pill.”

“It’s just that… it’s important.”

Eiji was a little embarrassed to say something that he would never say to Mai.

This was something he would never let her see or hear.

If she knew, she would have gone berserk.

“…! I love you, I love you, I love you.”


Eiji’s eyes involuntarily roll back in his head as she hugs him tightly and lavishly spills words of love in his ear.

Enjoying the feel of her breasts pressed against him, he puts his hands around her waist and oozingly he embraces her as well.

It was like a cute flirtation between a couple who are just starting out, and it was hard to believe that this was not a bad guy who got a whole yuri couple.

Mai is also inevitably butthurt.

“Rika, can you lift up your arm?”

“…? Okay?”

Plenty of breasts are pressed against him, which again heightens his sexual arousal.

It is typical of pervert Eiji that he does not stop at just flirting here.

Seeing how she obediently raises her arms and obeys him without showing any signs of doubt, Rika trusts him a lot.

She is the type of person who, once she trusts someone, will believe them to any extent, so was it good or bad that she made Eiji the object of her trust…?


However, only now can we say that it was bad, considering that Eiji looked at her armpit, which was filled with plenty of sweat, and licked it up with his tongue.

Rika’s face turned bright red.

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