B.P. Ch.9

Ch 9 “The Half-Breed Literary Girl.”

▪️ Sakura Side

My name is Yano Sakura.

I’m an ordinary high school girl who loves her big brother. To say I love him is lukewarm. Loving is the right word. Aya and Miyuki call me a “Brocon” but I’m aware of it. But it is not complex. It’s love.

To be honest, I am popular. I am aware that I am a legitimately beautiful girl, perhaps because I resemble my mother, who was beautiful. However, I’m not interested in the common guys. I am only interested in my brother. No matter who confesses to me, whether he is handsome, the ace of the baseball team, or a rich sergeant, I am not interested in him at all. As long as I’m popular with my brother, that’s fine.

Recently, my brother has been acting strange… He often plays with his phone. He started to pay attention to his clothes, which he had never paid attention to before. His hair used to be unkempt, but he’s started to straighten it. He started to clean his nails and beard.

And… I can smell the impurities in my brother’s shirt! Smelling my brother’s shirts used to be my favorite part of doing laundry! What kind of bitch interrupts my pleasure!

… Gosh!  I got off topic. Anyway, my brother has been acting strange lately.

I’ve been trying to attract his attention with my tsundere character… but was it a mistake? Should I change it back?

Another person who is also actung funny is my best friend, Aya…

Aya seems to have recently broken up with her boyfriend, but she is fiddling with her phone more than before. And she is grinning while looking at her phone, which is very suspicious. I wonder who she is on LINE with?

“Aya? You look happy. What are you doing?”

“Huh!? I’m not doing anything. I’m just on LINE with a senior I’ve become friends with. Hahaha.”

“Hmmm… Who is it?”

“Eh… uh Mika-senpai! She is a senior in her second year! We’ve become good friends recently!”

Mika Shirokawa… She is a very beautiful senior, isn’t she? I believe she was in the same class as my brother. But where did she make contact with Aya?

“That’s right. Can you let me meet her sometime?”

“Uh-huh! I’ll ask her, but I’m sure Mika-senpai is too busy. Hahaha…”

“I’m sure she’s in the same class as my brother, right? I wonder if she’s ever talked to him?”

“I don’t know. Most likely she doesn’t have much contact with Akira-senpai. Right?”

“Yes. Well, that’s fine…”


▪️ Aya Side

Oh, man! This brocon is too sharp!

I’m glad she didn’t find out that I’m on LINE with Akira-senpai. That was a close call.

But I have to be careful. I’ll have to contact Mika-senpai too. I have a feeling that it will be a terrible thing if she goes out of control. If it’s just me, I can still fool her, but if she sees Mika-senpai and Akira-senpai walking together, I’m sure she’ll go berserk.

Ah. Since then, Mika-senpai and I have reconciled and decided to cooperate with each other. After all, she was in the same situation as I was. We came to the conclusion that it was best for us to cooperate with each other to build a siege around the senior.

We both have a physical relationship with Akira-senpai. We were both jealous of each other, but it would be a complete turn around if we fought over it and caused trouble for the senpai. So, we would keep out of each other’s way, and there is no grudge against which senior chooses!

Besides, I don’t think I can handle Senpai by myself since he’s too unmatched. Mika-senpai said the same thing.

If you ask me carefully, when he had sex with me, he gave me three shots without pulling out that day, right? But the next day, he also gave Mika three times…

How much more can you do! What a stallion!

But I can’t leave…❤︎ I don’t think I can experience such a good feeling anywhere else. I only know senpai. I still want to be held by my senpai, so I have to improve my womanhood.


“Huh⁉︎ … Miyuki⁉︎ Why are you blowing in my ear?”

“Hmm~❤︎ Aya, it’s much easier to feel? Why?”

“Why … there’s nothing like that, it’s normal, normal.”

“Oh~? I was wondering if you might have been developed by a senior somewhere❤︎”

Eh!? No way…?
“W-What are you talking about? Miyuki…?”

“Fufu❤︎ Hiding things from me, your best friend? Don’t you? I’ll go ask Sakura about it.”

Oh, no, it’s bad… Miyuki is aware of it. What should I do?

“Aya? I’m on your side, okay? I’m not going to interfere. So, just to satisfy my curiosity, why don’t you introduce me?”


“Yes. Intellectual curiosity. I’m interested in that person who has captivated two such beautiful girls. Oh, three if you include Sakura. He is Aya’s senior from junior high school, right? I’m from high school, so we don’t have any contact. That’s why I want to talk to him once, right?”

Miyuki has been a good friend of mine since high school, but there is something mysterious about her. She is half Japanese and half French, but her bob-cut blond hair is so beautiful that even I admire it.

The reason why the three of us, Sakura, Miyuki, and I, who are in different clubs, became friends was not only because we were in the same class. For some reason, we were on the same wavelength.

She is a young lady, but she is very open in girl talk. She is not afraid to throw in a little bit of the dirty stuff. You can’t imagine that, can you? No one knows the true nature of Miyuki. Only her best friend I and Sakura, know her true character.

She wants me to introduce her to my senpai. I have a bad feeling about it… But if Mikuyi seems to be aware of my relationship with senpai, I don’t have a choice…


“Aya? Did you realize you don’t have a choice? Give it up and introduce me❤︎”

“Oh, really, you don’t want to interrupt me?”

“Oh? You admitted it❤︎ So, how did it go? Losing your virginity?”

“Ugh⁉︎ Shut up…”

“Sorry, sorry❤︎ I don’t mean to tease you. I just want to know. I’m a virgin too.”

“Well… it was great.”

“Heh…? Didn’t it hurt?”

“… I felt like ascending to heaven. It’s embarrassing!!”

“I’m getting more and more interested in it.”

Miyuki is a bully!!!!


▪️ Miyuki Side

My name is Yoshinaga Miyuki. My father is Japanese and my mother is French.

Although I am half, I was born and raised in Japan, so you could almost say I am Japanese. However, I am familiar with French so I can speak it normally.

People around me treat me like a lady because of the beauty I inherited from my mother. The real me is completely different, but no one notices it and only looks at the surface of me. I am tired of it.

It was fortuitous for me to meet Sakura and Aya when I entered high school. I could talk to them as the real me, without any need to be pretentious. They are my best friends now. So I have no intention to annoy my best friend Aya. It’s just that I was intrigued.

I would say that my propensity is special. Aya calls me a “S” but in fact it’s the opposite. Of course, I am very careful not to be noticed. The real me wants a good male to take away my first time in a rough and forceful manner. I am looking for a strong male… who will destroy the decorations of a young lady until now… I am looking for such a man. If anything, I would be a M. I do not have a desire to be abused. I can’t be whipped or roped. If I had to say so, I would say I am a soft M. I want to be dominated by a good male. That is my desire.

I have been confessed to by many men in the past. But all of them are similar to each other. No man appears who attracts my interest. That’s why, when someone confesses to me for some trivial pleasure, I speak in French and ask for a reply.

“[Put your fat cock in me.]”

“[Punish this nasty bitch.]” or something like that❤︎

Well, not a single man has answered. On days like that, I masturbate by imagining the lewd words I said. Will someone please find me? The real me.



“Hm? It’s Aya. What’s wrong?”

“Ehehe❤︎ Are you okay now?”

Oh my gosh❤︎ You are totally a maiden in love. So, this is Sakura’s brother…

“Hmm? It’s okay.”

“Um, she is mine and Sakura’s best friend…”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Miyuki Yoshinaga.”

“Ah, you’re the Miyuki-chan that Aya was talking about. You look after Sakura, right?”

For better or worse, he’s normal… What is it about this man that makes him so attractive?

I got naughty and wanted to know why three beautiful girls were crazy about him.

“[What is it about you that attracts them? Is it your thick cock? Or is it just good foreplay?]”

“Heh…? Miyuki? Why are you speaking French?”
Akira-senpai, who was standing right in front of me, was startled as if he were looking at something unbelievable.

“[That’s not a question you ask a man out of the blue, is it? If you want to know which is which, open your legs yourself.]”

“Eeeeeh… how come you speak French, Senpai?”

“… I’m not sure.”

Now it was my turn to be surprised.

I was surprised that he could speak French, but I was also surprised that he understood the content of the message and replied…

He was the… maybe he was the man I was looking for…

I couldn’t hide my racing heartbeat. I am so red that I feel like my face is about to burst into flames.

“Aya… sorry. I take back what I said about staying out of your way. I might have to join you.”

“Eh… eh? Eeehh—!!!”


I am sure… this is my first love…

My virginity is dedicated to Akira-senpai…

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