Y. NTR Ch.52

Ch 52

“No, no! Why did you… oh!”

Rika’s face turned red from shame and she immediately tried to lower her arms.

However, Eiji, who is one of the strongest men in the world, grabbed her by the wrist and lifted her up, and Rika had no choice but to continue to raise her arms and expose her armpits.

Up close, her armpits were so beautiful that one wondered what she had to be ashamed of.

I have heard that many Japanese women have their armpit hair trimmed, and both Mai and Rika looked very carefully trimmed.

Mai, needless to say, has no qualms about such treatment because she wants to be prettier than anyone else and be pampered by men to a frightening degree.

However, her pubic hair was a bit thick, as if she did not expect to be seen.

Rika, on the other hand, had also taken care of her pubic hair, probably because Mai was her girlfriend.

She is also a swimmer. She was especially careful with her armpits since they were exposed more often than Mai’s. As a result, she was very careful to keep her armpits clean.

As a result, her armpits were as smooth and clean as a child’s. There were no fresh growths or unshaven areas.

As a result, there was plenty of sweat floating around, but there was no smell that made me want to pick my nose.

Although there was a somewhat sour smell, it could only be an element that arouses a man.

Rika’s armpits might have been emitting pheromones, and Eiji felt his crotch grow hard and large.

“You look beautiful. I don’t think there’s anything to be ashamed of…”

“… It’s embarrassing.”

“I see.”


There was no way that Eiji would maturely do as she asked because she insisted that he was embarrassed.

He put his face close to her beautiful armpit and sniffed it, making a sniffing sound on purpose.

She rolled her eyes and tried to lower her arms, but her slender arms didn’t seem to be able to scare him off.

The smell was sour and acrid.

But it was not a sour smell that disgusted me, but a pungent one that made me want to keep smelling it.


The quiet Rika lets out a scream that she would never normally let out.

It is because Eiji’s thick tongue has crawled on her armpit.

Rika was hit by the warm and slippery sensation and raw temperature.

Even Rika, with her poker face, could not help but be upset because Eiji was licking her armpit, a very sensitive place that she did not want other people to see.

Moreover, she was being licked and slurped up by her own sweat.

“Nngh, ah, ah, ah!”

The arms are tightly restrained and sizzling sweat is siphoned off.

Rika had always thought that it was either ticklish or uncomfortable, or one of these two.

That is why she was strongly puzzled by the fact that she was now experiencing a faint pleasure.

Of course, this is not enough to make me climax or anything like that.

But it is also true that it is not a sickening or disgusting sensation.

I was getting enough pleasure that my body was shaking with jerks.

She was unaware of the increased amount of love juice that was being secreted from her pubic area as she jiggled.


As I was intensely bewildered by the slight pleasure of being sipped in the armpit, a large hand reached out to my breast.

Not as big as Mai’s, but well-developed and well-shaped breasts.

The hand gripped my breast and squeezed it as if it was covering everything.

“Hmm, oh, oh, oh♡”

It was neither too strong nor too weak.

He was rubbed with a very exquisite degree of force, and her whole body was immersed in a warming sensation of pleasure.

Meanwhile, her armpits continued to be relentlessly licked, so that there was no longer a drop of sweat left in them.

Eiji, seeing the time was right, pinched the erect cherry-red nipples and sucked on them so hard that they made a sizzling sound in her armpits. He sucked on them so hard that they made a loud noise.


Rika’s limbs jumped.

She had indeed climaxed when her nipples were pinched and the sweat in her armpits was sucked up.

When Eiji removed his mouth from there, he found a beautiful armpit, sticky with liquid and shining with saliva.

Most of the sweat had been sipped away, and all that was left was saliva that looked as if it had been marked.

“… Pervert.”

Rika stared at me with a jittery look, her cheeks flushed and she was breathing hard in a small gasp, so I felt only cuteness, not fear.

That’s why Eiji just laughed and rubbed her breast.

“… Do you like boobs?”

“What man doesn’t like them?”

Rika tilts her head and asks Eiji, who is rubbing her breasts relentlessly.

She doesn’t mind being treated as he likes, as she is not being rubbed intensely.

He also avoids sensitive areas such as her nipples, so she does not feel any pain from rubbing against them.

A faint comforting sensation is given to her that warms her from deep inside, so Rika bends back and presses against him, stretching her breasts.

“… Mother’s milk, I wonder if it will come out.”

“… I don’t think it will.”

Eiji looks at Rika’s breasts ruefully as he rubs them.

The beauty of her breasts is so wonderful as they point upward to be pulled by the nipples.

I wish I could suck on those beautiful nipples and swallow down so much mother’s milk that it would moisten my throat.

Of course, she does not have such a special constitution, and she is not pregnant, so there is no way she can produce it.

Rika, who was thinking for a moment, smiled a bewitching smile.

“… So you’ll make sure you get out?”


The provocative suggestion makes my penis twitch.

It means, in other words, that she will not take the pill… while he is cumming inside her.

It means planting his seed in her precious womb.

Her face is so sexy and seductive that it’s hard to imagine from her usual blank expression, and Eiji involuntarily clears his throat.

Dizzy, he reaches out his hand like a butterfly attracted to the smell of flowers…

“… No, I still think it would be a mistake to get you pregnant now, considering what you’re going through. So we’ll get to that later.”

“… Muu.”

Rika’s cheeks puff out and swell as Eiji gently places his hand on her head and pats it, smiling protectively at her.

However, she can fully feel that he cares about her and is working hard for her, which makes her heart warm and fuzzy.

Moved by the affection that swelled up all at once, Rika hugged his body tightly.

“I love you.”


The space of lovemaking is so peachy that it makes you want to spit out sugar.

I’m sure Mai will die of indignation when she sees this.

“But I might just have to let it out inside.”

“… Okay.”

Rika giggles as she looks at Eiji’s erected penis.

Not so long ago, she would have been so disgusted and traumatized by it that she would have fainted at the sight of it, but she has been remade to the point that she finds it very endearing, even though it is limited to him.

Rika stands up quickly and leaves Eiji, feeling sorry to leave him.

Then she lay down on the bed and opened her long, slender, taut legs wide.

Her thin pubic hair was well watered with her love juices, and her secret cleft was moist enough to accept a man’s cock at any time, twitching and wriggling.

The fluid that leaked from there reached her dripping, small, constricted asshole.

Rika is a solitary beautiful girl who keeps men away and is admired by women.

She is such a girl, a little shy, but desperately exposing her lewd posture to invite herself in.

How uplifting that must be for a man.

“… Come?”

There was no way Eiji could refuse her invitation.

He was happy to cover her.

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