F.G. Ch.10

Ch 10 The eldest daughter of the Otonashi family, Sarina

I was in pretty good shape now that I had Sana and Saya completely captivated. I wanted to make Sana and Saya’s sister, Sarina, follow me too if I went this far. One day at noon, I was on a date with Sana. Actually, this was the second time today that Sana and I had a date.

Sana is panty-less and wears a skirt so short that if it flutters even a little, you can almost see her pussy, and a dress that is open at the chest. It was extremely revealing. The other guys were also ogling at her.

I was talking with Sana while drinking lemon tea at a coffee shop.

“What kind of person is Sana’s sister?”

I remember a little bit about Sana’s sister because she once gave me a ride in her car. She was beautiful, that’s for sure.

“Sarina-neechan is very serious.”

“I see. – How old is Sarina-san?”

“Let’s see, she’s five years older than me, so she’s twenty-three. I’m sure she had a boyfriend.”

I reacted strongly to the word “boyfriend”. If she has a boyfriend, then taking Sarina away from her would be considered cuckolding just like Sana.

“Okay, let’s go to Sana’s house for the second half of our date.”

“I don’t want to. I don’t like it because Sarina-chan keeps asking me about Noboru lately.”

“Sarina-san still thinks Sana and Noboru are in love with each other, right?”

“Yeah. That’s right.”

“Then I have to tell Sarina-san that Sana likes me.”

Sana was reluctant to go to the house, but after my passionate persuasion, she agreed to go.

I took Sana to the Otonashi house, pushed the intercom, and Sarina-san answered.

“Oh, as I recall, you’re Sana’s friend from the other day.”

“Keita-kun said he wanted to go to my house.”

“I’m sorry. Suddenly.”

I need to find out what kind of person Sarina-san is. You have to go discreetly at first.

“I don’t mind. But I have to tell Sana one thing.”

Sarina-san changes her eyes. It’s obvious to anyone looking at her that her eyes are angry.

“What’s wrong, Sarina-neechan?”

“Sana, don’t you understand? What are you doing?”


“Sana, that’s enough! You’re Noboru’s girlfriend, right? Why are you with Keita-kun?”

“I want to break up with Noboru, but he won’t let me! I love Keita-kun.”

Sana screamed at Sarina. I think I may have never seen Sana so emotional.

“Poor Noboru. He’s been coming over all the time recently. He said Sana wouldn’t be with him.”

“I don’t care about him”

“I want to respect Sana’s opinion as an older sister. But there is one thing I want to ask you.”


Sana stared at Sarina. From her eyes, she was not looking at her sister as a sister, but at the enemies who disturbed her.

“I’m not sure what made Sana fall in love with Keita-kun.”

Sarina seemed to doubt the relationship between me and Sana. She stared at us while playing with her long black hair.

Sana was silent, as if it was hard for her to tell her sister, Sarina-san. I can certainly understand why it’s hard to say. I also remained silent beside Sana.

“So there’s a reason you can’t tell me. I understand now. It’s not a good idea to start a relationship with someone for impure reasons. Break up with him.”

“I don’t want to. I’m not going to break up with him! I’m not going to break up with you no matter what Sarina-neechan says.”

“Sana, listen to your sister.”

“I’ll never listen to you.”

Sana and Sarina-san were in an atmosphere of a touchy feely. It seemed like it would be a struggle to corrupt Sarina.

“Sarina-san. Sana and I are going out, even though a lot has happened. Both Sana and I are in love with each other.”

Sarina-san was silent for a while and then sighed.

“I’m not going to… ask for the details. I’ll just admit you two for now.”

Sana and I were officially approved by Sarina-san. If I asked her about the deeper circumstances, Sarina-san would not approve.

At any rate, I was approved and was allowed to have dinner at the Otonashi house that night. Sarina-san went shopping, leaving me and Sana alone.

“I guess she recognizes us for now.”

“Yeah. Yes, I think so. I’m relieved.”

“Well, it’s about time… do you want to do it?”

When I said that, Sana’s expression softened. Her eyes are melting.

“Yeah… I want to have one with Keita-kun.”

I go to Sana’s room and lick all over her body. Then, I make Sana completely naked and tie her up in turtle shell bondage using the rope I had brought with me.

“Haah… nh… fuu… yaan… how to tie… hhh…”

“Stay like that for a while.”

Sana, deprived of her body’s freedom, emits a sweet voice mixed with pleasure as she struggles.

“Keita-kun, I… feel so good… poke me with your penis…”

“No, I can’t. This is a teasing play. Stay like that.”

Sana looked at me with teary eyes. She wanted to feel good, but I wanted to tease her.

Sana was lying in a tortoise shell bondage, and I crushed her breasts with my legs.

“Huwahhhh… hmmm… ahahhhh!”

While I was playing with Sana, Saya came back.


“Saya. You came back at the right time. You want to be like your sister?”

“What’s wrong with Sana-neechan?”

Saya changes her gaze to find Sana lying in turtle shell bondage. The face of Sana is gradually distorted.

“This is…”

“You want this, don’t you?”

“Um, yes….”

Like Sana, I bound Saya to a tortoise shell bondage and laughed loudly. The sisters are mine. I can do whatever I want. If I make a proposal, they will accept everything. I was in the best mood.

I was about to enjoy the two of them trembling in the turtle shell bondage when I heard Sarina-san’s voice from the first floor.

“Hey, Sana, Saya, Keita-kun. Dinner’s ready!”

That was the signal for dinner. I tried to untie them, but it didn’t work.

“Damn, it’s not working.”

When I was fluttering, I heard Sarina-san approaching the room to check on us, who hadn’t come down at all. Her footsteps were getting louder and louder.

“Oh no. She can see us.”

It was too late to be alarmed. Sarina-san opened the door and was surprised to see Sana and Saya.

“What’s… This… What in the world is going on here…”

“Sarina-neechan… You saw that, didn’t you?”

“Both Saya and Sana-neechan are Keita’s slaves…”

Seeing Sana and Saya with their perverted melted and grinning faces, Sarina-san was frozen. It wasn’t like she could sort out the situation.

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