Y. NTR Ch.53

Ch 53

“Whew… I’m glad the boy Rika brought… seems like a solid kid.”

It was Rika’s mother, Wakako, who said so.

She was heading up the stairs to Rika’s room, leaving the juice and the sweets Eiji had brought as a souvenir on a tray.

Since it was a souvenir he had given her, it would be better for him to have a proper taste of it.

Besides, I’m a little curious what kind of air they are putting on.

It seems that Rika is pretty much letting her guard down…

“I wonder what I would do if I were an adolescent…!”

Wakako twists her body while dexterously maintaining her balance on the tray with a cackle.

Since she has a more glamorous body than Rika and still looks young, it looked like a very sensational dance.

Of course, it was safe to say that no one was watching her now.

My husband said, “It’s dangerous to go to that beast! I’m worried about Rika too, so I’ll go myself!” What a thing to say, but of course I left him behind.

Because even a little bit of youth could make that man irritated and make him charge into the room.

“Rika was never good with men, so there was no way she could do such a thing.”

Wakako shook her head in disgust.

Her husband is very overprotective of their daughter because of her painful past, but if he takes too much care of her, it is Rika who will be in trouble later on because she is not immune.

“It’s better to get burned a little bit to get a good man.”

Wakako nodded in agreement.

Incidentally, the man to whom she gave her first love became her current husband and gave her Rika, which is a digression.

“Oh, I see you’ve closed the door. Rika? Can you open the door for me?”

Wakako arrives in front of Rika’s room and calls out to Rika, who is probably in the room because she is carrying a tray.

She waits for a while, but there is no response.

However, she hears a creaking sound and a small voice of Rika.

At this, Wakako tilts her head.

She puts her ear to the door to try to hear more to see what’s wrong…



Wakako’s body shakes with a jerk.

It is impossible not to be surprised by the sudden loud voice.

She almost dropped her tray, but managed to hold it back.

After a moment of relief, her mind was filled with confusion.

“(I’m sure that’s Rika’s voice, right? She’s always so quiet, but to hear her voice that loud…)”

No, the more important issue is that Rika is voicing such a concern.

What is my daughter going through now?

No way, is that boy doing something terrible to her?

“(Such…! He didn’t look like the kind of kid who would do that kind of thing, and Rika believes him, too..!)”

Wakako was astonished.

Certainly, he looked more frighteningly stern than any yakuza around, but above all, he was a man that Rika, who hated men, truly trusted.

If so, it should have been obvious that he was not a bad man.

However, she was screaming so loudly that her throat was dry, even though she did not usually raise her voice.

“(… is that a scream?)”

A calm thought suddenly occurred to my head, which was about to boil over.

Yes, I had heard a loud voice that Rika would never have uttered, so my thoughts were running ahead of me, but was it a scream?

Well, it was not laughter. That is true.

But if you ask me if it was a scream, I feel that there was no sense of… tragedy.

“(It’s not nice to jump in out of the blue, is it…?)”

If it wasn’t a scream, it would be disrespectful to both Eiji and Rika, and if it really was a scream, I don’t think I could win by jumping on Eiji doing such a thing.

It would be best to call my husband for help and call the police in the meantime.

“(I have to see what’s going on first…)”

Gently place the tray with juice and snacks on the ground.

Then, slowly, slowly, slowly opened the door a little so as not to make any noise.

From that small opening, she initially tried to take a peek at what was going on.

In an instant, Wakako’s fears were cleared up.

“Aaah! I’m cumming! I’m cumming again!”


What Wakako saw was her daughter’s body bouncing on the bed.

She had not seen her daughter without a stitch of clothing on for years.

Her well-groomed body, which was beautiful even from a parent’s point of view, was wet with sweat and other bodily fluids, and glistening in a shining manner.

And then there was the strong body of the man who was pressing down on her and drawing out her lasciviousness.

The man’s body was much bigger and stronger than her husband’s, not to mention herself as a woman.

After all, if I had charged in with my emotions, I would have been overpowered without being able to do anything about it.

I could easily imagine such a future and involuntarily cleared my throat.

However, it was not only the fear of that future that made me salivate, but also the lewdness that my daughter was exposing herself to.

“Kah, ha…♡”

Rika sank deeply into the bed, seemingly out of breath.

The creaking sound was the result of their intense physical contact on the bed.

Wakako was astonished that they were already in such a relationship, and she shuddered even more.

“(Oh, is that how it’s supposed to be…?)”

Since she gave birth to Rika, of course Wakako had experienced such a situation.

But never once had she been as breathless as she seemed to be.

Sex is supposed to be more like that, something that warms the… heart.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh♡”

Phan! Phan!

Eiji had not moved for a while, but as he remembered, he repeated the piston several times.

That was to expel the semen that remained in his urethra after he ejaculated.

Rika, who was pressured from above and in a position known as the seed press, was screaming like a squashed frog.

It must have been painful for her to have Eiji, who looked like a mass of muscles, put his weight on her from above.

However, the girl’s face, which I could see through the doorway, was prodigal, and it did not look as if she was in pain.


Eiji took a breath and pulled himself away.

The woman’s legs were spread wide and sloppily, and the semen that could not be contained in the womb was spilling out from the gaping hole left by the man’s penis.

“(Hii, you’re not even on contraceptive!?)”

I had always thought my daughter was intelligent, but I had no idea she was doing such a dangerous… thing.

“(Does that mean it feels that good…?)”

Wakako gulped involuntarily.

Unaware of her condition, Eiji stood up and moved toward Rika’s head.

“(Oh, it’s so big!)”

Wakako’s face turns bright red at the sight of his penis dangling and swaying, soaked with semen and love juices.

It is much bigger than her husband’s, and her eyes are drawn to it, unable to let go.

If something that large had been inserted into her, it would be understandable that her cleft was now gaping open.

“(I wonder if it won’t break with something like that in there…?)”

I can feel my heart racing deep inside my throbbing, voluptuous breasts.

Then, naturally, her hand reached for her own breast… and her pubic area.

Her own hand sinks into the soggy, soft breast.

Compared to Rika, Wakako’s breasts may not be as taut as Rika’s because she is not as young, but Wacako’s are superior in softness that seems to sink in forever, and their ripe fruit is wonderful.

She gently squeezed the top of her bra, and her other hand turned up her long skirt and touched her shorts…


Wakako was astonished in spite of herself to find that it was soggy and wet there.

She was clearly physically aroused by the sight of her daughter’s lasciviousness, and by the sight of the body and the anatomy of the man who had raped her daughter.

Despite the fact that her precious daughter was possibly being forcibly raped, her frail limbs were aroused and seeking pleasure.

“(It sucks…! I have to stop doing this soon…!)”

My pride as a mother screamed at me to do so.

But against her will, her arms wriggled disgustedly, caressing her ample breasts and wet pubic area.

A mother masturbating while peeping at the lasciviousness of her daughter and her boyfriend (?).

How shameless this is!

Wakako knew that. Even though she knew it, she could not stop.

Still, if Rika had… asked her for help, she would have been able to move quickly.

She could have called her husband, called the police, and then stood in front of her daughter and glared at Eiji.

It was because she had love for her daughter. She was indeed Rika’s mother.


“Nbu, n, chu, rero…”

He came to the side of her face, lying loosely on her back, and brought to her mouth his penis that wasn’t erected but still half-hardened.

The rod was coated with semen and, above all, with her own secretion of love juice.

Rika gazed at it, entranced by the intense pleasure that had driven her back and forth and almost caused her brain to short-circuit.

Then, without prompting, she took it into her mouth.

She sucked on it so eagerly that her cheeks caved in and the shape of the glans occasionally popped out.

I could hear her slow but enthusiastic sucking.

Wakako had never seen her daughter’s face so engrossed in sucking on a huge man’s cock that her face was disfigured.

She was always calm and not very good at expressing her emotions, but still cute.

That was the image she had always had of her daughter, but she had never seen her like that.


The penis was pulled out of Rika’s mouth.

The penis that had been stained with semen and love juice was cleanly licked off by her, while it was sticky and wet with her saliva.

Eiji stroked her golden hair with his big hands as if he was praising her, and Rika’s face relaxed happily.

Rika no longer wanted to dye her hair, which she had dyed to avoid men after meeting Eiji.

Because of this, her hair is now a pudding-like color, with the top of her head dyed black and the rest of her hair golden.

She had forgiven Eiji enough to smile happily even when he played with it roughly.

“Ha, ha…”

Wakako’s movements on her own body were getting stronger.

Her shorts were already sticky with moisture, and the fingers playing with them seemed to be getting blistered.

Even so, I couldn’t take my eyes off the huge penis that had been freed from Rika’s mouth.

With that as a side dish, Wakako was comforting her ripening limbs.

She no longer had the slightest idea that her daughter was being forcibly raped.

Looking at Eiji’s face, she broke her face happily, and when she saw her enthusiastically serving the cock, it was clear that she had the kind of relationship she wanted.

Therefore, she no longer had to protect her daughter as a mother and be relative to Eiji.

The more she thinks so, the more she wants to vent her own physical arousal.

As she stirred her pubic region while making a lewd guttural sound… she felt the need to release her own body’s arousal.

I suddenly felt my eyes meet Eiji’s.

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