Y. NTR Ch.54

Ch 54

Wakako was frozen in place and unable to move from there.

She could not move her legs to escape, nor could she move her arms that were groping her breasts and pubic area.

Her eyes widened, she broke out in a cold sweat, and she was breathing hard.

Naturally, this is not because he is aroused.

Rather, the body that had just been aroused was now as cold as if it had been doused with ice water.

“(I’ve been caught peeking…!)”

The color quickly drains from Wakako’s neat face.

It is not a pure blue. It is pure white.

That’s probably true, too. She was a lousy mother who had to comfort herself with her daughter and her boyfriend (?) by peeping into their lasciviousness.

There was no way she could be such a mother.

If Eiji were to whisper the truth in Rika’s ear, her relationship with Wakako would be different from what it is today.

Of course, both Rika and Wakako are mothers and daughters who care about each other. They will not get along because of this or anything like that.

But there will be tension. Without a doubt.

For a very happy and close family, it was very difficult to accept.

Therefore, Wakako could not allow herself to move before Eiji took some action.

It was just like a wild animal facing its natural enemy.

Eiji was in an overwhelmingly superior position mentally, and Wakako was being pushed into a corner on her own.

Their stare-down actually lasted only a few seconds, but for Wakako it was so long that it felt like an eternity.

Then Eiji’s eyes are quickly removed from Wakako.


At last, one would think that he would tell Rika about her, but he never does so.

He seemed to be calling out to Rika, but at least he did not say or do anything to let her know about Wakako.

“(Not revealed…? No, I don’t think so. We made proper eye contact.)”

So did you miss it?

Thinking about it, it was easy to convince myself.

If you think about it, Eiji was the man chosen by that man-hating Rika.

It was obvious that he was not the dangerous man that Wakako had feared.

“(Let’s go now so I don’t waste his goodwill.)”

I’ll bring snacks and juice a little later.

I need to change my underwear a little myself.

With that in mind, I was about to sneak away when… bang! and a strong sound rang out.

I almost speak up, but I manage to put my hand over my mouth to block it out.

Of course, it was not a sound made by Wakako.

It was coming from Rika’s room, and it was coming from a place quite close to me.

I peeked through the fearfully opened door and saw that … Eiji and Rika were quite close to each other.

The reason why Wacako managed to stop herself from screaming is because Rika didn’t seem to have noticed her.

She did not seem to have made the loud noise in a display of anger toward herself.

Eiji had Rika put her hands against the wall near the door and made her stand up, which was very unreliable after she had climaxed so many times.

He stood behind her.

It was as if he was Rika’s master, standing behind her and rubbing his hardened penis against the crack of her taut buttocks.



With a thud, he inserted his penis into her.

Thanks to the semen that poured inside without hesitation and the love juice secreted from excitement, it was easily accepted by Rika vagina, whose size was astonishingly large.

No, it must mean that she is so developed.

It was so developed that her daughter could easily accept it, which even Wacako, a married woman with a mature body, would have a hard time doing.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh♡”

Phan, Phan, Phan, Phan!

Rika was grabbed by the waist and violently fucked from behind.

Rika’s usual poker face was shattered as she writhed in pleasure from the backside thrusts, which were harder and deeper than in any other position.

“(How… disgusting…)”

Wakako’s hands were again on her breasts and between her legs, and she was beginning to play with them.

She could no longer think of escaping.

She comforted herself by peeping at her daughter’s lewd and lascivious behavior.

“Ah! I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it♡”

Over and over again, Rika uttered childlike favors as if in a rant.

Her sweet, debauched expression screamed that she was very happy with her current situation of being violated by a man violently from here on out.

A daughter who was almost assaulted by a stranger and has lived her life traumatized and rejected by men.

Now, she is exposing everything to one of the men she had avoided and devouring the pleasure of being fucked by him.

How lewd and disgusting is that?

Wakako is astonished at the change in Rika, and at the same time, her own body is strongly aroused.

“Hmm !? Hmm, Juu, Huh…♡”

Rika’s head is grabbed and she is forced to turn around.

Then Eiji suddenly sucked hard on her mouth.

At first, Rika was surprised, but soon her eyes were glazed over and their tongues were aggressively entwining with each other.

If spit was poured into her mouth, she would gulp it down with a gulp.

The mere fact that she drank Eiji’s bodily fluids was enough to make her climax, and she clamped down on the cock, which stirred violently inside her vagina.

The guttural sounds clearly reached Wakako’s ears.

Was it from their lips on top of each other? Or was it coming from below, where their love juices were being stirred violently?

Either way, the sound of the viscous liquid popping in and out of Wakako’s ears, further arousing her body.

She squeezed her voluptuous breasts, and then put her fingers inside her vagina and stirred them.

Droplets of water dripped down the hallway, but I couldn’t care less.

My eyes were on Rika, who was being fucked hard and strong from behind, moaning like an animal.

And if you glanced up, you would see…


I was eye to eye with Eiji perfectly.

It was as if they were chained together, unable to look away.

They looked at each other as if they were lovers.

However, the situation was different from its usual one: Eiji was in the middle of violently fucking Rika from behind, while Wakako was masturbating herself by peeping at her daughter’s sex.

There is no sweetness in the air. But there was an air of decadence and lewdness.

Wakako did not run away, nor did she look away.

They stared at each other and continued to masturbate as if to show their own lasciviousness.

With a jerk, she lifted up her shirt, exposing her ample breasts, which were wrapped in a simple bra.

She then annoyingly and roughly shifted her bra and rubbed her raw breasts as if to show them off.

Her breasts, too large to be covered by her hands, contorted softly.

And as Wakako looked at him with narrowed eyes, it was nothing short of a female provoking the man.

She licks her lips with her tongue in his moist eyes.

The sex appeal of a mature woman was on full display.

Wakako had no desire to do anything to her daughter’s boyfriend.

She did not consciously act as if she were inviting Eiji to join her.

Subconsciously, her body moved instinctively to seduce Eiji, just as a female is attracted to a strong male.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh♡ Cumming, cumming, cumming♡”

Phan, Phan, Phan, Phan!

Eiji’s hips swing even faster and harder as he strikes from behind.

Rika seems to be unable to support herself any longer, and she falls down slyly, pressing her upper body against the wall.

Her breasts, which may not be plump, but they are not poor either, are contorted.

Finally, she plops her upper body down on the ground.

However, Eiji is holding her firmly by the waist, so only her buttocks are held high.

The piston was pistoned hard, and a lot of love juice was dripping on the ground with the sound of water.

The squirts were also spurting out, a scene that would be difficult to clean up afterwards.

Rika, who could no longer exert herself, was left to do as she was told as her body was violently shaken.

Even so, it was teasing to see her clamping down on his cock inside her vagina and begging for ejaculation.

So Eiji did as she asked and tried to pour his semen into her vagina without hesitation.

However, his eyes do not look down at Rika’s beautiful swimming-trained limbs, but rather catch the image of a shameless mother masturbating through the crack in the door to watch her daughter’s lasciviousness…

Bachu Bachu! and the swinging of his hips became faster, and when she saw the large amount of love juice that had been stirred up at the same time dripping onto the ground, Wakako realized that this disgusting feast would soon be over.

To tell the truth, she had climaxed lightly several times, and her movements between her legs and breasts were quickened accordingly.

Her moist eyes caught Eiji’s cold eyes looking down at her, and the fact that he was watching her made her even more aroused and she stirred her vagina with her fingers, and at the same time a large amount of her love juice fell down the hallway.


“I’m cumming♡”


Bikk! Rika and Wakako’s bodies jumped at the same time.

Is it a mother and daughter?

Rika, who had been lying limp with her upper body on the ground, lifted herself up with her arms.

Sweat also splashed from her shapely breasts, which were swaying.

She squirmed and squirted, and then Eiji poured a dollop of semen into her womb.

The most important part of her body was easily violated, and the white sperm that could not be contained leaked out.

Eiji squeezed her taut buttocks and thrust his hips out, trying to get every drop of semen into her.

And right across the door, Wakako was climaxing as well.

She bit down on her shirt, which was turned up, and her whole body jolted and shook while trying never to let out a sound.

She squirmed and squirted from the vagina she was fingering and shook her legs in a wobbly manner.

The beautiful nipples on her ample breasts were erect and very disgusting.


It would be no wonder that a sigh escaped her.

Fortunately, Rika, who was dazed from her too-deep climax, did not seem to hear it.

“(The hallway, I have to clean it…)”

In her dazed mind, she was thinking about destroying the evidence, when her eyes suddenly met Eiji’s.

That was enough to send another tingle through her lower abdomen, and Wakako fled away from him.

Eiji looked at her with a dangerous glint in his eyes.



The sun was setting and it was almost time for dinner at the Onizuka household.

As expected, Eiji is about to return.

Rika insisted that she would love to have dinner with him, but he was adamant.

He said that was a bad idea, even though it was the first time he had been invited to this house yet.

Wakako, being Rika’s mother, would have originally suggested having dinner with him, but she could not open her mouth so lightly now that she knew about such a lascivious act.

So they gather at the entrance to send Eiji off.

“Sorry to bother you.”

“Don’t come back, you gorilla!”

“Come back again… I hate you, Dad.”


Rika’s father tries to throw salt at Eiji, who bows his head lightly, and tries to get rid of him.

Rika waves her hand at Eiji with a light tint on her cheeks and tells her father of her death sentence in a chillingly cold tone of voice.

Gaaaahhhh– well, my father is the one who is making the noise one way or the other– Leaving them to fuss about, Wakako smiles and looks over at Eiji.

“Take care of Rika, will you?”

The calm smile on her face was the expression of a mother.

Nowhere was there the image of a gasping woman masturbating and peeking at her daughter’s sex.

Could it be said that she was a quintessential married woman? Eiji is also enthusiastic about her acting ability.

But it was too good to let go just because of that.

So he made his move now, when Rika and her father were not paying any attention to him.

“Yes… Oh, yes.”

“… What is it?”

Wakako is wary of Eiji’s sudden approach.

However, Wakako cannot ignore him.

He knew what she was doing, because he had seen her perversion. He was in an overwhelmingly superior position.

Eiji puts his mouth to her ear.



He whispers something to her and she widens her eyes.

The big man smiles thinly away from her, as if he’s had enough.

He is my daughter’s boyfriend (?). and the object of our warm attention.

To him, Wakako…

“… I’ll think about it.”

She smiled wryly with a woman’s expression that she couldn’t hide.

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