F.G. Ch.13

Ch 13 I will show my Sana to Noboru

The next morning I called Sana home with RANE. Sana rushes right over. The time between calling Sana and having her come to my house is getting shorter and shorter. She is an excellent woman.

“Keita-kun. I’m here.”

“Yo, Sana. The time it takes you to come to my house is getting shorter and shorter. You’re my girl after all.”

“Then, will you reward me for working so hard?”

“What do you want?”

“Keita’s penis.”

I was so happy that Sana started to actively desire me, and it made me nostalgic for the first time I met her.

“Hahaha. Good. Wait a minute.”

“Please, I want it soon. I came here without panties for you, Keita-kun. I’ve been walking around the city and had a lot of uncles staring at me.”

“Hey, hey. I didn’t give you those instructions. You wanted to do it yourself, didn’t you? Huh?”

I touch Sana’s thin and soft lips and stroke them lightly. Sana’s body jerked and her face flushed.


She is a vile woman. That is why she is worth showing to Noboru. I wanted to show the transformed Sana to Noboru and see his reaction. I take Sana to my room.

When I enter the room, I lock the door and make her sit on the bed.

“Sana. It’s a party today.”

“A party?”

“Oh. Let’s show Noboru our sex.”

“To Noboru…”

“Isn’t it good?”

“Yeah. If Keita-kun wants to do it.”

With his agreement, I sent a RANE message to Noboru. The content of the message was that I was going to do Hengsta Live from now on, and I wanted him to watch it.

Hensta live is a social networking application called Henstagram, and the live is a kind of streaming function installed in Henstagram. Sana had told me that Noboru was posting a lot on Hengsta Live.

Noboru replied right away, as if he was free today. He said he would watch Hengsta Live.

I put my phone on the desk and adjusted the screen. At first, I decided to keep Sana off the screen and have only me on it. Once I was ready, I started the stream. I started talking into my phone.

“From now on, I will stream to my best friend. My followers can watch if they want to. Noboru is watching too, right?”

I have Sana’s phone next to mine. The reason is simple. Because Noboru might send a message to Sana.

“We have a special guest today. Come on, Sana.”

Sana comes on the screen. I can’t help but wonder what kind of face Noboru has while looking at this stream.

“I’m going to do something naughty with Sana, so watch this, okay? Especially Noboru.”

I turn Sana toward the phone and make her sit on my thigh. I put my hands around Sana as she sits and grabs her breasts and starts rubbing them.

“Sana’s breasts are exceptional. As I recall, Noboru has never rubbed them, right? It was a waste. They are so soft and comfortable.”

While rubbing her breasts, I turned my face and kissed Sana. Sana voluntarily engages her tongue and gets lost in the kiss.


While I’m enjoying kissing Sana, I get a message on Sana’s phone, which I had left next to her. It says, “Sana what’s going on?” I smile.

“Noboru. Sana chose me over you because I can have sex with her. Sana is for me now. “

“That’s right. Let’s collaborate.”

I press the “collaborate” button, and Noboru enters the live a while later.

“Keita! Don’t play around with me. Don’t take away my Sana!”

“Noboru, Sana doesn’t suit you. Right? Sana.”

Sana, who had been silent since the start of the stream, finally opened her mouth.

“I don’t need Noboru anymore. I’m going out with Keita-kun. I’m going to be with Keita-kun for the rest of my life.”

“For the rest of your life… You’re kidding!! You’re my girlfriend!!”

Noboru starts screaming in a collaborative live performance. This may be the first time Noboru has been this rough. But no matter how much Noboru screams, he is powerless in front of me and Sana.

“Noboru. I feel bad for you. So I’ll show you everything Sana has to offer.”

I made Sana take off everything she was wearing and made her completely naked. I showed the naked Sana to Noboru.

“What do you think? It’s Sana’s nude body. It looks like Venus, doesn’t it?”

“Kuh, Sana…”

The rough ascent has quieted down. He intends to keep running through to the last spurt.

I grab Sana’s raw tits and start squeezing them. I showed Noboru her breasts, which were being deformed by the force of my fingers.

“Look. Isn’t it great? They’re so soft. Sana’s tits.”

“This is Sana’s chest…”

“Look, look, when I slap them, they bounce.”

“Ahhhh… The way Keita-kun touches them… It’s so naughty!”

After showing Sana’s breasts on the screen, I spread Sana’s cunt to show it. I spread her pussy repeatedly with my fingers, burning her dirty pussy in the eyes of the viewers and Noboru.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it? Her pussy is really great. It’s so shiny and pink and erotic.”

“This is… Sana’s pussy… This is amazing. It’s too much.”

Noboru’s voice is trembling. 

“I’m going to take this pussy from now on.”

I expose my penis, and then I lift Sana’s waist and insert it from her back. The grotesque penis enters Sana’s slimy pussy.

“Damn. It’s a good vagina. It goes in so easily, and I can thrust so hard.”

I piston upward. Sana’s body also makes her body move violently against the piston.

“I love it. It’s really great. I never get tired of penetrating this vagina. I can do it again and again, and I can do it every day.”

“Ahhhh… Ahhh! I can’t get enough of this penis. Keita-kun’s best! Ohhhh!”

Sana, who is dependent on my penis, raises her voice as if she feels good. I can’t hear Noboru’s voice, but I can hear his rough breathing leaking out a little.

“What do you think, Noboru? Sana is the best woman, right? You did a wasteful thing. I had sex with Sana before you had sex with her. I feel sorry for you, but I’m not going to give her back now. Both Sana and I are dependent on each other.”

“Ke, Keita… Oh, my Sana… my Sana… Haa.. Haa…”

“Well then, we’re about to cum. See you later.”

I stopped the live performance just before I was about to cum and we both came together.



“I thought I’d give Noboru a chance.”


“Sana. Have sex with Noboru once. While I’m watching.”

Sana was surprised at my suggestion.

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1 year ago

A devil! He is really a devil. What happen next is obvious, and I can only pity Noboru.