Y. NTR Ch.56

Ch 56

“What happened…?”
Eiji’s eyes were black and white at the sudden angry voice.

No, he was not so surprised about the angry voice being uttered.

Of course, it would be natural for her to be angry if he was making love with her lover in the face-to-face sitting position.

But while he had expected to be offended by that, he had not expected to be yelled at in terms of differences.

“That’s why! There is a difference! The difference between when you treat Rika and when you treat me!”

“Is that what you’re angry about…?”

Eiji looks doubtful.

To put it simply, Mai was jealous.

It was not Eiji who was kissing Rika, but Rika who was being treated gently by Eiji.

“… That’s not all! Why are you kissing my lover?”

“Yes, that’s right. That’s what you should be angry about.”

Eiji is relieved.

No, there is nothing to be relieved about…

“Oh… what can I say…”

Eiji scratched his cheeks as if he was having trouble saying something.

Rika, who was looking up at him, wanted to resume kissing quickly, so she decided to explain it to her.

“… I’m just having him help me cure my man-hatred.”

“What is the cure in this way!?”

Mai widens her eyes.

I guess sometimes rough treatment is necessary, but isn’t it too rough?

“Aaaaahhhh! My Rika-chan cheated on me! Ahhhhhhhhh!”

Mai crying and wailing.

It was a very painful and sympathetic scene. Even Eiji’s face was contorted in a slightly apologetic manner.

But… that [false crying] didn’t work on her girlfriend, Rika.

“… It was Mai who cheated first.”


The crying stopped with a snap.

She is dripping with cold sweat.

Then, she quickly turned her eyes away from Rika.

Rika stared at her with fixed eyes.

“… What’s wrong? Why don’t you look at my face?”

“Well… and, you know. Well, you see… I didn’t ask for it, did I? Oh, that’s right! I was forcibly… raped by a gorilla!”


Mai points at Eiji.

I felt as if I had been falsely accused of molestation.

Well, no one would try to falsely charge him with his muscular bones.

“… Lie.”

Rika, however, brushed off Mai’s bitter words.

“Hey, why do you doubt… my word as a lover?”

“Because… Mai is a terrible liar.”

Mai’s impassioned words… but the expression on her face was clearly a lie to those who saw it.

It is hard to describe, but she has eyes and a mouth that could be described as dumb.

The word [no] is visible, and the mouth is open.

If this is telling the truth, then that is great.

“I understand it from my point of view.”


Mai suffers from being discovered not only by her lover Rika, but also by Eiji.

“… And if she really had been raped, there is no way Mai would be this quiet. She would definitely be retaliating.”


Rika’s pursuit.

Certainly, given Mai’s character, if she had been raped, she would not have been so quiet.

They say that victims of sexual assault sometimes cry themselves to sleep, but that doesn’t work, at least not for her.

She would have made a messed up fuss, attracted public sympathy all around, and induced her assailant to die socially and emotionally.

Elevate yourself while retaliating against the other person. Mai was the one who could do that.

“… Also, Eiji is a kind man. He’s not the kind of person who would do something like that.”

“Gwaaaaahhhh! Rika-chan is being very smitten with him!”

Mai rumbled and thrashed around.

The expression on Rika’s face as she said this with a light blush on her cheeks was the very essence of a maiden in love.

It is no wonder that Mai screams when her lover shows such an expression to a man who has some connection to her…

“No, no, Rika! This gorilla is not a good guy at all! Look! He’s a bastard who would touch us, a very nice yuri couple!”

Mai clings to Rika’s body.

This allowed Eiji, who was in close contact with Rika, to feel the softness of her ample limbs, and he was smitten as well.

What was being said was also rather true, so he did not particularly say anything back.

“… But Mai and I don’t mind.”

“Nya, Nya Nyanba.”

“What language is that?”

Mai is nearly knocked out by Rika’s unexpected counterpunch.

At least, their relationship was unthinkable before she met Eiji.

She doesn’t hate it? It can’t be. I don’t like it.

Men are shit, they’re a joke, and they’re just fine to play with in the palm of your hand…

And I was taught that it was incredibly pleasurable to be subdued and humbled by a man who looked down on me…

Mai bashes her own head.

Rika stared at her and muttered.

“… Perhaps you want me to back out of Eiji? Do you want to monopolize Eiji?”

Mai froze in place.

And then…

“Huh, ahhhhhhh!”

It is a loud scream.

If the apartment where she lived had not been designed to be soundproof, it would have been no surprise if she had been confronted with a wall-bashing.

However, Rika’s words were so loud and furious that I couldn’t help but be angry with her.

“No matter how misguided you are, Rika-chan, I ain’t gonna keep quiet when you say something so misguided!”

“That’s right. In the first place, I’m the owner and you’re my pet.”

“Aaaaahhhh! Don’t say something troublesome, ahhhhhhh!”

Mai is going crazy.

You see? Rika is very curious about the word “pet”, isn’t she?

“Hey, gorilla! Why are you acting like you have nothing to do with this?”

“No, I don’t mean that, but…”

So, in an attempt to somehow deflect the topic, she turned the tables on Eiji.

Rika would be interested in him, too.

However, although there was such a calculation, there was something more important that I wanted to ask him.

“In the first place, your attitude toward me and your attitude toward Rika-chan are so different!”

She snapped.

Rika is like a lover, having sex while making out and loving.

Mai, like a pet, spanking and punishing her.

There was a clear difference between the two.

“… Is that so?”

No, not really? I am not asking for the attitude that I should be treated like a lover, as Rika is being treated.

It is just that I am not satisfied.

It’s kind of like this… hazy feeling that stays in my mind and makes me bitter.

Rika, who had been watching the event, described the sensation with clarity.

“… Jealousy?”

“I’m not jealous!?”

It is understandable to be jealous of Eiji who monopolizes Rika, but it is impossible to be jealous of Rika who is being taken care of by Eiji.

Yes, it is impossible.

“Hmmm… so let me ask you, which do you prefer? Gentle sex like with Rika or Intense sex like with me?”

“Well, that’s…”

Mai imagines.

First, sex like a lover.

The kind of sex that is gentle, calm, warm and… heart-filling.

And the next thing I imagine is the intense one I have always enjoyed.

There is not a sweet space, but a rough male and a female who succumbed to pleasure.

I am held down and have a huge man’s cock rammed into my vagina repeatedly and violently, even gouging out my bowels.

It is so humiliating and immoral. But it was the latter that made my lower abdomen tingle at the thought of it.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter, now…”

“… Well, it looks like you’ve already got the answer in your mind, but that’s okay.”

Eiji looked at Mai, who was shaking her body fidgetily, and smiled thinly, as if he had guessed everything.

The feeling of being made to dance in the palm of his hand is also uncomfortable, yet it makes my heart pound and my heart pound…

An atmosphere of communication between Eiji and Mai is created, as if they were the only two people in the room.

And it is Rika, who is still hugging Eiji, who disapproves of it…

“… Shall we continue?”

Rika took Eiji’s strong arms and led him to the luxury bed that was provided.

“Ahhhhhhhh! There’s no way you’re going to continue in this situation, though! I mean, Rika-chan has too much guts to try to fuck a guy in front of her girlfriend!”

And in her lover’s bed!

It was such a shocking turn of events that Mai, who had been fidgeting, went insane.

“… But I can’t stay in yuri forever. Thinking about the future, it’s just a disadvantage, like hating men.”


Of course, even Rika does not feel that way about a born homosexual.

However, Mai made a move on Rika because she likes pretty things and thinks men are stupid, and Rika also accepted Mai by process of elimination because of her trauma toward men.

So, as a matter of fact, there is no reason why they should be the same sex…

“Ku…! If this happens…!”
Mai is dismayed by the unexpected betrayal.

However, it is a woman named Mai Terui who does not end as it is.

Maturely watching her lover and her own master having sex right in front of her?

That’s… such a thing…!

“Mix me too!”

Unable to admit it, she leapt at once.

She took off her clothes in mid-air and dived into the bed with them, fully displaying her voluptuous limbs that rivaled those of gravure idols.

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