R.C. Ch.17

Ch 17

“I’m home… Mom, you’re hurting me.”

“Wow, Ao-kun, you’re back!”

When I come home from school, my mom greets me with an enthusiastic hug.

She must have been worried about me and missed me a lot.

“Mom, you worry too much. I’m here, there’s no way I’d let another female pig touch him.”

“Come on, Rimi. You have a bad mouth.”

“I’m sorry, big brother.”

She seemed happy when I lightly tapped her on the head.

I should have been angry with her.

The reason why I came home with Rimi was because if I, a man, went home alone, I would be kidnapped and locked up.

So Rimi insisted that she would definitely go home with me, and I agreed, so here we are.

“Ao-kun, did they do something to you at school?”

“Don’t worry, everyone was nice to me.”

“… Did you get along with the girls in your class?”

Then Rimi turns her pitch-black eyes on me and asks me a question.

“Well, they just told me a lot of stuff about school, so I guess we haven’t really gotten to know each other that well yet.”

“Hmm… I see. But don’t get too close, okay? All women are filthy. I am the only one who can touch my brother.”

… I definitely can’t say that I got pretty close to Kinoshita-sensei by touching her chest.

Also, I can never say that Yuri was able to tell that I was streaming and also her breast pressing against me.

“Ao-kun, take care of me too!”

“Okay, okay. First, let’s have dinner. After that, I’ll spoil you a lot.”

“Yay! Let’s have dinner soon.”

I can’t help but laugh at my mom, who is excited like a child.

“I want to be pampered a lot, too, big brother. It can’t just be mom, can it?”

Riri stares at me with her pitch-black eyes.

The face is smiling, yet scary.

“Rimi? Your face is scary, okay? Smile?”

“Nyanya, nyanya nyanya. Nyan-yan!”

I pulled her cheeks and forced her back.

“I’m going to spoil you a lot, right, Rimi?”

“Yes, yes! Absolutely.”

I don’t think I’ll be able to stream today.

I’m too busy just dealing with the two of them.

“I’m going to get ready for dinner. Rimi, help me.”


“I’ll help you.”

“You can’t do it, If I get hurt, I won’t be able to forgive myself.”

The eyes of Rimi, who said so, looked as if they could kill a person.

I knew it… Maybe Rimi is a girl with heavy feelings.

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