Y. NTR Ch.57

Ch 57



Mai leapt at Eiji with a brilliant leap and flung Rika, who was on top of Eiji, off him.

When Eiji was lying on his back, Mai pressed down on top of him.

“Hmph… this is my power…”

“What are you talking about?”

She was so smug that she didn’t care that Eiji was looking up at her in disgust.

The G-cup twin dunes looking up from below, however, are amazing, and there is not the slightest desire to actively retreat from them.

“Rika-chan, please stand there and watch. It’s my exclusive territory.”

Saying this, Mai removes Eiji’s clothes as he lies on his back.

It is a very familiar gesture, which suggests that she usually serves her master quite well, but she does not notice that Rika is looking at her with jealous eyes.

“Wow, it’s already big. Are you a pervert?”

“I don’t think that’s something a girl who straddles a guy in the nude should be allowed to say.”

Mai smiles with a hint of sex appeal as she looks at the much larger than average phallic cock that has popped out of the pant.

She knows this is not a full erection yet, but if this is what happened to him when he saw her own body, it was a great satisfaction to her self-esteem.

I press his penis against my vagina and rub it lightly up and down with my slender fingers.

She jiggled and shivered occasionally, and the light rubbing against her pubic nucleus made me feel good too.

The hairs of our pubic hairs rub against each other, and I feel a tickling sensation.

The squeaking noise may be due to the pre-cum overflowing, or the clitoris being slightly stimulated and the love juice oozing out… or both.

“Okay, you’ve got an erection. Then…”

“Use your mouth to serve me.”


Eiji coldly ordered Mai, who was about to bury her hips in the air with enthusiasm.

Although he was looking up at her from below, his words had a strong force to them.

Perhaps she instinctively felt that he was worthy of a male dominating her, and although she was somewhat repulsed, she did not sit back down.

Or was it the result of having been fucked and trained so many times before?

Rika, my lover, stares at me, so I wanted to avoid it, but my trained body moves as he says.

I moved back from the body I was straddling, and put my face to the dick that was rising up.

The word “shame” was already gone from her mind when the smell of a man’s penis came through her nose and hit her in the head.

The rod that had humiliated her so many times and pounded her with pleasure.

Her eyes naturally glazed over, her tongue lolled out of her mouth, and she let out a short, gasping breath.

Then, when she licked up the pole, it was Mai who climaxed, her body shaking lightly.

With that, Mai’s gag was lifted and she opened her mouth wide in an attempt to devour it more aggressively

“… Not good!”


Mai is not the only one here.

Rika, who was looking at her lover who had been pushed away by her and trained to stay still, jumped up and down, as if the penis was hers.

Then she opened her mouth so wide that she would not normally do so even when she was eating, and swallowed the glans.

Rika eagerly sucked on the glans, making a squeaking sound.

Her hair shook with her rough breathing.

“Now it’s my time!”

It was unforgivable to be kept all to herself.

Mai immediately jumped up and took it from Rika and put her mouth over the penis.

Her ample breasts pressed against his thighs, making him feel comfortable.

Eiji is mentally fulfilled as he is eagerly served by the two beautiful yuri couples.

It is such a violent and immoral pleasure, as if he broke the hand of a beautiful flower that was never within his reach.

It is more than enough to satisfy the thrill and the desire for male domination.

“Hmm, Jyu, Kuchu, Kuchu♡”

“Nbu, Bu, Rero, Chu♡”

The two enthusiastically bury their faces in his crotch and serve in a scramble.

They lick the slippery glans, lick around the neck of the callus, and lick up the pole.

The smell of the male that rises in a swoosh and their own saliva makes them want to pinch their noses.

But the pheromones that arouse them and make their lower bellies tingle are certainly there, and they stretch out their tongues and crawl over the man’s cock.

The next thing you know, their glossy lips are pressed closely together as if they are kissing each other across the glans.

The kiss is thick and full of feeling, just as they used to do at their encounters before they met Eiji.

Their tongues occasionally touch and become sticky with saliva secreted from each other’s mouths.

But in between them is the man’s huge gem.

It slithered up as if it was tearing them apart, and they kissed it madly.

In other words, instead of the lips they had once sought each other’s, what the girls were now seeking was the symbol of the man.

They are no longer a friendly yuri couple.

They are now nothing more than a pair of shameless females competing for the attention of a single man.

Seeing such a scene, one could feel more than just the pleasure of being served…


Eiji ejaculated without telling them anything.

It was like a fountain, a white fluid splashing upward.

Both of them were eagerly serving him, so their eyes were black and white when it suddenly burst out.

Unable to contain it in their mouths, it splashed onto each of their neat faces.

The semen was splashed on both Mai’s lovely face, which changed from one face to another, and on Rika’s doll-like face, which hardly changed at all.

“Aww… what a waste…”


Mai greedily looks at the semen on Rika’s face and licks it up with her tongue.

She licks her face and closes her eyes ticklingly.

Here they are finally in a yuri couple-like space.

And when he thought that he was the only one who could bring the yuri couple to their knees with his meat stick… Eiji’s crotch hardened again.

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