Y.S. Ch.19

Ch 19 Sudden Contact

The sweet taste of chocolate that I have grown accustomed to over the past half month fills my mouth.

The last piece. I savor it slowly, as if at the moment of defeating the last boss, and then pour it down with the coffee that is pouring into my mug.

“Hmm, I managed to finish it.”

February 29. Before the month changes, I manage to eat all of the giant chocolate given to me by Ageha on Valentine’s Day.

A kind of indescribable sense of accomplishment wells up in me.

Especially during the past week, I feel like I was constantly eating chocolate as an accompaniment to studying for exams.

I think to myself that I ate it all up well.

No more chocolate for a while.

I stand up, stretching lightly on the spot, and fall back onto the bed behind me.

I’m free from studying for the exam, so I’m going to laze around a bit today.

Just as I meditate with that thought, the phone on the study desk makes a beeping sound.

I get up with a slow movement and turn on the screen of my phone.

It’s a message from Karen.


The message read, ‘Ageha has been injured and was hospitalized.”

The moment I confirmed that statement, I had put on my coat and ran out of the room.



Riding my bicycle as fast as I could, I ran to the largest hospital in the area, located along the national highway, where Karen had sent me to say that Ageha was in the hospital.

I asked the receptionist for a room, walked quickly to the room, and knocked on the door.


A sullen voice came back from all over the room.

At the same time, the door was opened.


With frustration, I shouted to the room, forgetting that this was a hospital.

In contrast to me, Ageha, who was sitting on the bed in the room, returned to me brightly and curiously.

“Huh? Haru-kun. Why are yoi in such a hurry?”

“… What?”

Sitting on the bed, Ageha looked so relaxed and energetic that I was taken aback.

I entered the hospital room, trying to catch my shortened breath.

“Ageha, eh? Because, Karen said you were injured.”

I gasp, my voice breaking off.

Then, Ageha smiled awkwardly.

“Yeah, I’m hurt. Here.”

Saying that, she raised her right leg slightly.

Her ankle was wrapped around with a bandage and fixed in place.

I was unable to grasp what was going on, but Ageha continued.

“I fell down the stairs this morning. I hit my head lightly at the time, so I had to stay in the hospital for a day just to be safe.”

I let out a weak laugh as she smiled shyly at me.

My knees gave up, probably due to the strenuous exercise I had done to get here.

“So you’re not seriously hurt or anything?”

“No. Just a sprain. Just a sprain that will take about three weeks to heal.”

“Oh, that’s good…”

I sat down on the round chair beside the bed, mumbling to myself as I chewed, and collapsed into a heap.

Wiping the sweat from my forehead and trying to catch my breath, she looked at me for a while and then asked me with a puzzled expression.

“Are you worried about me, by any chance?”

“What are you talking about? When I received a message from Karen, I was in a real hurry.”

I wish Karen had been a little more dainty and communicated it a little better this way.

If they tell you someone is injured and in the hospital, everyone misunderstands.

“Whatever the case, I’m relieved that nothing serious happened.”

My body is hot, probably from having cycled as fast as I could.

As I remembered, I took off my coat.

I turned my back to the lift and hung the coat on the hanger rack behind me.

“What’s up, Ageha…?”

As I was doing so, I felt a pinch on my hem.

I looked over my shoulder at Ageha.

She pursed her lips and remained silent without responding to my call.

After a few moments, she pulled her hand away from my hem and muttered quietly,

“… Thank you.”

I nodded back vaguely, unsure of what she was thanking me for.



“Then it’s really just a sprain.”

After that, Karen and aunt, who had gone from home to pick up her hospital baggage, returned.

Hearing the aunt’s story, I was relieved once again.

“Please scold her, Haruno-kun. She was looking at her vocabulary book while going down the stairs. She’s going to take the entrance exam next month, but if she gets hurt because of that, it’s a complete disaster.”

“I was really worried about you.”

At my aunt’s reprimand, Karen also frowned and got on

On the bed, Ageha shrugged her shoulders and said weakly, “I’m sorry.”

… I’m sorry for any further pursuit.

“But a three-week sprain means you’ll be on crutches the day of the exam?”

“Yes. I’m fortunate that the high school is close by, so I’m going to ask Karen to accompany me to the school. I really wish my dad could drive me there, but he’s staying overnight that day.”

It takes about 20 minutes to walk from Aizawa’s house to Yodogishi High School.

It is about the same distance from my house, which is located in the neighborhood.

It would take a little longer if she had to walk with crutches, but it can’t be helped.

Looking out the window, I saw that it was getting dark.

“Well, I’d better be going.”

“Thank you so much.”

I put my coat on while bowing to my aunt.

As I headed for the door, I stopped once and smiled at Ageha, who was still on the bed.

“Take care of yourself, Ageha. Studying for exams is good, but in moderation.”

“… Okay.”

She looked at me once, then turned her head away and gave a small nod.

I guess she is depressed because aunty got mad at her

That’s why I’m quite concerned about Ageha.

Leaving the hospital room, I walked slowly down the linoleum corridor.

As I got on my bike, which was parked in the bicycle parking lot, I felt a rush of exhaustion.

My muscles will be sore tomorrow, that’s for sure.

I hurried home, grimacing at my legs, which were already aching, as if I’d been confronted with my lack of physical strength.

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