F.G. Ch.15

Ch 15 Mother of the Otonashi sisters

It had been a few days since Noboru and Sana had completely broken up. I was at the Otonashi house as long as I had time. My feeling of superiority was at its peak because I had taken Sana away from Noboru and made her my possession.

I had sex with Sana in the morning, Saya in the afternoon, and Sarina at night. It seems that Sarina had recently broken up with her boyfriend and had no choice but to have sex with me, but it was obvious that her body was overjoyed.

Today I was at the Otonashi house again. I knocked on the door and Sana opened it for me. When she saw my face, her expression softened and became female-like.

“Sana, are you waiting for me? Yes.”


She looked at me as if she wanted me to fuck her. My horniness was at its highest in the morning.

“Is Sami not here today?”

“Yeah. Neither Saya nor Sarina-oneechan are here.”

In other words, it’s just me and Sana. For what it’s worth, I like Sana the most among the three sisters. I want to have sex with Sana every day. I love everything about Sana.

“So it’s just the two of us.”

“Well, you know, Mom’s coming home today.”

Sana’s mother was overseas, I believe. I was a little surprised at her sudden return.

“What kind of person is Sana’s mother?”

“My mom takes good care of us three sisters, and she’s a very kind person.”

She is the mother of three sisters. I am sure she is a beautiful woman with large breasts. I would like to meet her once.

“When are you coming home today?”

“Hmm. I don’t know. She said she’ll be back today.”

“I see.”

I figured I had some time before Sana’s mom came home, so I played with her. I enjoyed sucking her delicious nipples repeatedly and poking her vagina as usual.

“Ahh!! I’m going numb!! Keita-kun’s penis is going to make me numb!!”

“Sana’s creamy pussy is a glutton. She is not letting go of my penis.”

After thoroughly enjoying everything in Sana’s vagina, I took a bath after eating Sana’s special dinner.

“Sana’s mother didn’t come home after all.”

I was soaking in the bathtub and twilight. The bathtub soothed my body, which I had worked so hard on. Suddenly, the door to the bathroom opened. I was startled, and at the same time, I reflexively braced myself.

“Oh, no. There was a first comer.”

“Oh, Mom, I told you. He was using the bath.”

I don’t know what’s going on. A person who looks like Sana’s mother is standing next to Sana.

“Are you Sana’s boyfriend?”

“Well, that’s right.”

“Yeah. Then I want to talk to you. Get out of the bath.”

Sana’s mother made me leave the bath and enter the unused Japanese-style room at the Otonashi house, sitting on the cushions and facing each other.

“Did you go out with Sana recently?”


Sana’s mother has a mole around her mouth, which gives her a unique aura of being a married woman and a sense of being an adult woman, and she immediately makes the penis that was put out by Sana’s entanglement energetic.

“Yes. I’m Sana’s parent, too. I’m not going to admit you so easily.”


“I’ll check if you’re suitable for Sana’s boyfriend.”


Sana’s mother looked at me and winked with one eye. Then she took off the sleeveless shirt she was wearing and put on black, adult-like underwear.

Thus began the boyfriend check by Sana’s mother.

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10 months ago

Well, I already expected the eldest sister to fall, but that was quick. But leaving that aside: What the hell!? Now there is a doujinshi like development. Taking the mother will be easier than I thought.

9 months ago