Y. NTR Ch.58

Ch 58

“Terui, come.”

Eiji gave Mai’s last name and a short command.

It was a very short statement, and if this was all that could be guessed, it would be to literally approach him.

But Mai, who has been fully trained, has accepted… Eiji as her master, and she has also taken his unspoken words to heart.

The cock, still stained with semen and their saliva, was pointing upward.

She pulled her body up to it and took her G-cup breasts, which were swaying heavily…

The phallic cock was caught in the cleavage of them.

It is not possible to hide all of the huge cock, but I still feel more than enough breast pressure.

When Mai squeezed her breasts from both sides, the pressure became even stronger.

Perhaps because I served my penis with my mouth and was hit by the smell, my cleavage was moist with sweat, and thanks to that, I wriggle smoothly when I’m slimy.

His pubic hair touches her breasts, but Mai doesn’t care.

Before he trained her, she would have refused to even look at, let alone touch, a man’s bottom hair, but now she took none of it into consideration.

Her beautiful cherry-red nipples were also hard and erect, and he could tell that even serving him with her breasts had aroused her.

“… I didn’t hear you say anything. Are you mellow already?”

“I am not mellow!”

Mai continues to serve the penis by moving her giggling breasts, while jitterily saying so back to Rika.

She also moves her body back and forth, slurping and moving just to make the man feel good.

She was always the one who received the service, but now she actively bends down to the man and uses her voluptuous body to entertain him.

Rika rolls her eyes at the change in her lover.

“Hey! Hey, hey! I’m doing it, so don’t mess with me!”

A thick arm reaches out and grabs her breast, squeezing it.

Mai drooled and was immersed in the pleasure of having her nipples kneaded.

Even so, she does not stop moving her breasts and serving them.


Now, Rika is dissatisfied with such a situation.

She is completely out of the mosquito net. She had originally intended to have lovey-dovey sex with Eiji herself, but her lover is cuckolding her.

This must be done back at any cost.

Rika, her mind a little overwhelmed by the lewdness of the space, thinks so, and stares at Mai.

She is waving her big ass and happily clamping his cock between her breasts.

Absolutely… Her breasts and buttocks are beyond ugly.

I’m not sure how she seduced Eiji with those useless tits and buttocks. I’m not going to forgive them.

Thinking this, Rika came up behind Mai, who was serving her enthusiastically…

“Wahhh!? Rika-chan!?”

With a gulp, she grabbed that big buttock.

Mai turns around with a startled look. This caused her to neglect her service by giving her a titjob.

If it were true, I would have punished her, but Eiji didn’t complain because it seemed interesting.

It was not a bad idea to stretch out my own arms and move them around while squeezing her ample breasts.

“… You’re getting so horny here, Mai.”


I peeked at her secret parts while opening her buttocks so that my fingers were buried in them.

It was very lascivious there, which was open with a crack, and dripping with love juice.

I had seen this place many times during our sweet days as a yuri couple.

It was wonderful, whether it was the slightly darker pubic hair or the tightly closed secret cleft.

But now, as if it had been used so many times and so often, it had been transformed into an organ for devouring a male that had grown in size, had a faint pigmentation, and… was quite disgusting.

Rika couldn’t help but gulp.

And with that impulse, she moved her face to Mai’s secret part and…


She licked up there with tongue.

She opened the secret cleft with her finger and licked the beautiful peach-colored interior with her slender tongue.

The love juice overflowing from there was also sucked up with a sizzling sound.

“Heh, ah, ah!”

Mai is licked on the pubic area by her lover, and she shivers and shudders with pleasure as she covers herself with the man’s body.

Her body is quickly aroused by the fact that she was serving the man’s cock.

Eiji’s fingers kneading her nipples may be one of the factors.

Another significant factor is the fact that Rika is very good at caressing the female genitalia.

Originally, she and Mai had been playing with each other’s female bodies, lifting each other to climax.

She was even more adept at handling the female body rather than the phallic one.

Well, that is gradually changing with Eiji.

Therefore, Mai could not hold back and…


She climaxed with a jerk.

Her hips bucked and swayed, and her buttocks shook softly.

The overflowing love juice stained Rika’s face.

Mai was still basking in the afterglow of her climax…

“Hm buuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!?”

A huge phallic cock was pushed into her mouth.

And soon, semen overflowed from her mouth.

While Mai was engrossed in Rika’s cunnilingus, Eiji continued to enjoy the pleasure of her voluptuous breasts.

If he pulled her breasts together with his hands, which were at least two times larger than Rika, and increased the pressure on them, semen would overflow.

It would have been natural for her to spit it out if she were suddenly ejaculated on, but Mai, who had been taught well, slurped it all up and swallowed it down.


If you open your mouth and exhale, the smell of semen will overflow.

Eiji almost pinched his nose involuntarily, but from Mai and Rika’s point of view, it was like a drug that aroused them.

“Oh, oh! Don’t play with me anymore! I just came!”

Rika relentlessly licks up her secret cleft with a perky lick.

Her face and Mai’s buttocks were stained with her love juices.

Even after she climaxed, she was caressed, and her love juices overflowed.

Mai, who had been chased, was jolted and her body trembled on top of Eiji’s.

“…Eiji, next is me.”

“Oh yeah”

Eiji threw Mai, who was covering him, onto the bed and approached Rika, making a grinding noise.

He looked like a dangerous man who wanted to harm the fragile girl.

However, Rika, who is being forced to do so, looks very happy and broken, which shows that the two are not in a cutthroat relationship.

Eiji looks down at Rika lying on her back.

Her hair is a dusky blonde, dyed appropriately. It is darker around the top of her head, perhaps because she does not have to dye it these days to avoid men.

Her eyes are a beautiful blue color, and with a hint of tears in them, they are as beautiful as a clear lake.

Her breasts, which were slightly larger than average, had a good shape and remained in shape even though she was lying on her back.

Her stomach was tucked in because of her training as a swimmer.

Her secret parts were covered with thin pubic hair and leaked love juice, and her long, slender legs were model-like.

Her long, slender legs looked like a model’s. Normally, I would have been able to see her firm buttocks, but they were now pressed up against the bed.

I can see why she is one of the two idols of Tendo Gakuen, and why the female students are so excited to see her.

However, from Eiji’s point of view, it is a wonder that she is not more popular with the guys.

“… Come here♡”

However, when he sees her, such a high peak, with her arms outstretched and a sincere smile on her face as she greets him, generously exposing her breasts and pubic area, he feels that it is okay if she remains unpopular with the men for a while.

Feeling such a sense of exclusivity, Eiji covered her up.

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