F.G. Ch.16

Ch 16 Check is Sex

“What is a check?”

As a boyfriend, I never thought I would get a check from Sana’s mother. I had never heard of a boyfriend check. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew what it was when Sana’s mother was in her underwear in front of me.

“The check is for sex.”



“No, you don’t have to say it twice, I can hear you…”

It feels like those three sisters have this mother. The mother is a sexual monster that goes above and beyond the three sisters. The idea of ​​her having sex to check her daughter’s boyfriend is also crazy.

“To tell you the truth… I haven’t had sex in years since I had Saya…”

“Is that so?”

“So I thought I’d like to have sex for the first time in a while…”

“What’s your name?”

“It’s Sayuri.”

I looked at Sayuri-san and smiled. Not only do I get her sisters, but I also get her mother, so it’s as if I have everything in the Otonashi family.

I extend my hand to Sayuri-san.

“Sayuri-san. I’ll make you a woman.”

Sayuri-san’s expression became dazed at my words. At that moment, I pulled Sayuri-san close and let her twist my tongue into her mouth. Then I licked around in her mouth as if searching for Sayuri-san’s tongue.

“Chururur… churru… jurururur… Ah, here’s the tounge.”

When I found Sayuri-san’s tongue, I freely and violently handled my tongue and played with Sayuri-san’s tongue.

“Ah!!!! Amazing… I can’t do this! Oh, no… I’ve never been kissed so hard! I’ve never been kissed like this before!”

When I touched Sayuri-san’s pants, they were already damp. She is an erotic woman to be flooded just by kissing.

“Would you like me to rub your vagina with my dick?”


“Mmm-hmm. I’ll make you feel so good.”

I put my finger in her vagina and played with it as if I were stirring it. I can hear the sound of water splashing in her vagina. Although she is much older than the three sisters, there is not much difference in the quality of their bodies.

“You may be old, but your body is young.”

“Phew… ah… about age… Please don’t tell me… nnnn… your finger movement… it’s really good.”

“I’ll put it in.”

I insert my penis into Sayuri-san’s vagina. The slimy and loose pussy was just right and not too tight.

“It’s good. I can penetrate with ease.”

I was thrusting into Sayuri-san’s vagina with hard pistons. Sayuri-san was covering her mouth with her hand and trying desperately not to let out her voice.


Sayuri-san holding back was cute, but I wanted her to moan pleasantly here. I made Sayuri-san remove her hand from her mouth.

“Please moan louder.”

“No! It’s not good… Sana will find out!”

It’s not good when you’re having sex with your daughter’s boyfriend. It’s embarrassing to look so messed up with such a messy pussy in front of your daughter’s boyfriend.”

“Keita-kun’s mean!”

When Sayuri-san, the older partner, goes out in an intimidating manner, her pussy tightens up.

“No. It’s good. It’s nice and tight.”

“Haaagh! Ahh!… Wow!… Keita-kun!… This is… It’s too much! I’m so excited!”

“Who do you prefer, me or your husband?”

“Huh…. my husband!!”

“Is this still good?”

I shake my hips harder and squeeze Sayuri-san’s sagging breasts with both hands. I have to make a deep impression on Sayuri-san’s body, that it is not her husband who makes her feel good, but me.

“Ah! Ah!!!! This is… Keita-kun!”

Please say it again, properly.

“You’re better than my husband!… Keita-kun is better! The best sex record is Keita-kun!”

“That’s right, isn’t it? Sayuri-san. I’m going to cum, so please accept it. Please take my seed.”

I stopped shaking my hips and poured the semen I had been accumulating into Sayuri-san’s vagina, which she had not used in years, into her womb. Sayuri-san’s uterus seemed to be delighted by the semen, which she hadn’t used in a long time.

“Nah, it’s flowing!!!!… Keita-kun’s… It’s flowing! This is a pass! You can’t fail! I can’t do it!”

Sayuri-san came with a hoarse voice. It seems I’ve passed the boyfriend check with flying colors.

“How was the first sex you’ve had in a long time?”

“Don’t ask me that.”

I stroked Sayuri-san’s head as she lay on my thigh, and she reacted like a kitten.

“Sayuri. I’m coming out. I’m having sex not only with Sana, but also with Saya and Sarina.”

Sayuri-san looked at me with a surprised face, but soon her expression turned into a grin.

“Use my daughters freely. Keita-kun has the right to do that much.”

Sayuri-san said while lightly poking the penis that had run out of semen with her finger. Sayuri-san was more flexible than I thought.

With this, I could have the sisters and their mother. All of them became my toys.

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The Legendary Romancing a Family! Now, Keita needs to think a way to completely take the mother.