Y. NTR Ch.59

Ch 59

He rubs his slippery cock against Rika’s secret cleft.

Since she is secreting plenty of love juice, it quickly blends with his penis.

It’s already gooey with her and Mai’s saliva, though, so there’s plenty of liquid for lubrication.

That said, this was more of a rushed, adorable playfulness of a lovey-dovey couple.

They stared into each other’s eyes as they rubbed their lower halves against each other.

Staring into each other’s eyes as if they were looking at something lovely.


Ding! and the cock was thrust deep at once.

The cock was thrust deep into her vagina, scraping her vaginal walls and pushing her cervix up strongly.

Rika opened her mouth wide as if to let out all the breath in her body.

She climaxed with just one thrust.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah♡”

A lewd sound of viscous liquid being stirred up rises up.

The overflowing love juice stains Rika’s own lower body and Eiji’s penis, wetting each other’s pubic hair.

She moans prettily as she is covered by the big, strong man.

“Rika, you’re so cute…”

Then Mai’s face appears in front of Rika’s eyes.

She licked Rika’s cheek as if she were a cat marking her.

A beautiful girl yuri couple is having a lovemaking session right in front of your eyes.

I could thrust my cock into these girls and make them moan.

It is truly a man’s ultimate pleasure.

“Nnnn, hmmm, ooh♡”

“Aaahn! Rika-chan, don’t suck on it.”

As Eiji poked and prodded her and shook her body, Rika looked at the large fruit swaying in front of her.

Since she was on all fours, the huge fruit looked even heavier than it already was.

Watching it sway, Rika sucked on the tip of it.

She sucked on it like a child while enjoying the pleasure of being poked inside her vagina.

Mai’s face was more debauched by the cuteness of it than by the pleasure.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming…♡”

Rika removes her mouth from Mai’s breast.

A bridge of sticky saliva is built.



Her body trembled and she climaxed, stretching out her tongue.

At the same time, semen poured unreservedly into her vagina.

Her legs opened wide like a frog, and a thick stake buried deep in the center of it.

The semen that could not be contained in her vagina was gurgling back.

“Wow… I never knew Rika could make a face like this.”

Mai, looking down at her lover’s face up close, can’t help but let those words slip out.

Rika’s usual poker face crumbles into a lie, and she shows a look of sludgy debauchery.

Before meeting Eiji, before she was taken prisoner by him, they had had numerous fellowship meetings, but could I have made her look like this?

Thinking about it, I feel a twinge of pain in the depths of my ample bosom.



The phallic cock that had been pulled out of Rika’s vagina was immediately inserted into Mai’s vagina, and the pleasure of the sensation blew away all the pain.

The pain was suddenly gone as the pleasure of the sensation was so great that it was almost too much to bear.

The semen that had been pumped into me after being handled by my lover was being released into me.

It was incredibly perverse and fascinating.

“Don’t think about anything else. You’re fine just the way you are. You’re my pet girl.”

“Don’t be silly…! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh♡”

Phan, phan, phan, phan!

Mai tries to complain with her eyes lifting up at Eiji’s words, but her eyes soon become prodigal and she begins to moan.

Her G-cup breasts bounced around in an amusing manner.

“… Mai, you look better than when you were with me.”

“Oh, that’s not right!? Ah, ah, ah! Stop now… ah♡”

Mai hurriedly tries to explain herself to Rika, who stares at her with jittery eyes, but her mind is swept away by the pleasure when she is scraped by the vaginal walls with a gurgle.

“… Hurry up and come, take over. Eiji is mine.”

“Rika-chan… nnnnnnnn!?”

Rika raised her head and sucked on Mai’s lips.

Her glossy, pursed lips pressed together.

Mai’s eyes widened in surprise, but she quickly closed them and accepted the kiss.

They held each other’s hands in a cooing, teasing manner.

Then Eiji was stirring again…

“Mmmm, mmm, chuuuuch, bhee…♡”

They intertwine their fingers in a lover’s tie and extend their tongues to touch each other.

As they exchange saliva with each other, their arousal is heightened.

From behind the yuri couple, Eiji fucks Mai with a violent gusto.

Intense copulation that makes the buttocks bend and even causes pain.

Mai, however, turns the pain into pleasure and becomes even more subservient to Eiji.


Rika, who was kissing Mai to make her come quickly, moans like an animal.

It was because a penis was inserted into her vagina.

It had been handled and grown huge inside Mai, and was thrust deep into her at once.

The shock was very great.

Eiji began to fuck both Rika and Mai at the same time.

That would be so. They are such a beautiful girl yuri couple. How could he not eat them at the same time?

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh♡”

Phan, phan, phan, phan!

If the penis is thrust into Mai, it becomes violent sex like rape.

Mai was shaking all over her body, but still she continued to moan and scream as she devoured the pleasure.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah♡”

Guchu Guchu Guchu Guchu!

Once the penis is thrust into Rika, the sex becomes sweet and loverly.

As if kneading the inside of the vagina, a continuous wave rushes in that always climaxes even though they are only moving a little bit.

Eiji, who is fucking two such beautiful girls, is also getting more and more pent up…

“I’m cumming, cumming, cumming…♡”

“I love you, I love you, I love you…♡”

Bururururururururururu! and he spat out a large amount of semen.

As they repeated the same words over and over again like gibberish, the white sperm poured down on them.

Their beautiful, well-proportioned bodies were being defiled.

They had reached such a deep climax that they couldn’t care less.

Their bodies trembled and they sucked each other’s lips as if for comfort.

“Haa… that’s the best.”

The phallic cock is thrust into either vaginal hole to clean it out of the semen.

The girls’ love juices stick to it, but it is much better than semen.

While using their bodies as rags, Eiji looked down at them lying on the bed with a satisfied smile on his face.

They were a beautiful yuri couple who got along so well that no normal man would have been able to get in their way.

I was able to enter and even take them in handcuffs.

The sense of conquest, or rather, the satisfaction in my heart was great.

“From now on, I’m going to use you even more.”

The sleeping faces of the two, with Eiji’s words on them, were very satisfying.

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