F.G. Ch.18

Ch 18 The Yonezura family a few years later

A few years after Sayuri and her husband’s divorce was finalized, I got a job right after graduating from high school. To support my family, I chose to get a job rather than go to college.

After work, I went straight home without going out for drinks or hanging out with the guys at work.

“I’m home.”

When I returned to my house, which had been the Otonashi family and was now the Yonezura family, I was greeted by my four wives.

“Keita-kun, thank you for your hard work.”

Sana, who is my wife on the family register, was the first to greet me. Sana has a daughter and is carrying her second child in her belly.


Risa, Sana and my first daughter, is adorable today. She is overjoyed when I hold her in my arms and make her high in the air.

“Welcome home, Keita!”

After Sana, it was Saya who welcomed me. Saya and I are expecting our first child together. The sex seems to be male.

“Welcome back, Keita-kun.”

The third person to greet me was Sarina. Sarina and I are expecting twins. Sarina used to work hard and has a lot of money.

When I enter the living room with one wife and two wives who are not on the family register, the last wife greets me.

“Welcome home.”

It’s Sayuri. Sayuri is also carrying my child. At first, she was worried about her age, but now she is ready to raise it. She has mixed feelings about having both a newborn child and a grandchild, but as the eldest, she is determined to love them both.

“My beloved wives. I’m home.”

I said to all my wives. All four of them are my best wives. I don’t want to give them to anyone.

“Hey, Keita. It’s a good day, right?”

Sana, Saya, Sarina, and Sayuri looked at me greedily.

“Do you want to do it with five people for the first time in a while?”

I, who stole and obtained everything, will spend a happy time. It looked like it would be the best life ever.


The END.

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10 months ago

A Harem King who NTR’d his way to get a happy life. I both hate and respect him.

9 months ago

This is hella disgusting bruh i dont know why i read it

9 months ago


gilang re
8 months ago

this is very great, i feel happy reading this