R.C. Ch.18

Ch 18

“Do you want to take the rest of the day off from school?”

“You say that almost every day. You missed yesterday, didn’t you? I am going for three days, so I have to go today.”


She drives me to the school gate in the morning.

“Okay, I’m off.”

“Take care.”

She looks unhappy, but in the end, she lets me go.

I’ll spoil you a lot when I get back.

Starting today, I will go to school at a normal time.

When I got out of the car, all the female students looked at me.

I waved at them and they froze, so I said, “Good morning,” to which they replied awkwardly

“Isn’t that Soshigaya-kun?”

“Oh, that’s true. Seriously, he looks good up close!”

Apparently, my name is pretty well known. And then the stiffness gradually subsided and…

“Kya! A boy, that Soshigaya-kun, waved at me!”

“Ehehe, Ehe, Nyufufu”

“He waved at me, right? He said hello to me, didn’t he? Where shall we have our wedding?”

“What? He waved at me, don’t get the wrong idea, ugly bitch.”

“Huh? Don’t get carried away.”

“Shut up, of course he did it for me.”


And then, from cheers, it turned into an inferno of angry shouts.

“I hope everyone doesn’t quarrel? I’ll say hello to everyone one by one.”

“What? Really?”




“Oh, God… No. I love you.”

Some were shaking, some were falling to their knees, some were writhing, and some were reluctant.

“Well, who’s the first one?”

“Yes, yes! I, I’ll go!”

A cute girl with a bob cut, who had perhaps just returned from a state of absentmindedness, came forward.

“So you’re first?”

“Me, too!”

“Me, too.”

“What’s the order? Get in line.”


And the people who had been fighting earlier started to line up and formed a line step by step.

“Okay, first of all, good morning.”

“Oh, good morning… Um, I’m… my name is Karin Aomine.”

“Oh, then, Aomine-san. Good morning. My name is Aoi Soshigaya.”

“I know who you are. I’m looking forward to working with you.”

“Yes, nice to meet you.”

She blushed and ran away, probably because she was embarrassed.

“Okay, next one!”

I should be processing, but I don’t feel like it’s decreasing at all.

“… What are you doing, Kinoshita-sensei?”

“Because! I want you to say good morning to me, too.”

“You don’t have to wait in line for this.”

This is a special case, though.

“I mean, what’s so special about me?”

“Well… I’ve done things like that.”

“Oh…! Ecchi But you’re looking good today, Soshigaya-kun! Then, I’ll have you say good morning every day starting tomorrow.”

“Yes, yes, I understand. Good luck with your work.”

“Yes! I feel so much better.”

Skipping along, she walked toward the staff entrance.

“Good morning, Soshigaya-kun.”

Next came Yuri with her beautiful long blond hair.

“Yuri, good morning. You didn’t have to wait in line either.”

“Because I can’t interrupt you, but I wanted to say good morning to Soshigaya-kun, so I had to get in line.”



“Well, I’ll see you later. Yuri.”


She left happily, perhaps because her name was called.

The good morning line continued to grow until just before we were late.

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