Y. NTR Ch.60

Ch 60

Walking down the hallway with a thumping sound was Rika, her black and gold hair mingling together.

Her slender legs make her look like a top model.

Seeing her, the surrounding students… especially the female students, shouted with yellowish cheers.

“Wow, there’s Onizuka-san.”

“She looks so beautiful and good-looking today.”

“And she doesn’t seem cold anymore, so it’s easy to talk to her!

“She’s so kind back to me. If I had known she was like that, I would have talked to her sooner!”

While they were having such a conversation, footsteps that were far noisier than the sound of Rika’s walking came ringing out.

And then a voice that sounded like an echo from far away.

As it got closer and closer, the figure approaching Rika also got closer and…


Boom! A tremendous shock hit Rika in the abdomen.

It was Mai, her long, beautiful black hair tied in a knot at her side, who took the plunge with all her weight.

She rubbed her head against her abdomen and looked pleased with herself.

Rika’s face turned blue and she seemed to be in pain.

“… Mai.”

“Ehehehe. Kun-kun. After all, it smells good. Did you get a new perfume?”

She is saying this in a perverted sort of way, but it is forgivable because she is a beautiful girl.

Appearance was very important.

Rika’s cheeks flushed with pout when she was asked about her perfume.

“…m. Eiji, he seems to like it very much.”

“Kuahhhh! Rika-chan is so kind to think about a gorilla like that!”

Mai writhing in agony with her head bobbing and swinging.

Her side tails swung wildly like a horse’s tail, and it hurt when they hit hard.

But that was just like Mai. Rika’s face was covered with a gentle smile at the thought…

“—— Just so you know, it’s my turn today. Please don’t interrupt me.”

Mai whispers these chillingly cold words in her ear, and Rika responds by removing all emotion from her expression, making her look as if she were a Noh mask.

She looked into Mai’s eyes. She, too, was staring back at me with cold, emotionless eyes.

“It was Mai who interrupted me before…”

“It was Rika who interrupted me before that! You can’t just pretend you don’t know.”



Rika and Mai glare at each other at close range with narrowed eyes.

Even Mai, who is usually so energetic that her expression changes from one moment to the next, stares at each other with a blank expression, which is more frightening than a normal shouting match.

The cold air is felt by the students around them.

“… Something is very awkward, isn’t it? I thought those two were closer than that…”

“I wonder what’s wrong with them…”

I was concerned. But I could never intervene or ask them what was going on.

I was afraid that if I did, I would be erased on a soul level.

Even the teachers could not carelessly touch them.

However, there was only one person who could justly stick his head in the middle of such a situation.


It was Eiji, a large man… who slightly raised his hand in greeting and approached them.

“… Good morning, Eiji.”

“Hey, gorilla!”

The girls were back to normal in an instant, wondering what the absolute zero exchange of glances had been earlier.

The girls returned greetings in their own way and faced Eiji.

“You’re in good spirits this morning.”

“Mmm-hmm. You must be happy to see my face in the morning! You can thank me!”

“… You really are in good spirits.”

Mai asserts herself by bouncing and jumping in front of him.

Because of this, her heavy bosom is also shaking as she pounces, so Eiji’s eyes are directed in that direction.

Of course, Mai knows this.

She smirks and looks at Rika.

But of course, Rika would not silently accept the provocation.

“… Eiji, Eiji.”


She tugged at Eiji’s sleeve cutely.

She looked at me with an upturned eye, and despite her expressionless face, she was very lovely, partly because of her gesture.

“I was asked to carry… luggage. Can you help?”

“Yeah, sure.”

Of course I would accept such a request.

I was… but Mai immediately rejected the idea.

“Wait a minute! You’re not just going to let him help you, are you? You’re gonna do something, aren’t you?”

“… I’m not going to do that.”

“There’s a pause.”

There are none. I am not thinking of doing gutsy sex in a classroom where people seldom come by.

Even if Rika’s eyes were swimming.

“It’s probably my turn today…!”

“…Maybe at night, but not in the daytime.”

The atmosphere was as bleak as when Eiji was not there.

He watched this from some distance.

In fact, that would have been the case not long ago.

If he had not clashed with Rika then, on the day the new school year began, he probably would not still be conversing with these two.

Because of the relationship that was created, I am now able to be the worst man to take both of these girls in handcuffs.

It is a strange thing. Thinking of this, I naturally narrow my eyes and look at them warmly.

“Hey! Why are you acting like you had nothing to do with this? You’re the main culprit!”


Mai is angry at me, and I know that she is not really angry.

I know that her anger is not from her true feelings, but from her teasing desire to be cared for, which makes me feel even warmer.

“Are you okay…? Do you want a lap pillow?”

“Earning points here too… it’s dirty!”

Rika looks at us with concern. She also makes a very charming suggestion.

Mai snarls and glares at her like a wary puppy.

Eiji rolls his eyes a little at this.

Until a few days ago, it would have been impossible for Mai to glare at Rika.

“You guys have changed…”

“Whose fault is it you think it is?”

“… whose fault is it?”

I muttered a few words to them, and they glared at me.

As I expected, their timing is well matched, probably due to the fact that they are a yuri couple.

Eiji is smiling and the two of them quickly move their faces closer to him.

Each of them smiles with a fascinating and alluringly sexy smile.

“So… take responsibility or I won’t forgive you, Master.”

“… Give me my baby soon!”

“The content of your statement is very heavy!”

The two of them become noisy again.

Looking down at them, Eiji smiled thinly.

“… Yes, that’s right. I guess I need to take proper responsibility.”

It is an afterthought that his face turns blue when he discovers that they are both pregnant near graduation.


The END.

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Normal dude
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