R.C. Ch.23

Ch 23

 “Okay, I’m off.”

“… Have a good day.”

A day has passed since yesterday’s meeting.

It will probably be a little while before I can officially announce the results of the meeting.

As usual, my mother seems to be resistant to my going to school, but I hope she will forgive me because I will spoil her to the fullest when I get back home.

“Ah, good morning. Soshigaya-kun.”

“Good morning. Yuri.”

I get out of the car and immediately find Yuri.

It seems like that has been happening a lot lately, though.

“Good morning, Yuri, Soshigaya-kun.”

“Ah, good morning. Airi-san.”

“Good morning, Airi.”

After that, Airi-san joins us and we reach the entrance.

I opened the shoe box and…

“…Soshigaya-kun is a popular person.”


The letters started overflowing, as if they had been stuffed to the limit.

I picked up one and read it.

[Soshigaya-kun, from the moment I first saw you, my heart has been captivated by you, and I feel like I am going to burn from the irresistible heat that has built up in my heart. I love you with all my heart. From the tips of my hair to the soles of my toenails. Please, will you treat me as a woman, even as a mistress?]

What a passionate poem or letter.

“Hmm, that’s good. Soshigaya-kun.”

“Ah well”

To be honest, it is tiring to write replies to all the letters I receive every day.

But I can’t neglect them because I know they worked hard to write them.

“Oh, you see. What would you do if you received a letter from me?”

Saying that, Yuri blushed and fidgeted.


“But I’m sorry. I’m not interested in having a girlfriend right now.”

If the streamer had a girlfriend, it would fall apart in an instant.

But this is a world where many things are reversed. There is a lot of support from women, and many of them are in love with me. If they find out that I have a girlfriend, there is a possibility that the damage will extend to that person as well.

But in the future, I will also…

“I do want to get married in the future, though.”

“…. What? Does that mean I have a chance?”

“… Now then, We have to go to the classroom.”

“I’m interested in what you have to say. Does that mean I have a chance?”

“Let’s go.”

“Mmm, Soshigaya-kun.”

“Soshigaya-kun is mean”

In this world, bigamy is allowed, and honestly, I would love to be in a relationship with Airi and Yuri right now, but I have streaming. I have a dream of becoming bigger.

Until then, I want you to wait.

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Bored Armadillo
Bored Armadillo
10 months ago

…Shouldn’t he have been kidnapped and raped already?

If we’re judging from his openness to women and the thirst of the girls, there should be an unmarked white van (possibly with ‘FREE CANDY’ written on the side) parked nearby.

4 months ago

What a wuss man. hell, if he said he had one most would probably think they had a chance too.