Y.S. Ch.29

Ch 29 Spiteful and Confused

It was the day of Ageha’s birthday.

When I headed to the park where we were to meet in the morning, I found her sitting on the stone fence installed at the entrance to prevent bicycles from entering the park.

She was staring up at the sky in a daze and plopping her feet up and down.

… Cute.

The twin-tail hair, which has not changed even after high school, combined with the gesture, contributes to the childishness of Ageha.

It’s hard to believe that she turned 16 today, but I think that’s what makes Ageha so attractive.

“Good morning, Ageha.”

“Good morning, Haru-kun.”

As I raised my voice, I saw Ageha looking at me.

As I approached her, exchanging greetings as usual, she puffed her chest out proudly.

“… What?”

“! It’s nothing special.”

Turning her face away as if in a panic, she climbed down the stone fence in a single, light movement and began to walk forward, saying only one word, “Let’s Go.”

Even from behind, you can see that her cheeks are puffed out.

… It’s still so easy to understand. I was following along behind her with a wry smile on my face when suddenly, she slowed down and came up next to me.

“Haru-kun, what day is it today?”

“I think it’s the 25th.”

“Oh, yeah, the 25th! I thought April 25 was some kind of anniversary!”

That’s almost like saying it yourself. ..

Well, every year, this is how Ageha shows that it is her birthday.

Usually Karen would immediately wish me a happy birthday, but this year she wasn’t there.

So I decided to be a little mean.

“Anniversary… Come to think of it, in 1953. I remember when the paper on the double helix structure of DNA was published, that’s why today is DNA Day.”

“Oh, really? I didn’t know that.”

Predicting what Ageha would do today, I showed her the knowledge that I had researched yesterday.

Then, she looked up at me with an impressed expression.

“There was also the United Nations Day and, in Japan, Curry Ramen Day.”

“Wow, Haru-kun, you know so much!”

I feel strangely embarrassed when I see Ageha looking up at me with a twinkle in her eye.

Thank goodness I looked it up yesterday.

Turning her face back to the front, she nodded her head and said, “I see, I see, DNA day, huh?”

But after passing about four utility poles, she paused as if in a huff.

“No, no, no, Haru-kun! There is something more important today.”

“Hmm, did I miss something?”



I managed to keep the teasing going until we got to school and parted ways with her at the entrance to the school.

I guess she thought I didn’t remember her birthday, because she was extremely bloated.

I am aware that I have done a mean thing, but if it is a good opportunity, I would like to give the gift when I can relax more, not during the hectic time when I am on my way to school.

…That’s just the appearance, and in reality, it’s just because the pouting Ageha was interesting.

However, since it’s not a good idea to continue to be messing with her, I’ll probably break down during my lunch break.

That’s fine with me.

I put on my school shoes and head to class, making sure I have my birthday present for her in my bag just in case.

Maybe because it was a little early, the classroom was quieter than usual.

In the middle of it all, Karen, who had left the house earlier than us, was sitting in her seat reading a book.

Speaking of which, I have to complain a little.

“Karen, good morning.”

“Oh, Haru-kun. Good morning.”

When I called out to her, Karen put a bookmark in her book and looked up.

“I heard you and Saijo-kun went shopping for a present for Ageha yesterday?”

“Oh, you heard about it?”

“Yesterday night at Nyain. He said he wanted me to give it to Ageha.”

“I see. Did Karen already give it to Ageha?”

“Not yet. I didn’t see her this morning. I think I’m going to give it to her when I get back.”

Recently, the soccer club has started morning practice, and as a result, Karen leaves the house about an hour earlier than we do.

I wonder if it’s hard for her to wake up early, but I guess that’s just love at work.

As a matter of fact, Karen seems to be spending her spare time meaningfully reading books in the classroom like this.

“I heard yesterday when I was shopping with Saijo-senpai that you’ve been talking to him about me. I don’t think you should talk too much about other guys to someone you’re dating.”

“… What?”

When I said this, Karen tilted her head in confusion.

She raised her eyebrows in a troubled manner and appeared to be pondering something.

“I wonder if I talked about Haru-kun that much. Hmmm, but I understand. I’ll be careful.”


For a moment I wondered if she was fooling around because the punishment was bad, but there was no sign of that from Karen’s demeanor.

She seemed genuinely puzzled.

Since Saijo-senpai said that, Karen seems to have been talking about me frequently…

Nonetheless, I couldn’t say anything more to Karen, and I quietly sat down at my seat.

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