R.C. Ch.26

Ch 26

“Cultural Festival?”

“Yeah, it’s almost the season for the school festival, so I wonder what we’re going to do.”

“Cultural festival huh?”

In my previous life, I did things like maid cafes, yakisoba and octopus balls, and haunted houses, but I wonder what it would be like in this world.

While I was chatting with Yuri and the others, Kinoshita-sensei entered the classroom.

“Good morning, everybody.”

“Good morning.”

“Okay, I’ll take attendance.”

After taking attendance for all of them, she says this.

“I’m in charge of the first period, and this class is moving fast, so let’s talk about the school festival.”

“Yay! Yul-chan is the best!”

:It’s Kinoshita-sensei, isn’t it? Oh, no. Well, who’s got an opinion?”

“How about a haunted house?”

“Eh, it’s too boring.”


Everyone offered various opinions, but none of them seemed to be commonplace, or they couldn’t decide.

Then, one girl raises her hand.

“I think we should open a stall with ours, or rather the only one in the school, Soshigaya-kun, as the main attraction.”

“I’m sure that would definitely get people to come and create a buzz, but…”

Saying that, all eyes turned towards me.

“I’m fine with it. As long as I can make happy memories with everyone.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”


I was glad that everyone in the class was happy.

“Then, we decided to open a store centered on Soshigaya-kun, but what exactly are you going to do?”

From there, it was more difficult.

Everyone had so many things they wanted me to do and it was hard to decide.

“If the prince is to be played by Soshigaya-kun, who will play the princess?”

“That would be me, the planner, wouldn’t it?”

“What? Are you kidding me?”

“No I am not.”

Well, it’s brutal like this, and I can’t decide what to decide.

“Oh, um… How about a coffee shop?”

“A coffee shop?”

“Have Soshigaya-kun act as a waiter. I… I was thinking that we could have him dress up in a variety of costumes, like a tailcoat, etc. Of course, we would go around the floor.”

Everyone fell silent for a moment and…

“That’s it!”

“So, Soshigaya-kun in a tailcoat is so moe!”

“No, I’d like to have him wear cat ears or something, or even a maid… And so on.”

“Good… It’s very intriguing.”

“The time has come to test the strength of the clothing department…”

“Oh, but first…”

Saying that, everyone turned their heads in unison.

“Of course. Let’s make it the best cultural festival ever.”

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