R.C. Ch.28

Ch 28

“Hello everyone. I’m glad you came on a weekday at noon.”

“I’ll go as much as I can for you, Ao-kun.”

“I’ll come even if I have to skip class.”

“It’s so nice to see you at this time of the day.”

“I’m just getting my nutritional needs met.”

“It would be nice if I could be of help to everyone.”

I’m only able to go to school three times a week, so I decided to start streaming during the daytime, and although there are fewer viewers than at night, I’m clearly surprised at the number of people who find it hilarious.

“Come to think of it, today, when I was searching my ego, I was really happy to find an artist who used me as a model and drew me in an anime style. I won’t tell their my name because it might get them in trouble.”

“Oh, I saw that, too.”

“That was awesome.”

“It was so cool and cute.”

“It was too good”

Apparently, everyone else saw it, too.

“So! I haven’t decided on #00 yet, so I’m going to decide now.”

“Really helpful.”

“How nice.”

It would really make it easier to do ego searches just to have it there, so that would be helpful.

Everyone agreed with me, so I’ll get more ideas as they come in.

“Hmmm, I think Ao-art or Ao-sei would be a safe bet.”

“I guess so.”

“That would be good, wouldn’t it?”

There were many ideas, but in the end this was the safest.

I ended up choosing 18 year old Ao-kun for my 18 prohibited picture #s and so on.

“Well, I think I’ll just read a few questions at the end and be done with it… let’s see, ‘I want to lick your armpit sweat.’ Ummm, armpit sweat, that’s a great fetish.”

“Why did you read that question?”

“Ao-kun is so cute that he responds to the question.”

“On the contrary, I want you to lick me.”

“Well, that’s all for today. I’ll see you tomorrow. Good luck with your work.”

“Ugh, see you later, Ao-kun.”

“Good luck.”

“That was great.”

I close the stream, Treet and then lay down.

And then the hashtags start getting used right away.

“Oh, this person is also treeting me.”

This is the person who drew my picture.

Are they a listener?

Ummm, can I follow them? No, I guess not. There was a time when a popular singer in a previous life followed an actress who followed him and got flamed for following her.

That’s how it is when you follow in this world.

So I still follow zero people.

Should I follow them or not? Hmmm.




I am very happy right now.

“The painter Ao-kun was talking about is me. Fufu, mufufu.”

There must be no other painter besides me who drew Ao-kun in an anime style.

And since it had a lot of likes, it had to be me.

“He said he was happy, Ehehehehe.”

I end up with an unbelievable face.

I’m sure Ao-kun won’t be put off by such a face, right?


Laughing voices kept echoing in the pitch-dark room.

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9 months ago

Me pregunto quién será esa actriz en la vida real?. Fetiche de axilas… Me pregunto porque se volvió popular