Y.S. Ch.34

Ch 34

“Thank you for your hard work, Saijo-kun.”

The grounds of Yodogishi High School were crowded with people even though it was the middle of Golden Week.

Today, the Yodogishi High School soccer team was playing a practice game against another school.

Just after the match ended and the two schools exchanged greetings, Karen smiled and handed out her towel to Toru Saijo, the ace of the soccer club who rushed to the spectators’ seats.

“Thank you, Aizawa-san.”

Toru smiles freshly as he receives it.

The girls gathered around him shouted yellow and at the same time looked at Karen with jealousy.

Since she started going out with Toru Saijo, Karen has been receiving these kinds of glances more and more often.

She pretends not to notice because there is no end to it, but to tell the truth, hostility from someone of the same sex can be quite unbearable.

“What’s wrong?”

Then Tohru, who was wiping the sweat from his face, tilted his head, perhaps because her expression had turned dark.

Karen hurriedly stretched out a smile and waved her hands in front of her face, “Nah, it’s nothing.”

Although he wondered about it, Toru did not pursue the matter further.

“So how was it? How was my play?”

“You were really cool.”

Karen immediately answered Toru’s question.

I don’t know much about soccer, but I know that Toru is one of the best players in the group today.

The fact that he scored three goals in today’s game also confirms this.

“I see,” Toru nodded in satisfaction at Karen’s words and sipped on the sports drink he had brought with him.

With a gulp, he downed about half of it in one gulp.

“After this, we have a meeting for about fifteen minutes, but when it’s over, the day will be over. Why don’t we go out for a while?

“To play…”

Karen ruminates over Toru’s suggestion with a buoyant look on her face.

“I guess it’s a little late for that?”

“No, no… umm, I just remembered that Haru and Ageha are going to the amusement park today.”

“…Heh, those two.”

Toru smiled slightly and took another drink of his sports drink.

Then he looked up at the sky as if contemplating something and said in a slightly teasing tone of voice,

“Then we’ll go to the amusement park too.”

“What? Now?”

“I’m just kidding.”

If they went to the amusement park now, closing time would be imminent by the time they got there.

And since he himself had refused to go on an excursion right before the event, Karen was completely caught off guard and unintentionally let out a loud cry.

Seeing her, Toru laughed mischievously.

Then, he turned his gaze away from her and raised his eyebrows as he looked up at the blue sky.

“And I know you don’t want to go to an amusement park.”


Toru’s mutterings were drowned out by the surrounding hustle and bustle.

Looking down at Karen, who looks up at him quizzically, Toru chops his original smile.

“Let’s go have a parfait in front of the station.”



The feelings of endless fun on a date with Ageha were amplified with each passing hour.

I had been looking forward to it since the morning, or rather since the beginning of Golden Week, and I thought my excitement had reached a ceiling, but that was not the case at all.

Seeing Ageha enjoying herself next to me, the wait for the attractions didn’t bother me at all.

Not only that, but I even feel as if it could go on forever.

I think it’s because I’ve been able to sort out my feelings.

Since I was able to face my own feelings, the lid on the emotions that I had been suppressing without realizing it because of my guilt towards her had come off.

…That makes me a little uneasy.

“Haru-kun, what’s wrong?”

After noon, when I was facing myself while walking on a wide road where the number of people was increasing, Ageha, who was lined up next to me, looked into me and called out to me.

“Hey, it’s nothing. What shall we ride next?”

I take an involuntary step back and hurriedly change the subject.

Even though I had sorted out my feelings and decided to come clean about them, I was sure she would make fun of me if she knew what I was thinking.

Ageha didn’t seem to mind my forcible change of topic, and looked up at the sky while putting her finger on her lips.

“… Cute.”


“No, I just thought the cat ears she was wearing were so cute!”

It had leaked out of his loose mouth.

I turned my face away from the red-faced Ageha, who was looking up at me, and pointed ahead to a woman who happened to catch my eye.

She is wearing cat ears on her head that resemble the ears of the cat fairy, the mascot character of this amusement park.

This outfit, which might make you look twice if you were on the street, but here, it rather adds to the ambience.

At my desperate excuse-I don’t know what I’m trying to say–Ageha’s cheeks puffed out in frustration.

“You were fawning over that girl, weren’t you? You can’t look at another person while on a date with a girl, Haru-kun.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve only seen Ageha. Oh, speaking of…”

I found a cat ear headband in one corner of the car modeled on the side of the road.

As I approached the sales floor, I picked up one of the cat-ear headband and took out my wallet, despite the fact that Ageha had stopped next to me.

I put the headband I’d just bought on the head of Ageha, who approached me late, as if in a surprise attack.

“Ha, Haru-kun…!?”

I silently stare at Ageha, who shyly touches her headband.

Amusement parks are truly a dreamland.

The clothes are more mature than usual, and yet the twin-tail hair is still the same as usual. And the cat ear headband matches very well.

To put it simply, she has become something that transcends cute.

A fairy. Yes, a fairy.

Maybe this amusement park should make her their mascot.

But then I wouldn’t be able to go around the amusement park with her.


“Uh, I’m sorry. Uh, what is it?”

“No more! I don’t know why I suddenly put this in people’s heads. And you’re even ignoring me!”

“No, it’s not! Um, it suits you better than I thought, so I couldn’t help but fall in love with it, or rather, my consciousness flew away…”

Apparently, she got really angry.

When I hurriedly exposed my heart, Ageha’s lips twitched.

“I’m not at all happy to be told that I look good in this, because it’s like being told I’m childish.”

Ageha, who turned away from me, quickly went to the sales floor and ordered the clerk, “Please, give me another one like this.”

Ageha, who had finished receiving it, returned to me with a cat ear headband in her hand.

I understand what Ageha is trying to do.

“Haru-kun, bend over.”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for a man to wear cat ears.”

“I don’t care, just bend over. It’s not fair that I’m the only one dressed like this.”

“… Yes.”

I bend down slightly in a mature manner.

The cat ear is gently placed on my head and I feel a slight tightening sensation.

“Yes, it’s fine.”

I looked up as she gave her permission.

After looking at my face for a while, she muttered, “I think I understand a little bit of what you were saying, Haru-kun.”

I had no idea what was going on, but at any rate, she seemed to be in a better mood.

As I was inwardly relieved, I was suddenly grabbed by the hand.

“Let’s go next.”


Halfway through the ride, I was pulled along, but soon found myself walking alongside, and again into the crowd.

As we talked about which attraction we were going to ride, I thought to myself, “We’re looking like a couple, aren’t we?”

From the outside, we are just a couple.

That’s not really the case, but that’s why my resolve was strengthened even more.

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