R.C. Ch.31

Ch 31

(TL note: Author didn’t upload the ch 30 strangely so here’s Ch.31 ig)

Suddenly, my brother is cool, kind and awesome.

What are you saying? There’s a guy, and he’s good-looking and kind? Don’t be silly.

Some may think so.

But the fact is, my big brother is incredibly good-looking.

When I say, “Welcome home,” he says, “I’m home,” as if it were a matter of course.

He pats my head, lets me sit on his lap, and spoils me.

He praised me when I did good things, and was kind, loving, and angry when I did bad things.

When I heard that my brother had fallen ill and lost his memory, I thought what should I do, but now I know I shouldn’t… say such a thing, but I think that my brother is much better than my brother before.

My brother used to play with me when I was little, but he started to treat me and my mother badly, and I started to distance myself from him.

But most families don’t have men, so I was happy just to have my brother in my life…

The older brother who lost his memory was the epitome of a girl’s ideal.

He really is the best and perfect brother, which is why… I worry about him.

He says he’s going to stream, he’s going to school….

It’s full of beasts out there, you know? Beasts without reason are being unleashed. In such a place, if the exquisite meal that is my brother appears in front of me, I’m bound to get eaten.

That’s why I have to protect him.

He doesn’t have enough sense of danger, and he’s too kind to be taken advantage of.

“I’m home.”

Oh, he’s back.

He has been busy with the school festival recently, so we haven’t been able to go home together, and I’ve missed him terribly.

So I will do my best to welcome him.

“Welcome home, big brother.”

“I’m home, Rimi.”

He’s a good looking brother as always.

But still…

“Big brother, again…?”

“Ri, Rimi. Please hold out until after the festival, okay?”

“I know.”

At the school festival, He have more chances to interact with people in my class, so I know he smells, but…

Even though I understand, my heart is not convinced.

Because he is my brother.

I don’t want other people to touch him, and I really don’t want him in their sight.

But I have to be patient.

I am a good wife.

But you have to forgive me for my selfishness, okay?

“Will you sleep with me again today?”


“Will you?”


I love you, big brother.

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9 months ago

Thank you for the chapter!🥳🥳