H.F. Ch.7

Ch 7 How well the magazine turned out

“Haru, what time are we meeting?”


It’s 10:00. I think they’ll be here soon.”

We were at the cafe where we had come for a parfait earlier.  Ando-san should be here by now.


“Haru, here you are.”


“Good morning, Ando-san.”


“Good morning. Hey, who is she?”

Oh, I forgot to mention that I was coming with you.

I had contacted them yesterday to respond, but I had completely forgotten.

“I’m sorry, I meant to tell you yesterday, but I forgot. This is my girlfriend. She wanted to come with me.”

“I am Kaori Saijo, Haru-kun’s girlfriend. Pleased to meet you.”


Smiling, she introduced herself to Ando-san. She seemed surprised for a moment, but quickly came back to herself.

“This is polite. I am Emi Ando. I see, that’s her.”

“Hmmm…” She looked at us with her hand on her chin. After looking at us alternately for a while, she smiled.

He said, “Well, he’s such a good-looking guy. It’s only natural for him to have one or two girlfriends. But still, there really are couples of beautiful men and women, aren’t there?”

She was looking at us with her eyes sparkling. We were taken aback by the intensity of the situation, but Kaori was in a much better mood because of the power word “beautiful couple”.

“I mean, it’s true, we’re beautiful, but..”

Kaori wiggles as she says, “Hmmm”.
It will be no good to say anything else. When this happens, Kaori goes into her own world, so the right thing to do is to leave her alone for a while.


“I’m sorry, but please leave Kaori alone. She won’t be back for a while. So, I hear you’ve got a magazine.”

“I see that you have a very unique girlfriend. Oh, right, this is the magazine for this issue. It’s due out next week, but it was my first time working on it, so I thought It would be better if you check it out.”
He handed me a men’s fashion magazine. Even I, who am not a fashion expert, know the brand. I still can’t believe that I am in such a magazine.


As I flipped through the pages, I found a page with me on it. I looked at it carefully and saw that the headlines were amazing, such as “promising new model” and “national treasure-class handsome man.


“Is this me?”
“Of course that is you. I’ve never met such a handsome guy like you before. Look, even now people are looking at you like you’re the most amazing thing they’ve ever seen.
“Indeed, if you ask me, it is.


But isn’t it because Kaori is cute? I can’t help thinking.”

“I’m normal. Probably because Kaori is too cute, people are looking at her.”

“I’m sure the other girls don’t look so pretty when you have such a pretty girlfriend. With such a pretty girlfriend, don’t the other girls look normal?”

With humor, Ando-san responds.

No, no, there are plenty of pretty people in the world.


“Even Ando-san is very cute! You had a really nice smile when you’re working”


In an instant, Ando-san’s face turned bright red and she said, “I’m going to go pick some flowers!” and disappeared.


“Huh? Where’s Ando-san?”


“Oh, you’re back at last. She went to the bathroom. “


“I see. Oh, this is the magazine we were talking about, isn’t it?
Kaori, having safely returned from her own world, was looking through a magazine, saying, “Which one is it? “

“I knew it!” Wow, professionals are different after all. Haru-kun has become a handsome national treasure!”

“This is the official one” she said, and put it away in her bag.

“Kaori-san. That’s mine. ” I quickly pulled out a magazine from Kaori’s bag.

“Oh, my national treasure, Haru-kun!”

Kaori chases after the magazine with regret.

Not at all. Magazines are good, but she’s there, so why not? We’re not going anywhere, so let’s be a little mean.
“Hey, Kaori.”
“Hyah, hyah!”

I called out her name and put my hands on both of her shoulders, despite the fact that Kaori was chewing profusely for some reason.


“’Magazines are great, but since the man himself is here, look at me.”
Then i kissed her lightly on the cheek.
Then, not only Kaori, but also those around her cried out, “Kyaaa!” and cries of “Kyaaa!” echoed not only from Kaori but also from those around her.


“Wow! You scared me.”


“No, no, no, I’m the one who was surprised.”

Apparently,  Ando-san was watching us.
“You are so bold, Haru-kun. She’s not coming back for a while again, is she?”

“Ha ha, I guess you could say that.”


“’Oh yeah, Let’s talk about your next job, okay?’


“Next? That’s fast.”

I just did a shoot the other day, but I guess modeling is a very busy job.

“I’ve had several offers come in that they really want you to do it,” she said. You’ve become quite a celebrity in the industry, Haru”

“Oh, really? I don’t like to draw too much attention.”


“I see. But with your looks, there may be times when I have to give up. It looks like a few entertainment agencies have sent DMs, too, you know?”.


“What is DM?”


When I honestly asked him about the word for the first time, she was surprised again. It seems that I have not caught on to the latest trends in the world. I will learn little by little from now on.


“I really doubt that you are a high school student, Haru-kun. You can ask your girlfriend to tell me later.”


“’Haha, I get that a lot. Yes, I’ll have her teach me little by little. “

“So, about this next job, I want to shoot in a proper studio.”


“I’ll give you my number later. I’ll wait for your call.”


After we finished talking about work, Ando-san said she was going back to her office now, so I went with her to the entrance of the café and saw her off.


I returned to my seat, but Kaori was still wiggling. I guess it’s time for her to come to her senses.


I approached Kaori and called her name in her ear.


“K-a-o-r-i, it’s over.”



Okay, I’m back in one piece. I kind of wanted to get out as soon as possible because I was worried about the stares of people around me. So I pulled on Kaori’s awakened hand and left the cafe.

Anyway, we went out on a date. But it was not a date at all, and we enjoyed window shopping as usual.

Come to think of it, it’s almost time for midterm tests. Whenever a test comes around, study week with Kaori is bound to begin. We didn’t make any particular promises, but for some reason, this became the norm.

The teacher also said that after the second grade, the rankings will be posted, so I should do my best.

Yes, when I see Otsuka-san tomorrow, I’ll invite her to the study group. Come to think of it, why are we going tomorrow?

Without being informed of the crucial details, I was about to have a big day for her.

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