V.A. Ch.11

Ch 11 The case where the main character and the villain are switched

After we finished our sorting, I was eating dinner in the hall.

A sumptuous meal is lined up on a long table, but I honestly don’t know what I’m eating.

I look away from my meal and stare at him sitting in the distance.

“…Harris. Why are you in the Black Lion Dormitory…?”

Harris is the main character of “My heart”. He is not a character that should be in the Black Lion.

I, Marcoy, should be sitting there.


I look over at Harris.

He is in uniform, sitting at his desk eating.

He does not appear to be talking to anyone.

People around him are trying to talk to him.

Of course, he the boy who survived.

Even after being attacked by the dark wizard Noir.

On his right forehead there is a [fiery bruise].

It is a mark made when he received magic from Noir.

The Black Lion Dormitory is home to many of Noir’s followers, as well as the sons and daughters of dark wizard families.

Hence, Harris, who was favored by Noir, is attracting a lot of interest.

However, Harris ignores all the voices around him and eats his meals without hesitation.


But then I met Harris’ eyes.

His eyes were strangely bloodshot. I could see something like hatred.

Hatred? Why? Did I do something wrong?

I had a duel with Harris at my parents’ house, but I didn’t do anything else.

Nothing that would make him hate me…

I have many questions for Harris.

Why are you in the Black Lion dormitory? Why do you hold a grudge against me?

I’m curious.

“What should I do?”

What shall I do now?

It is strange, or rather unnatural, to go to the trouble of asking Harris of what I am concerned about.

Because only I, who have read the original story, know that Harris is not supposed to belong to the Black Lion.

If I were to ask him directly why he is a member of the Black Lion, he would probably say he doesn’t know.

And what good would it do to ask him what happened between the time I left home and today?

I have made up my mind.

I decided not to get involved with Harris. The result of my involvement in the main story would be the end of Marcoy’s downfall.

It’s rather convenient for us to be in different dormitories, isn’t it?

I don’t mind if it’s the same dormitory.

That’s right, I won’t get involved.

I thought about it and decided not to get involved with Harris, the main character, as I had done in the past.



After dinner, we were taken by the dorm supervisor (a kind of dorm leader) to the Red Eagle Dormitory.

Behind the school building was a magnificent stone dormitory.

There was a large building in the center of the building with a corridor leading to the different wings.

This is where all first through sixth graders stay.

It was a six-story building, with first-year students at the bottom and sixth-year students sleeping on the top floor.

The dorms were private rooms.

“Welcome back, Marcoy-sama.”

Ariadne, a beautiful maid with peach-colored hair, greets me.

Originally a maid for the Draco family, she came with me at the same time I was exiled.

“Oh, Aria.”

“I hear you’ve been through a lot…”

It was just me destroying some school equipment.

Don’t worry about that.

“It’s all right. I’m fine.”


Phew… a lot has happened today.

“Are you ready to go to sleep now?”

“Oh, yeah. I’m going to bed.”

Ariadne puts on my pajamas for me.

Since many nobles attend this academy, it doesn’t matter if I have Ariadne as a maid.

“Good night, then.”


With that said, Aria lies down on the bed in the room that only has one bed.

Huh! What do you mean?

“Oh, Aria. Why are you in this bed?”

“Because I live here, too♡”


What, live in?

Together! Why! We had separate rooms when we were adventurers.

According to Aria’s explanation with a blush on her face…

Simply put, they don’t have any extra rooms.

In the Black Lion Dormitory, there are many aristocratic boys and girls, so there are rooms for the exclusive use of the maids.

However, here in the Red Eagle Dormitory, there are more commoners than nobles.

Naturally, there is no room for a commoner’s maid of honor, so there is no room for her.

“The headmaster has instructed us to sleep together, so we’ll be staying together♡”

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

What the hell is that woman talking about!

“Well…♡ Marcoy-sama♡”

Aria taps next to her with a ♡ look in her eyes.

Sleep next to her? Next to a beautiful maid with big tits!

“No, um, Aria-san. As expected, the same bed for a boy and a girl our age, and if there’s any mistake…”

Then Aria smiles and says.

“If you make a mistake, it’s fine♡”


“Rather… go ahead♡”

“Go ahead!?”

Why is she so welcoming?

Then Aria says with a blush on her cheeks.

“We’ve already have done it once♡”

“Oh, yessss we have!”

Yes, that’s right.

Unlike the original, I had already done it with Aria!

“Since the day I connected with Marcoy-san, I have recalled my night with you many times…♡”

You’re completely mellow!?

No, no, no, no!

That’s no good! Because we are students!

… But we only have one bed and we have to sleep together?

With a beautiful, welcoming girl?

Well, we’ve got a long way to go…



There was a boy watching from far away as Marcoy and Aria slept in the same bed.


Harris Draco. The boy who was the original protagonist of My Heart.

Originally, he was a boy with a strong sense of justice.

“Marcoy. Aria and… Damn! Shit! Damn!”

Harris’s eyes are filled with the flames of black hatred.

How did he become this way?


“Aria is my Aria!”

Aria was the most important woman to Harris.

After losing his parents in an accident and being taken in by the Draco family, Harris had been living in seclusion at the mansion.

Aria was the one who treated Harris with kindness as if he were a real family member.

Harris soon fell in love with Aria, who was more than family to him, to put it simply.

However, Marcoy forcibly raped his beloved Aria and even made her his woman.

That was something Harris could not forgive.

But Marcoy was banished from the family home.

Harris rejoiced. Harris rejoiced that Marcoy would be gone and he and Aria would be alone again.

But Aria left the mansion with Marcoy.

Aria chose Marcoy instead of him.

Damn it… damn it, DAMN IT!

Harris hated Malkoy for taking away his beloved.

He did not want to admit that Aria had chosen Marcoy.

He was jealous of Marcoy.

… Such ugly feelings of Harris were primed.

Evil attracts evil.

[Kuhkuh, yes, hate. Hate him. Hate him. My vessel.]

The right side of my forehead hurts.

A fiery bruise tingled.

A man’s voice echoes in my brain.

[Hate, hate, hate!]

“… Noisy! Shut up!”

Harris pressed his forehead with his hand.

The shape of the bruise had transformed.

From a flame-like pattern to something like [a human face].

[Marcoy. He is the enemy. Take it back. Woman]

A bruise that looks like a human face whispers.

It’s as if it’s alive.

“Taking it back…”

[Yes. There is nothing difficult about it. If someone takes something from you, you can take it back. If you do something, you do it back. That’s common sense. Come on, Harris. Kill Marcoy. Take back Aria, your beloved.]

He had spotted Harris’s… weakened heart.

Harris’ bruise looked like a human face.

And many know that face.

The Dark Wizard… Noir Darklord.

His face seemed to be stuck to Harris’s forehead.

“Kill… Marcoy… take back….”

[Kukuk, yes. Oh, before you kill him, you must gouge out his left eye. His eye is the red stone of the Great Sage and is necessary for my resurrection…]

“I’ll kill you! Marcoy! Kill!”

[You didn’t hear that? Well, that’s all right. Give yourself over to the darkness, Harris Draco! Kuhahaha!]

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