V.A. Ch.12

Ch 12 [Hermire Emma Watlin] Outperform honor student in magic measurement

I was admitted to Ain Magic and Magic Academy.

The next day. I head to the dorm cafeteria with my maid, Ariadne.

The hall is used for events. It’s like a party hall.

Basically, dorm residents are supposed to eat their meals in the dorm cafeteria.

“Well, let’s eat… Wait, isn’t there a ticket vending machine for food tickets?”

Students are presenting something to the receptionist in the cafeteria.

They hand something like a card to the receptionist. When I heard the sound of the card, they received their meals from the woman at the cafeteria.

“What’s with that card…?”

Other students are also presenting their cards to the lady and getting food.

Is it like a smartphone? But I didn’t get one…

And that’s when it happened.

“You there? Are you in trouble?”

I looked toward the voice and saw…

A beautiful blonde girl was standing there.

She had blonde hair that reached down to her waist… and the tips of her hair were curled like a drill.

Gold hair, gold eyes. And a drill! And big tits. No doubt…

“Hermire Emma Watlin…”

She is one of the main heroines of My Heart.

Another heroine who supports Harris.

She is an honor student with good looks and excellent grades.

She has a confident expression on her face and her temples twitch.

Oh, shit… That’s right.

“You lost a little…”

“Sorry. It was Hermire [von] Emma Watlin, wasn’t it?”

Von. In other words, Hermia is the daughter of a nobleman.

No, to be precise, she is a [former] noblewoman.

The Emma Watlin family used to be a noble family, but they fell.

Hermire made tremendous efforts to restore her family and entered this school on a scholarship. She is a struggling student.

And she was very proud of being an aristocrat. I remember that there was some controversy among fans of the original story as to why she was not in the Black Lion or Blue Shark dormitories.

Anyway, for her, pulling out Von is like stepping on a landmine.

“That’s fine.”

Hermia snorted with satisfaction.

“So, what’s troubling you?”

I honestly don’t want anything to do with you.

“No, I’m not in trouble. I’m fine, Hermire-san.”

Don’t be shy. And you don’t have to call me “san,” do you? We are classmates, and we are also members of the Red Eagle Dormitory.”

Hmmm nice person.

Maybe I’m too reserved. It stands out and is more likely to be involved.

I’ll just rely on her and say goodbye.

“How do people buy food? They have some kind of credit card.”

“Oh? Didn’t you get the student handbook?”

“I’m sorry…?”

I don’t remember getting that…?
“I’m sorry, the headmaster gave this to me.”

Ariadne hurriedly pulls out a card from her pocket.

It is the size of a smartphone. But it is a flimsy card.

“This is the student handbook. It is also an information terminal. Please touch the surface.”

On the screen are my name, age, dormitory and grade.

And the words… [SP].

“What is this SP?”

“It’s an abbreviation for School Point.”
“School Point?”

“School points are a kind of score that evaluates students. For example, if a student gets a good grade on an exam or does something outstanding in class, the teacher will give out SP points. That’s money on this school island.”

“Heh… money, huh?”

Does the reputation of the school life lead to money, and thus to a better life? This is amazing.

“At the end of the semester, the student with the highest SP gets a bonus from the dorm.”

“So it’s a good idea to save up.”

Is that why you can shop with the student handbook…

“What? I have 0 SP.”

I’ve looked at it many times and it’s still zero, which is strange…

“SP can be added, but it can also be deducted. If you behave badly, you will be subject to deductions. For example, if you get a red mark.”

“No, I’ve just entered school…ah.”

It’s something that comes to mind.

I blew up the school’s fixture, the tyrannical tree, to smithereens.

I also invaded the school island without permission…

“The teacher can add or subtract points.”

“… I bet Snare-sensei pulled this one off so hard.”

Otherwise, there’s no way I’d get a zero from day one.

I would die of starvation…!

“It can’t be helped. I will share my SP with you.”

“What? You sure?”

“Of course. It is the role of those who have to give a hand to those who don’t have!”

She’s a little snarky in her behavior, but she’s usually a nice girl…

In the end, I decided to ask Hermire to treat me.

And by the way, Ariadne’s too.

I’ll have to return the SP properly later… and also replenish the SP…



After finishing my meal, I leave Ariadne and head to class.

It seems that classes are held in each dormitory.

There is no such grouping as “A” and “B.”

We arrived at a gymnasium-like place in the school.

I changed out of my uniform into shorts and a T-shirt, clothes that are easy to move around in.

“So today, we will first measure your magic power.”

The male teacher of magical studies looks over at us and says.

“Speaking of the basics of magic, do you know what that is?”

Suh… Hermire raises her hand.

“Now, Miss Emma Watlin. Answer me.”

“The basis of magic is [magic power] and [spells]. To use strong magic, you need more magic power and longer spells.”

“That’s right. Five SP for Miss Emma Watlin!”

A cheer goes up.

“It’s amazing.” “How can you answer so easily?” “I guess that’s what you get when you pass the entrance exam at the top of your class.”

Impressed by the dormitory students, Hermire looks proud.

I see. So, when you are guessed in class and give the correct answer, you get points for SP.

By the way, each SP is worth about 100 yen.

“First, we’ll measure the magic power. We’ll use this crystal.”

Next to him was a long-legged pedestal on which was placed a crystal that looked like a bowling ball.

“This can calculate the amount of latent magic as a numerical value. Like this.”

The teacher pours magic power into the crystal ball.

The number “30” appears on the surface.

I think I’m right, In My Heart, the magic value was measured here too.

It is said that the magic power value is almost equal to one’s age.

The teacher seemed to be in his thirties, so I guess it was an average value.

Harris, I think, had about 100, and he was a genius.

By the way, I, Marcoy, was about the same as my age, i.e. 14 or 15 or something like that…

… No, but wait.

My left eye is now a great sage’s red stone.

I have a red stone in my body that holds an enormous amount of magical power, right?

If I measure it with this, it’s going to be… outrageous, isn’t it?

[Milz. Are you awake, Milz?]

I speak to Milz, the will of the red stone, in my mind.

This child spends most of the day sleeping.

Principal Gandalve said that she was still a child.

“Huh… What’s wrong Marcoy?”

“Can you control the amount of magic in the red stone?”

“Hmm? I can.”

“Then suppress the magic a lot already.”

“I’m sorry, but why are you doing that? Even though the amount of magic is being suppressed because of the sealed magic tool.”

Oh, I see.

But no, the red stone must have had a staggering amount of magical power. It’s never too late to save.

“I don’t want to stand out.”

“Hmm, okay.”

The students touch the crystals one after another.

14, 15…

“Oh! Magic value 30! As expected of Emma Watlin!”

Hermire hit 30.

Twice as much as normal, or better than normal.

“Now… Mister Draco. Your turn.”

The doctor tells me to stand in front of the crystal.

It’s okay, the amount of magic is under control…

“This is not going to break, is it?”

“Don’t worry. It is made to be absolutely unbreakable.”

Then I’m good to go…

Okay… let’s go… Gently, gently…



The crystal suddenly begins to glow with a fierce light.

“Hey, what’s this? The crystal has cracked…!”

Crack, crack, crack…!

No, no, no, no, no, noooo!


The dormitory students look on in astonishment as they see the crystal ball shattered into pieces.

“Wow, that’s amazing… to break a crystal ball… that’s a tremendous amount of magic!”

The teacher was also surprised.

I mean, me too!

Why! Milz! What’s going on?

“I saved it… really”

Save it so much!?

“No way… it’s impossible…!”

Hermire murmured dumbfoundedly, and then… she turned a hostile look at me.

Oh, hey… I’ve done it…

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