R.C. Ch.36

Ch 36

“Oh, Mom. Rimi. Welcome.”

“Oh, big brother. You’re too cool.”

“Can I take your picture?”

“Order up and finish your meal.”


I lead Rimi and Mom to their seats and hand them the menus.

“Hey, hey. Are those people Soshigaya-Kun’s family?”

“Yes, they are. My sister and mother.”

“Your mother is a beautiful woman. And your sister.”

“Yeah, I think so, too.”

I think Mom and Rimi are beautiful, even if I don’t like their relatives.

Mom doesn’t look old at all, and Rimi is just as pretty as she looks.

“Ao, can I order? Can I order?”


“Um, I’ll have an omu-rice and this parfait, please.”

“Okay. Wait a little while until the food is ready.”

“Can I watch you while I wait?”

“Is that fun?”

“Yeah, it’s fun. I’m happy.”

 “Brother, don’t get too close to any of the other customers. You’ll get carried away.”


“Oh, and, uh, could you go get that guy for me, please?”


“I’m calling you by your ……… name.”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Well, now, okay. You want me to come over?”


Rimi stares at me, glaring and looking scared, so I can’t resist and call Yuri.

“Yuri, my sister wants to see you.”

“Uh, yeah. Okay.”

Let’s pretend I didn’t hear him mutter, “Introducing me to your family means ……” in a whisper.

Yuri was breaking up the conversation with Rimi, her mother, and also Airi, who joined them in the middle of the conversation.

Even if you ask, you’ll be told, “It’s a secret from Soshigaya-Kun.”

I’m curious, but I have to work now.

Then my mom and her friends have dinner, take a picture with me, and leave.

“Good luck, big brother.”

“Yeah. Rimi and Mom, be careful on the way home.”

“Yeah! Come home soon.”

“As soon as I can.”

I saw Mom and Rimi off and went about my business for a few minutes.

It’s time for a break, so I call out to Yuri and Airi.

“Yuri and Airi. Let’s go around together.”


“I’m looking forward to it.”

They lined up next to me and started walking.

“The actuality of the particulars is that you can find a lot of different types of shoes and boots. I want to see the haunted house that the third-grade class is doing, and I also want to see the play that the third-grade class is doing.”

“Oh, um… …… I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re looking for. That ……”

He gently squeezes my pinky finger as if he’s asking me, so I reconnect it.

“Oh, thank you!”

“Me, too.”

Saying that, Airi-san is making a thudding face at Yuri-san in the form of a lovers’ bond.

“I’ll do it too!”

Her cheeks puffed out, and she changed her hand from holding it normally to a lover’s link, intertwining her fingers and toes.

“Okay, let’s go.”

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