H.F. Ch.9

Ch 9 A Date with Ayano (2)

We headed to the bookstore and quickly decided to look at reference books.

“Can I take a quick look?”
“Sure, Take your time and choose wisely”
“Thanks, it’ll take me a while. Saito can go look at the book too.”

“I want to buy some reference books too, so I’ll look at them with you.”
We each picked up a book, flipped through its contents, and put it back together, repeating the process forever.


We are already in our second year of high school.Considering the college entrance exam, it is so late for some colleges. However, our high school is also famous for its very high deviation score. It is said that if you can keep the top 10 in your grade, you will be accepted to most universities.


The school’s own reference books are distributed in addition to textbooks, and everyone uses them as a basis for studying for the exam.


However, it is inevitable that they become concerned, and they often come to the school to look at commercially available reference books. However, the school’s reference books seem to be quite good, and the commercial ones seem to be insufficient.

When I glanced at Otsuka-san, her expression was dark.


I knew I was not going to find her this time.


Perhaps noticing my gaze,  Otsuka-san comes closer to me.


“How’s it going? Did you find it?”


“No. Did you find it?”

“I can’t either. I guess I should just do the school thing, right?”


“I guess so. I guess I just have to go through the past university questions based on that one.”


“I’m sorry, I’m wasting your time.”


“Don’t worry about it. Now, do you want to go somewhere else?”

“Yes, I do. Can I leave it to Saito?”



I give a short reply and think about where to go.


When it comes to playing, the first standard place to go is there, right?


The first place we headed was the arcade. Kaori and I often go there, and since we are made to do various things, we are able to win most of the prizes.

“I’ve never been to an arcade.”


“Oh, really? That’s surprising.”


“Do I look like I play that much?”


 Otsuka-san stares at me, but because of the inevitable height difference, I can only see her looking up at me. Cute.


Suddenly, Otsuka’s face turns bright red, and she turns away and walks on ahead of me.


What’s wrong?”


N-nothing!  Don’t tell me that i’m p-pretty…..


Let’s go, let’s go!  Otsuka-san urged me to go to the UFO Catcher zone.

Wow, the prizes have changed completely.


Oh, this is a stuffed toy of a character that Kaori collects.


I’ll take it.


Otsuka-san, hold on a second.


I put in 100 yen and pressed the button as if I’m really familiar with it. This arcade is very conscientious about its settings, and I am confident that I can get the stuffed animal in one shot if I don’t have to do too much.


And this time, too, I was able to get the stuffed animal without any difficulty. Now I have a souvenir for Kaori.


“Saito, that’s great.”


Saito said, “Oh, I’m pretty good at it. Otsuka-san, if there’s anything you want, I’ll take it, okay?


“No, no, I don’t look good in that kind of cute stuff.”


With that,  Otsuka-san went ahead of me.


Indeed, I have never seen Otsuka-san wearing straps, key chains, or other small items. Is there a reason for this?


It was then that I noticed the gacha-gacha corner.


It’s very popular among high school girls right now! The keychain gacha was drummed up with the phrase, “Now it’s very popular among high school girls! As I recall, Kaori was wearing one of these a while ago.


I turned it on and went after Otsuka.




Later, after we had played our fill of the arcade, we took a break in the chairs at the end of the room.


“Huh, arcade games are fun.”


I’m glad you had fun.”


“Thanks for bringing me.”


“ You want to get some lunch?”


The time was 2:00 p.m. and they had forgotten to eat and play. Anywhere would be open now.


“I don’t want to eat much any more. How about a light crepe or something?”


“Okay, I’ll do that.”


I got up, but  Otsuka-sans turned toward the arcade and didn’t move. Did she still want to play?

“What’s wrong?”


“I want to…”
I gently looked in the direction where she was pointing, and there were familiar large boxes lined up in a row. Yes, they were purikura, or Purikura. I remember when Kaori used to invite me to take pictures with them.

“Do you want to do purikura?”


“Yes, I do. But I guess it’s not my style.


 Otsuka-san walked away and said, “Let’s go for a crepe.


For some reason, I felt like I should hold her back

There was no particular reason. But I grabbed Otsuka’s hand and we were on our way to the arcade.

“Let’s get a shot of this.”


“Yes, you want me to?”


.Otsuka-san asked me reservedly, and I gave her a small nod, and we both went inside. Then I remembered that I had put some money in there.


Yes, that was when I came to take Purikura pictures with Kaori. When you take purikura, you are asked to take several pictures in a row, and the machine tells you what pose to take.


People who are used to taking pictures are free to do so without regard to such things, but Kaori taught him, “You have to do it this way, okay?” Harusho, who had been taught by Kaori that she had to follow the rules, was obediently obeying them. Furthermore, this is the first time she is obeying Harusho’s instructions.


Oh no, am I going to be forced into that embarrassing pose again?


But I can’t run away now. Mmmmmm.


I looked next door and saw  Otsuka-san with a twinkle in his eye.


This… I have to do it.


“This is… I have no choice but to do it.


 Otsuka-san,, the machine will tell you the pose, so just follow it and you’ll be fine.”


Okay, okay.”


After the “I’m going to pose like this,” the machine specifies several poses, and our struggle to keep up with it.

 Otsuka-san was in a panic from the beginning, “Are you going to pose like this? I can’t marry her! I can’t get a bride!


Then came the final pose.


And then the final pause.


‘Shall we kiss at the end?”




I froze for a moment and my mind went blank.


‘Three, two, one.


Oh no, oh no, what do I do!




I hear a cracking sound, and at the same time, I feel a soft touch on my cheek. Oh, Mr. Otsuka? I look next to him in surprise.


“This way, everyone… Haru.”


Otsuka-san calls my name with embarrassment. Her warmth lingers on my cheek. Needless to say, it took a while for my brain to comprehend the situation.

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