V.A. Ch.13

Ch 13 Did I do something in the magic power test?

I’m a new student at Ain Magic and Witchcraft Academy.

Today, in magic class, we had to measure magic power.

As a result, I broke the measuring instrument.

“It’s impossible… for the amount of magic power to destroy a crystal…”

Hermire Emma Watlin, the main character, murmurs in amazement.

“You say you’re better than me…!”

Hermia glared at me as she approached me.

“What was that? Just now!”

“Oh, no… that…”

Oh no, just when I thought I didn’t want to get involved, she got involved!

Yes, Hermire is confident in her magic.

She’s the type of person who doesn’t feel comfortable unless she’s the honor student.

She probably thinks her position is threatened because I outperformed her.

No, it’s okay, I have no intention of doing that…

Here’s what I’m going to do.

“Hey, maybe it’s a faulty instrument?”


“Yes, yes! Malfunction! That’s what I’m talking about! You’re number one.”

Hermire turns her doubts on me.

But as I tell myself…

“That’s right, isn’t it? It is impossible for such a huge amount of magical power… to be possessed by a human being, that a measuring instrument that is supposed to be absolutely unbreakable can be broken.”

I was able to get a good impression that she was satisfied with the breakdown.

Good, that’s good.

But I shouldn’t be so conspicuous with magic.

Hermire will get involved.

I want to live in peace and quiet.

I don’t want to get involved with Hermire.

So I’ll cut back on the magic classes. Yeah. Don’t take it too seriously.



“Next we will measure the power of magic.”

Targets appeared on the ground.

Scarecrow-like targets lined up side by side.

“You must strike that target with low grade fire magic.”

The teacher reached out his hand toward the target.

Gather in my right hand, magical power! Answer my will and manifest yourself, O flame! Be a crushing blow to the enemy! [Fireball]!”

A fist-sized ball of fire comes out and hits the target with a splash.

… What was that?

In the original story, didn’t everyone use [Fireball] or [Instant Death] or some other magic name to trigger it?

It’s like I didn’t need a spell…

“Now, you guys, use the fireball to hit that target. I’ll give you SP points for hitting it.”

Well, at any rate, it’s on target.

Don’t let this stand out too much.

Magic. A skill that students learn at this school.

But in the original story, I was thinking that magic was all about calling out a name and waving a wand to activate it.


Everyone was chanting strange spells such as “Magic power gathered in my right hand!”, “Attack the enemy!”

Hey, hey, hey~…?

No, I’m just saying, those of you who have read the original story will know what I mean, right?

They all say things like [Disarm] or [Levitation].

I mean, all they do is wave their wands and call out the magic names.

“Wow, in my right hand… uh…”

Roy seemed to be having trouble with the spell.

I guess so.

It is usually difficult to utter such a lengthy spell.

“Huh, [Fireball].”

A sputtering ball of fire shot out from the tip of Roy’s wand and disappeared halfway through.

“What was that? That wasn’t even close.”

Hermire said to Roy with a proud face.

“I’m sorry…”

“I can’t help it. Let me show you how it’s done.”

Saying that, Hermire took out her wand.

“Gather in my right hand the magic power, answer my will and manifest it, flame, as a molten mass, and strike down the two foes! [Fireball]!”

Two fireballs came out from the tip of Hermire’s wand.

They flew through the air quite quickly and hit the target in rapid succession.

“That’s amazing!” “Two magic spells in a row!” “And look at that, the target’s burnt to a crisp!”

The students are amazed at Hermire’s magic.

The teacher nods in admiration.

Power, speed, and above all, two-hit magic. That’s why she is an honor student. Hermire Emma watlin gets 5 SP points.”

“”””Ooooo! Amazing!””””

Hermia laughs with pride at the praise she receives from the students.

No, even if it’s…

Is it really that powerful?

I think she should have been more powerful in the anime.

It’s the same with the lengthy spell I mentioned earlier.

There was no such useless chanting in the original.

What’s going on here…?

“Next, Mister Draco.”

It was my turn.

Well, let’s see what I’m going to do.

I have to explain something here.

Let’s talk about magical properties.

Magic has seven attributes: fire, water, wind, earth, light, darkness, and no attribute.

Wizards can use magic with all of these attributes.

However, there are those who are good at some attributes and those who are not good at others.

As soon as they are born, they are checked for their good… magic attrubute.

In most cases, there is only one attribute that you are good at.

If you have two, you are a genius.

Even among court mages, there are few who have three.

Four is considered impossible to find in this world.

Among them, there are those who have nothing in the way of magical aptitude. That is me.

If you have no aptitude for magic, you can barely use non-attribute magic.

I can hardly use attribute magic.

Even if I could, it would only be the size of a lighter or a little bit of water that is just a twist of a weak value.

In other words, if I, with zero aptitude for magic, use the attribute magic tail [fireball], I should be able to produce magic less than Roy’s earlier.

If it is the setting of the original work.

“Let’s see… [Fireball].”

I hold up my wand and release the attribute magic.

Yes, yes, you’d be surprised that it only produces a fire the size of a lighter, wouldn’t you?

“No way!” “That’s absurd!” “That’s impossible!”


And, hey, what a different reaction.


A fireball the size of a human body appeared at the tip of the wand.

And it flew with speed like a bullet.


All the prepared targets were destroyed.

What the hell is this!? What is this power!?

This isn’t an attribute magic with zero magic aptitude!?

“Mi, mister Draco! What was that?”

The teacher comes up to me in a great hurry.

“I-I’m sorry, but there’s something wrong with my power…”

“That’s not it!”

“What do you mean, not that way?”

“You! You didn’t chant the spell!”

“Yeah, yeah. What about it?”

The teacher looks at him in amazement, as if he can’t believe it.

Hermire, on the other hand, shudders and murmurs,

“I can’t believe… that there are users of the legendary [Chantless Magic]…”

“Chantless magic? Legendary?”

What is chantless? When I think about it, the teacher explains.

“Chantless magic is literally magic that does not use chanting. Normal magic cannot be invoked properly without chanting. The technique of cutting out the chanting and releasing only magic, that is the chantless magic. It is one of the lost techniques in the time of the Universe…!”

Eh yeah!? No way!

There was no such thing as chantless magic in My Heart!

I mean, in the first place, there was no such a long spell like “My~” here in My Heart, right?

What the hell is going on…?

“Amazing…” “Marcoy… to use such amazing technique.” “And it’s so powerful, too…”

I mean, I have zero aptitude for magic, but I can use attribute magic with that kind of power.

If I had the aptitude for fire, how much magic could I have used?

“Oh, please wait!”

The attention of the students and the teacher was focused on Hermire.

She was… angry.

“You… Marcoy. You’re Marcoy Draco, aren’t you?”

Hermire glares at me.

Oh, I didn’t tell you my name…

“As expected of the infamous Draco family.”

“What do you mean…?”

“Don’t play dumb with me! You must have used some kind of trick!”

Hermire pointed at my wand.

“Yes, I didn’t use… any tricks.”

“I’m sure that wand is a magic tool!”

Magic tool. Literally, a tool that activates magic.

It is a very instant item that allows you to use the magic that has been put in it beforehand by simply channeling magic power.

“It must be some kind of illegally modified magical tool that produces fire magic! You even went to such lengths to show off!”

Hermire is heating up.

Maybe she had a lot of confidence in her magic.

“No, calm down. I’m not going to pull a stunt like that in just a magic class.”

“Just a magic class!?”

Oh no…! I’m adding fuel to the fire, aren’t I?

“How much effort do I have to make to be the best…”


“Marcoy Draco!”

Hermia holds her staff like a knight.

I know. This pose…

“I challenge you to a magical duel.”

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