H.F. Ch.10

Ch 10 A Date with Ayano (3)

It is up to you how you arrange it.”

We got out of the machine and immediately went into the space next to it.


This was a space where we could stamp and doodle after taking pictures.


I am not good at this kind of thing as I usually leave it to Kaori. Above all, this situation was awkward.


After the shoot, there was silence between us. Needless to say, the reason for this was the final pose.


Otsuka-san’s face is bright red and she is kissing my cheek.


Seeing her like this in a picture, I realize that it was not an illusion.

“Oh, don’t stare at me so much.”


“I’m sorry.”


Unlike me, who is not making any progress,  Otsuka-san is scribbling and stamping. What should I do?


“Is Haru not good at this kind of thing?”


“Umm, yes. I always leave it to others.”


“I see. Then I’ll do it.”


After saying that, Otsuka-san let me out and resumed doodling. Then she came out surprisingly quickly, probably about 5 minutes later, and was looking at something on her phone and smiling.


What’s going on?


When her eyes met mine, she put her phone away as if she was in a hurry. Then she said, “Sorry to keep you waiting,” and received the printout.


No, I knew it. Look when I get home.”


“Well, I’ll see it when I get home.”

I say this, and poof, the Purikura is collected from my hand. I nodded my head and said, “If  Otsuka-san says so, then I’ll take it.

“Let’s go for crepes.”
With that, she held out her hand. I took her hand without hesitation and headed for the crepe shop.


On the way to the crepe shop, I remembered something.

“I’ll give you something. Here, I’ll give you this.”


“What’s this?”


She was somewhat surprised to see the keychain handed to her. It is indeed a key ring of a loose cat character, which is not very cute, but did she not like it?

She said she didn’t particularly want a stuffed animal or anything, so I thought this would be enough to keep him occupied, right?”


I’m not saying that. Not that. Do you know what this is?”


“No, I just happened to find it, and some of my classmates were wearing it.”


“I see. Thanks”

Otsuka-san puts the key chain in his bag with great care. He seemed to like it.


When we started walking again,  Otsuka-san was glancing at us. Is there something on his face?

What, you were nervous about that?


Of course it’s okay.


“I don’t mind.”


Come to think of it, you called me by name earlier. Even I know how it started. It started then.

Since he was not often called by name, he was embarrassed but did not feel bad. Rather, I accepted it readily.


“Wow, you can call me Ayano.”


“Okay, Ayano.

Perhaps because I was used to it with Kaori, I had no resistance to calling girls by their first names. It came out easily for me.

It’s nice, isn’t it?


“Hmm? What’s wrong?



Her face was the brightest I had ever seen as she walked forward.


Seeing her smile reminded me of Kaori, and at the same time, I felt a strange sensation in my chest.



After that, we ate our crepes and decided to head home, albeit a little early.


We could have still played, but we were both convinced, without saying a word, that going home today was the best thing for us.

Haru feels uncomfortable and confused about his feelings, which are different from before he left, and needs time to sort them out.


Ayano, who has sorted out her own feelings and has clearly settled on her feelings.


Their feelings are completely different, but their relationship has moved forward.

I tried to take Ayano home, but she said she was going to arrive at my place. I heard that she had something to do with Kaori.


By the way, the two of them have been getting along really well lately.


We talk a lot at school, and I’ve even allowed them to go out together, like today. Besides, I just can’t get Kaori’s words out of my head.


If a girl comes along who cares for Haru-kun and wants to care for him too, you should respond to her.’


Today, every time I look at Ayano, my mind boggles and those words flicker in my mind. I was mentally drained today.


I am sorry to Kaori and Ayano, but I want to think alone today. I want to think about this indescribable feeling.



Have you made up your mind?”


‘Yes, I know exactly what I’m feeling. I know what these feelings are.


Ayano is looking very refreshed, a complete change from just the other day. The truth is, I want to have Haru-kun all to myself. But I want to show off more of Haru-kun’s good qualities to everyone and share this feeling. I have been thinking such selfish things on a daily basis.


And up until now, I have done everything I could to make sure that no one would take Haru-kun away from me.


But when I saw Ayano’s face today, I truly felt that I was glad I pushed her back.


“It’s up to Haru-kun whether or not he will respond to this feeling. I’m sure he’s probably in his usual spot right now, worrying about it. My, that man we like so much is a really kind person.”

“So, Hal, when are you going to join the SS?”


I knew you were going to continue with that strange organization name. Well, I think I’ll have to wait a bit.




I know how I feel. I love him. I really love him. But that’s why I don’t have the courage.


I understand how you feel.


If you love someone, you don’t want to destroy the relationship you have with him.


To be honest, I was the same way.


That’s why I couldn’t say I loved him myself.


It’s not fair, but I have led Haru to say it. So, for once, I decided to cooperate.


“Maybe you won’t get a good answer if you confess now.”


“How do you know? Don’t tell me it’s because she’s your girlfriend.”


Ayano looks a little bit mushed up.


Well, I’d like to say I can tell because she’s my girlfriend, but I know because we’ve known each other for a long time.


Hal doesn’t want polygamy or a harem, he just wants to be with the person he really loves. He only wants to be with the person he really loves.


“Well, I kind of get it.”


“Yes, I do. I think she must be very worried about it. Well, it’s my fault.”


“What do you mean?”


“Well, we’ll talk about that later. Let’s go see what’s going on.”


“What? Whose?”


“Haru. I’m sure she’s over there. Come on.”


I took Ayano outside with me.


We head toward a larger building just behind my house.


As we get closer, we hear a loud noise.








“What’s that noise?”


Let’s see, what it is.


We sneak a peek from the shadows.


There, we saw Harusho hitting a sandbag.


There is a dojo right behind our house, where Haru’s father is the head instructor. He teaches Kyokushin Karate to his students, but recently Haru-kun and Haru-papa seem to be into kickboxing.


And whenever Haru feels troubled or stressed, he always uses this place to sort out his feelings.


He says, “Soooo, this is great, all kinds of stuff. I don’t know if I should be looking at this.


Well, it’s okay, isn’t it?”


Ayano’s cheeks are red and she is blindfolded with her hands, but it is obvious that she is watching through the gaps between her fingers.


The reason why she is so embarrassed is because Haru-kun is striking with his upper body naked. Haru-kun’s abs are a beautiful six-pack and really erotic. Especially around his iliopsoas muscles!


I always sneak a peek, but don’t tell anyone. I don’t want people to think I’m a pervert.


Haru hits the sandbag over and over again. The hammering never seems to end.


He must be in a lot of pain.


I guess I’d better wait a little longer.


He said, “Yeah, you’ve got a grim look on your face, don’t you? But that kind of face is cool too.


I’m not sure if he’s becoming less reserved.


I’m not saying “poof”, but “poof” at all. I’m not going to give up my regular wife.


We went back to the house and discussed our future plans. About how to gradually close the distance between us, and about when to confess.

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