H.F. Ch.11

Ch 11 In each Classroom

Pan! Pan!

Pang, pang!



“Huh, not good at all. My head is not clear.”


I always hit the sandbag here when I have problems. There were times when I thought my father was crazy for having created a boxing practice space on the grounds of his karate dojo. But now, both father and son are into kickboxing.


Normally, I would be able to forget my worries and devote myself to my work. Today, however, I could not clear the fog in my head, nor could I get it out of my chest.


I can’t concentrate.


But still, what are those guys peeping at?


Kaori doesn’t pay much attention to them because they are always doing that, but today there was one more of them. Are they bored?


After that, I felt their eyes on me for a while, but they seemed to have left. I continued to hit the sandbag with all my might, trying to shake off the distractions.


But my mind never cleared up that day.



“Haru, I’m going to stop by the convenience store before school today!”


“Are you buying lunch?”


Apparently misguided, Kaori put her index finger out in front of her and waved it tch tch tch tch tch from side to side.

No, Haru. Today is the day the magazine goes on sale!”


“Oh, yes, that’s right.”


“Do you remember me, handsome national treasure?

Well, let’s go!

With that, Kaori headed for the convenience store, where she spotted a certain someone in the magazine section.

“Ah, Ayano. Good morning!”


“Good morning, Kaori. Good morning, Haru.”


“Good morning, Ayano.”


For now, I’ve decided to put a lid on my buzzing feelings and treat the situation as usual. I’m sure that time will tell.

Ayano-chan, what’s up with you this morning?”


“I’ll take this one.”

Ayano picked up one of the magazines.

Oh, it’s the magazine with me in it.


“Ayano-chan, you’re so quick with information. That’s what I’m talking about, Haru-kun’s .”


“Well, Haru posted it on SNS yesterday.”


“Emi asked me to do some publicity for her.She asked me to take a picture of my face and have it appeared on the magazine”

“Oh, hey, what’s the matter with you two? Your faces are scary.”

For some reason, suddenly there is silence and I feel tremendous pressure from Kaori and Ayano. Did I do something wrong?

“Who are Haru-kun and Emi-san?”

“Yeah, yeah, who’s that?”

They press on, as if to say, “Get on with it.


“She said, “Well, it’s Mr. Ando. She called me yesterday and said she doesn’t like to be called by her last name, so I’ve been calling her Emi-san.


“That thieving cat.”


I”’ve finally arrived at a position where I can easily get along with him.”

“She need to be disciplined”.


The two of them take each other’s hands gingerly.


They really hit it off.


Actually, I was going to tell you both since the next shooting date has been set, but I would feel bad if I was rude to Emi. I guess I’ll keep quiet this time.


It would be a problem for Emi to bring non-related people to the office. I decided to go alone. I made up my mind.


At that time, Kaori noticed something.

Ayano-chan, that key chain on your bag is the popular “Busa Neko-san,” right?


Ayano-chan, is that the ‘Busa Neko-san’ that’s all over the news? Haru gave it to me.


“Oh, Haru-kun, you probably don’t know much about it, but good job!


I’m glad to hear that. Then I’m glad, hahaha.”

Since I don’t know why, I laugh and fool around with it.


Come to think of it, Kaori is no longer wearing it.

“Kaori was wearing it too, right? You’re a cat.”


“Yeah, I’m not wearing it anymore.”


“When is my busa neko leaving?”


“That’s it, okay?”



“What is it,  Busa neko-san is about to leave?”



“Haah,” they both let out a big sigh.


No, no, no, I’m the one who wants to sigh.


“Let’s go to school anyway. It’s about time.”

“That’s true, Ayano-chan, let’s go together.”



The three of us headed off to school.


As we headed to school, we talked about the mid-term test and Kaori said she would study with me as usual. Ayano also decided to study with us, so we decided to do so in the library after school.


Furthermore, Ayano’s house seemed to be on the way to school for both of us, so we decided to go to  school together.

As for me, I don’t mind, but what would the boys say if I went to and from school with two beautiful girls? Sigh, just thinking about it makes me sigh. I decided not to think about it too much, because I knew it would be bad for my health.


I left Haru and Kaori and headed to my class. I would have liked to be in the same class as them anyway.

Then I could have spent more time with Harush. ,That’s right, let’s bring lunch and go to the next class!


Then we could be together outside of class.


I naturally smiled just thinking about it.


“Hey, Mr. Otsuka is smiling!”


“Unusual, that cool Otsuka-san!”

“I wonder what’s going on!”


The class was kind of noisy, but I didn’t really care. I don’t have many friends, so it didn’t matter.


I tried to pass the time by reading a book, but a girl in my class grabbed me.

“Hey, hey,  Otsuka-san. That’s “Busa Neko-san,” isn’t it ?”


“”That’s what you’re wearing, isn’t it?”

“Umm, yes, that’s right”.



“It’s a lie!”


A deafening scream was heard from the girls, and a cry of despair was heard from the boys. “Busa neko-san” is famous among teens. This strap was rumored among middle and high school girls as an auspicious item to be tied to the boy in her heart.

The fact that Ayano is wearing such a key chain means that there is a boy who likes her. When she confirmed this, the girls who love to talk about love got excited, while the boys despaired.


Damn! Not only does Mr. Saishiro belong to someone else, but even Mr. Otsuka belongs to someone else!”


No, no, wait! That means you’re not dating Machida!


Oh yeah, you’re a genius!


We still have a chance too!”


“ Oh!”

Despite the boys getting excited on their own, Ayano’s mind was already occupied with lunch.




When we enter the classroom, Haru-kun and I are basically not sticking around. This is because I can see him anywhere in the classroom and no one approaches him.


He had a few friends in junior high school, but they fell apart in high school. The only people who talk to Haru-kun now are Machida and a bunch of misunderstood guys.


Well, I’m going to take this time to enjoy the national treasure that is Haru-kun. I took the magazine out of my bag and put it on my desk.


The girls around me all reacted at once: “Oh, I bought that one, too.


Oh, I bought that one too!


No way, I bought it too!

A few other girls also came forward.


Apparently, they all follow Haru-kun’s Twitter feed and had bought the bag this morning.


The high school girl bible.


That’s my boyfriend. Nyahaha, I’m itching to say it myself.


He’s my boyfriend. Oh no, I can’t help grinning.


I was writhing in agony with my cheeks clasped between my hands, when the guys appeared to instantly break the atmosphere.


“Oh,  Nishijo-san, you bought it for me? That magazine. I’m so glad you bought a magazine with me in it.”


Saying so, Machida approached with great enthusiasm.


And today, his cronies, the boys, were with him.


“You’re so smart, Shinya.


“It’s really great that . Saishiro-san cares about you.”

These two are…


Yes, Kenji Sasaki and Yuuki Narita. I’ve been caught in a troublesome situation since this morning.


Come to think of it, I might have heard a rumor that Machida is also working as a model or not. It’s so bad that they’re in the same magazine.

Where was I?” Can I borrow ot for a second?”


Saying so, Machida reached out his hand, but I gloriously avoided him. Why should I let someone else touch my treasured book? I don’t understand the meaning. I kept smiling and held the magazine.

Seeing this, Machida was excited, wondering what he had misunderstood. Then he pulled out a magazine from his own bag and showed it to us.


I mean, if you have it yourself, take it out from the beginning.

I reluctantly peeked into the magazine and saw Machida in a small spot on the edge of the 10 or so people on one page.


I was amused by Machida’s boastful display and almost blubbered, but I decided to brag about my own boyfriend.


“I see that Machida-kun was on the list.”


“I know. Hm? Me too?”

I showed everyone the page that featured Haru-kun. What a surprise, Haru-kun was featured on four pages. What a surprise!


“This is my boyfriend.”



Machida apparently didn’t know yet.


She made a strange noise and froze.


However, the girls had properly checked social networking sites and properly recognized him as my boyfriend.

He’s really cool,  Saishiro-san’s boyfriend!


We bought it for your boyfriend, too.


“Where did you meet him? Such a handsome guy.


The girls alone were having a blast, and before I knew it, Machida and his cronies were gone.


Hmmm, you should be in awe of Haru-kun.


After that, we continued to talk about Hal-kun, and I was already in a great mood. I gave my classmates a sloppy look for a while, but since I was in a good mood, I decided to call it a day.


Haru-kun, that’s so cool!

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