Ch 7



Is it 5:30 a.m?


I woke up earlier than usual.


Maybe it’s because I’m going shopping with my senior.


Come to think of it, I’ve never gone anywhere with anyone except my sister and mother.


Ah, I’m getting more and more nervous when I think about it.


I’ll try not to think about it too much.


I should study a little, eat breakfast, and get ready.


It is 11 a.m. right now.


“Uh, wow. Good morning, Yuu.”


“Good morning, sis.”


I woke up early for my sister, which is unusual for a holiday.


“Yuu. What’s wrong? You look nervous”


“Ah. It’s nothing.”


“Hmm. Are you hiding something from your sister?”




“… well, whatever. I want to eat Yuu’s homemade rice.”


“Okay, okay. Just wait a bit.”


My sister is a little loose, but she has good instincts and is pretty smart. She is also quite cute in my family’s eyes. She has long brown hair and a pretty face.


Her name is Kyoka.


Contrary to her name, she has a loose personality.


But I trust her the most among women. Whenever I have any doubts, she is always there to help me out.


What should I make for lunch?


Hmmm… Spaghetti is fine.


I was cooking silently.




“Sis, It’s dangerous, don’t get too close.”




And my sister is quite sweet to me. She has always been like that.


After that, we finished cooking and started eating without any problems.






“I knew Yuu’s foods would be delicious.”


“Is it? I think anyone can make it.”


“I can’t make it taste this good.”


“You’re not very good at cooking, aren’t you?”


When I was cooking before, I don’t know what to do because I was confused.


“Sis, I’m going out after dinner.”


“Ehh. I wanted to see a movie with you today.”


“See you later”


“…Yeah. Promise.”


“All right.”


My sister smiled at me.


I smiled back too.


Haha, I feel at ease when I’m with my sister.


While having such a conversation, I finished eating and it was time to leave the house.


“Okay, I’m leaving.”




 I think it’s better to be there at least ten minutes before the meeting.


I wonder if I’m wearing something weird.


I was lying after all. I wonder if I’ll end up looking like an idiot.


Ah, stop, stop. If I don’t show up, it’ll be the end of the world.


Let’s not think about it too much.


I walked quietly and arrived at the station 10 minutes before the meeting.


I wonder where my senpai is.


“Who is this?”




“That’s right.”


What is it about this person that really keeps others away?


“Senpai. Well, I’m a little embarrassed.”


“I’m sorry. You didn’t like it?”


“No, I’m just really embarrassed.”


“More importantly, what do you think of this dress?”


“…….. It’s beautiful. I think it suits you.”


“Oh, thank you.”


Flattering or not, my senpai is beautiful.


She has long black hair, a greenish-plaid flared skirt? and white clothes.


“Okay, let’s go.”




Then the senior holds out my hand.


“…….. No holding hands.”


“…. You soaked me yesterday.”




It weakens me when she says that. I can’t help it……… It’s not like I don’t like it.


“I understand.”


Then I take her hand.


“…thank you”


The senior blushes while holding hands. It’s pretty cute.


I suspect that she is doing it on purpose. Maybe, maybe not.


“Shall we go?”


“Yeah, let’s go.”


So… the shopping has begun.

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