Old Man Ch.1

Ch 1 To the age of 15

“…How did this happen?”

He mutters as he spits out blood from his mouth.

He lost the lower half of his body and his right arm, and there was a great deal of bloodshed.

I’m going to die soon.

How did this happen?

No, the reason is obvious.

He had been defeated by the demon in front of him, and that was what had led to the disastrous end he was now facing.

”Guhahahaha! You’re so pathetic!”

The demon laughs as it looks at my dying body.

It laughs with a roar, as if it’s having a good time.

It laughs at me, as if it’s amused by my misfortune.

“It’s …… frustrating, Zogarth. I can’t …… get through to you about anything. ……”

I tell Zogarth, the demon in front of me.

I dived into this dungeon in order to defeat Zogarth. And after defeating numerous demons along the way, I managed to get to Zogarth.

But …… it was all for nothing.

All the skills I acquired, all the magic, all of it, nothing could get through to Zogarth.

The result is this mess.

His right arm was shredded and the lower half of his body was cut off.

I can’t even move, and Zogarth is laughing at me. Zogarth is right, I’m a disgrace.

“I had high hopes for you when I heard that you were the strongest SS-class ability holder in humanity. I’m deeply disappointed that I didn’t expect this level.”

“……, you’re just too powerful.”

Six years ago now, I had an awakening.

I obtained the strongest skill, [Wraith Lore, Demon King of Ice and Fire]. In addition to the greatest magical power in the history of mankind, I also obtained a strong body that could withstand my skills.

At the time, I was a 30-year-old freelancer, but my life changed drastically after my skill was awakened.

The person whose skill has been awakened, known as the “psychic”, tends to earn a huge fortune. The reason is that they can do the job of attacking dungeons, a job that non-practitioners cannot do.

I’m an example of that, and I’ve made an enormous fortune.

I was a freelancer with a monthly income of less than 100,000 yen, but in just six years since my awakening, my monthly income has exceeded 10 billion yen.

Everything was smooth sailing.

Wealth, fame, power. Everything in this world was within reach.

My life was rosy until that day… Everything was going great.

“Everything was going …… fine until you showed up ten days ago ……!”

This was 10 days ago now.

In front of the statue of Lord Wan at the bitter valley station, zogarth suddenly appeared. It really did appear out of nowhere.

zogarth appeared and snapped his fingers after taking in a sweeping view of the landscape. A moment later, a tremendous explosion occurred and the …… Kanto Plain disappeared.

After that, zogarth flew away in the sky and flew away somewhere. And in a few minutes, 500 islands and 50 countries had disappeared.

zogarth continued to destroy the world and eventually formed his own dungeon and dove into it. It was as if he had had enough of the destructive activity.

If you hadn’t destroyed the world, the surviving human race wouldn’t have raised the “Overthrow Zogarth’. I wouldn’t have been revered as the hope of mankind, and I wouldn’t be diving in dungeons like this!”

He spits blood and unleashes all the rage he can muster.

I’m going to die anyway. So at least let me vent my anger at the end.

“Shut up and die. Don’t be sad, but when you’re gone, I’ll send all of mankind with you.”

Zogarth’s sword closes in.

Oh, I’m gonna die.

I’m really, really going to die.

Looking back, it’s been a messy life.

When I was five, my parents died.

When I was seven, my brother died.

When I was 12, my grandfather who raised me died.

When I was 15, I was bullied.

“…… if I could do it all over again…”

The sword cuts me in two.

On April 13th, 2031, I died.

 ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“…… hmm?”

I woke up to a ceiling I didn’t recognize.

It was a beautiful pure white ceiling, and if you look closely, you can see fluorescent lights on it. For some reason, I feel a little nostalgic.

A little later, I realized that I was sleeping.

Apparently, I was sleeping on a slightly hard bed. I never complain, though, because I slept on a hard floor during the dungeon attack.

I wake up my body.


“……, where am I?”

To the right, a large window.

On the left, a big curtain.

There’s a small TV and a stand right next to me.

My guess is that I’m in a hospital.

I look down and see that my right arm and lower body, which I should have lost, are regenerated. I don’t know why I’m so short, but it doesn’t really matter.

“Is this …… the afterlife? That’s very realistic, then.”

Outside the window, you can see birds chirping, trees rustling, and a large expanse of blue sky. It is certainly beautiful, but it is far from the heaven I had imagined.

No angels, no demons.

I have not crossed the Sanzu River, and I have not had an audience with King Yama. Is this really the other world?

“I’m pretty sure I’m dead, so I guess I’m in the afterlife ……. But, That’s too far from the image.”

Let’s just observe the area.

That’s what I thought, and I was about to get out of bed…

“You’re awake, Shindo Renya!”

“Really, to be seriously injured just by falling from a rooftop, you’re pathetic!”

“If it was Sugimoto-Kun, he would’ve endured it without a care in the world. This is why shady people are no good!”

With the sound of the door opening, three men stand in front of my bed, the damned things I never wanted to see again.

“……It seems this place is hell.”

I let out a sigh.

Is it punishment for failing to save mankind?

Is it the sin of being defeated by zogarth?

Whatever it is, it sucks.

I can’t believe I’m meeting the guys who bullied me in middle school. And in the same way they were in junior high school.

“Argh? What did you say?”

The man with the blue streak on his forehead and the angry expression on his face… I really hate him.

His name is Sugimoto Moriki. He’s the incarnation of evil that used to torment me so much.

He’s a big guy for a junior high school student, standing at 180 centimeters tall. His hair is dyed brown and he looks like a demon.

I was assigned to the same class as him for a week, and unluckily, I became a target of bullying. I don’t know why, but I was bullied day after day, night after night.

“It’s creepy when the shady people keep mumbling!”

“As a man, you’re pathetic!”

Behind Sugimoto’s back, sneering at him, are two of his henchmen. Their names are Yuuki Isawa and Yuta Ochi, and they are both pathetic people who flatter Sugimoto.

The one who sent me to hell also has a bad character.

I can’t believe they made a torturing demon look like this.

It’s the most traumatic thing that’s ever happened to me in my life. I can’t believe I’m making them look like that.

“…… No, it’s nothing. See, you torture people, don’t you?”

“What about me ……?”

“What’s wrong with this guy?”

“I think you hit your head and broke it.”

What’s with that reaction?

If you’re gonna torture me, get on with it.

“Don’t rush me, you know…”

A moment later, I get a headache.

At the same time, memories flow through my brain.

The memories of being pushed off the rooftop by them, the memories that are beyond reproach, are flowing. The memories that I had sealed deep in my memory, memories that I never wanted to remember again, flow through my mind.

On April 9, 2010, I was called to the rooftop.

And as usual, Sugimoto and the others assaulted me. If things had gone as usual, that would have been the end of it.

After that, Sugimoto told me to jump off the roof. Naturally I refused, but Sugimoto kicked me and pushed me off the …… rooftop.

After that, I crashed to the ground, fortunately I only suffered a minor cut. But the fact that I could have died if I had made a mistake left a deep scar on my heart.

After that day, I began to withdraw from the world.

I didn’t go on to high school and had to work part-time to survive until I was 30 years old.

“…… What was that?”

It was too vivid a memory.

It was such a vivid memory, as if I had experienced it only a few days ago.

“…… what?”

I look at the small electronic clock on top of the TV set. There was a…

“April 13, 2010. ……?”

It was dated 21 years ago, today.

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