Ch 1 Prologue

There is a being known as the “Hero of Shadows”.


This person suddenly appears at crises and battlefields in various countries, dashing about, defeating enemies, saving many people, and then vanishing.

No reward is desired.


 He never received a thank you from anyone.


That’s because he has already walked away before you can even thank him and erase all traces of himself.

Therefore, there are many rumors flying around in various places.

The identity of the prince is perhaps that of a prince of a neighboring kingdom.


He may be a messenger who has been given a test by God.


Or he is most likely a skilled adventurer.


According to the legend…

Rumors are rife, and no one knows the true identity of this man.


The only thing that is known is that he is dressed all in black and wears a sessile mask.


Furthermore, the rumors are highly credible that he is a boy in his late teens, judging from his physique and voice.


Alone, sitting at his office desk, he held his head in his hands.


The room echoed with the boy’s cries. He held his head down until his hair, which was cut short, fell out of place.

In the soundproofed room, his voices did not reach the outside world, and no startled galleries appeared, as if there was a fire and they were coming to check on the situation.


Only one girl, with waist-length red hair, hears the cry.


However, on that face, there was no contempt or surprise in a way that was a reward, such as “Hey, are you okay with your head suddenly screaming?”

She simply exhales a sigh.

“Hah, how many times did it happen today? “


“This is the third time, motherfucker!!!!”

The sighing girl whose name is Kahlua comes close to her master, who is flipping her maid’s dress and shouting.


As you can tell from the clothes she is wearing, she is a maid in the service of one of her masters.


She has fiery scarlet eyes, a slender physique, and a small but beautiful face.


If she were to dress up, it would be easy to mistake her for a young lady from somewhere.


However, she is wearing a maid outfit.

As long as there is a master to serve, she will dress up in a maid outfit.

And speaking of such a master――――

“My true identity has been revealed!”

It’s been like this since today.


If there’s a shouting contest being held nearby, I’d definitely like to let him participate.


He will certainly take home the first prize.

“It makes no difference. They will discover it eventually.”


“You can’t just say that! Why do you think I’ve been hiding the identity of the “Hero of Shadows” all this time?”

Phil Salemabert.


He is the eldest son of Count Salemabert’s family, a man who has been playing around day and night, and has done his utmost to corrupt himself.


He has a rather low reputation among those around him, and for some reason, he is proud to say that he has no equal when it comes to the total number of haters.


And in fact, he is also known as the “Hero of Shadows.


And this “Hero of Shadows”…


“I don’t know. I mean, I don’t even know why I woke up this morning to find people all over the place saying that the “Hero of Shadows” is really Phil Salemabert.”


The opening episode.


The identity that has been kept under wraps has somehow been revealed to the world.

“…There must be a reason deeper than the valley, I’m sure of it.


“Don’t blatantly look away. You clearly have an idea.”

The boy with scarlet twin eyes looks toward the day after tomorrow.


It will merely be another pleasant, sunny, calm day.


If it weren’t for the voice he hear the moment I open the window, “Hero of Shadows! If it weren’t for that voice.!!

“I mean, I can’t help it! Yesterday I saved a pretty girl who was obviously well-dressed, and I got excited and drank!”




“I went to the brothel on the spur of the moment! There was another cute girl, …… and she said to me, “Do you have any heroic stories lately~?” 


“I told her that I was a “Hero of Shadows,” but wouldn’t most people believe me if I said that instead?”

“… I uttered it while dressed in a mask and costume….”


“Are you an idiot?”

The only distinguishing features of the “Hero of Shadows” are his black costume and sessile mask.


 Even if he were to mimic them, if he did not match these characteristics, he would be thought of as nothing more than a blabbermouth.

But on the other hand, if you could show them that, it would be solid evidence…


So everyone believed the rumors without questioning them. I thought the number of people I could see from the window was bizarre.


“……Hey, will you believe me if I start saying things like “You’re wrong!” from now on? If I say, “I tried to make fun of you with a little mischief,” I think I’ll be able to make the people over there angry, but what do you think about that?” “You’re being slandered, so what do you think about that?”

“Come to think of it, Phil’s black clothes and mask were left outside to dry yesterday.”

“What are you doing!?”

“It can’t be helped if it’s covered in vomit. Trying to drink until you vomit is bad.”


“No, no, you do realize that it’s a garden full of space? It will be a strong proof if you dry it somewhere that the people can easily see it! Since I’m only a maid, what am I going to do to support my master’s misfortune?

“I didn’t think it would come to this. Well, if the evidence were here, you wouldn’t believe me if I tried to mend it now.”


“We’re tangled up in every direction!”


It was the fourth time today.


It was Kahlua, who had become accustomed to hearing it for a good long while.

But why do you want to hide it so badly in the first place? It’s not like you’re doing anything wrong.”


I just want to enjoy the freedom of not being tied up ! I want to go to the whorehouse in the morning, the whorehouse in the afternoon, and the whorehouse at night!”

“Don’t go to the whorehouse on parade.”


“If they find out who you are, …… they’ll tie you up with the right medals and make you a political tool anyway. Every country wants to surround itself with powerful people and let them run when they want to. Who would want to be a masochism coach horse ?

Phil leans back and looks depressed.

“Besides, it’s cool to be a hero who walks away without saying a word. Last time I saw you, you said something like, “I don’t have enough to tell you my name,” and walked away. That’s the thing…”


“You say your name so quickly… lame.”


“I want to hide if there’s a hole.”


It is not sufficient to simply state your name; you must also make yourself known.


Neither the person being saved nor the hero in front of him would have thought that the cool hero would immediately fall to the ground and be embarrassed.


“If you hated it so much, you shouldn’t have helped in the first place and just stayed inside your house.”


“You idiot, you can’t just leave a man in trouble.”


“You’re either a good guy or you’re a dumbass, and I need you to tell me which one you are.”


Kahlua pressed her forehead against Phil’s as he said this with a straight face.


 Kahlua pressed her forehead against Phil’s, who said with a straight face, “It seems that kindness, which is somewhat contradictory, is incompatible with the scum side of me.


Anyway! I didn’t want you to know! I wanted to be smart and live a life of debauchery! I never wanted to be a tool to work in the muck and mire of aristocratic society! Especially not royalty…”


“You have a letter from the royal family.”


“Oh, my God, oh, my God, oh, my God!”


The fifth exclamation of the day happened the day after his true identity was revealed.


 The story of a man who has been saving someone in the shadows began when his true identity was revealed—.

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