Y.S. Ch.47

Ch 47 The End of the Holiday

After the break, school was a little different from usual, but certainly not the same.

Perhaps because mid-term exams are coming up at the end of the month, students who would have dozed off until last week are now taking their classes seriously.

The teacher seemed to be teaching at a faster pace than usual.

And there was one more thing that was different from usual.

I glanced at Karen’s seat.

She was not there.

The last conversation I had with Karen before the break comes back to my mind.

『If I had confessed to Haru――』


The memory, which had almost faded away during the picnic with Ageha, made my fists clench involuntarily.

I had hurt Saijo-senpai because I had consulted with her and poked my head into her affairs in a strange way.

Since then, I haven’t talked to Karen even once.

I have never met her in real life, nor have I talked to her in Nyain.

Yes, it all started with Saijo-senpai’s advice.

I was trying to help him by asking him if there was anything strange about Karen, so I asked her some unnecessary questions.

“I can’t say that to Saijou-senpai, right?”

The way she looked, what she said and did that day. If I tell him something strange, he might misunderstand me.

Then, it would be better to let it all go bygones be bygones.

Just like the rain that day.



She was there as usual, even though things were different in the school.

Lunch break. When I went up to the rooftop, she looked up and waved her hands in the air.

I sat down next to her and busily took out my lunch box.

“Come to think of it, Karen was off today, did something happen?”

I casually cut her off over lunch with some idle chit-chat.

If it’s my fault you’re absent, I’ll have to stop by on my way home today.

After munching on her rice, she tilted her head and said, “Onee-chan?”

“She’s not feeling well. She has a slight fever. She came home soaking wet the other day, so I’m sure that’s the cause. Don’t worry, my sister will be fine in no time.”

“I’m glad to hear that. But a cold at this time of the year is a bit tough, isn’t it?”

“I’m sure she’ll be fine in no time. Oh, that’s right! Haru-kun, watch my study today!”


“We promised the other day that we would study together. Let’s study together.”

“I did…”

We certainly talked about it last week.

I didn’t expect her to be so motivated from the first day of vacation.

I also want to study with her.

But it would be a bad punishment to leave Karen alone.

I was thinking about what to do, and then Ageha started to talk.

“Hey, let’s do it in my room! Let’s do a study session in my room with your lovely girlfriend!”

“You say that to yourself… No, I don’t deny it, but…”

“Well, deny it.”

Perhaps My reaction was not what she expected, but she turned her face away in embarrassment.

I have visited the Aizawa family often and have been in her room many times.

So, although it does not feel special to be in her room, it seems that there is no other place that is more suitable.

In the school library, there are people around, and above all, I can only speak in a low voice.

It’s a great place to study alone, but not for a study group.

Besides, I can watch Karen in her room.

I’ll apologize on the spot if it’s convenient.

“Yeah, I understand. Then in Ageha’s room. Can we meet at the entrance?”

“Okay! See you after school!”

After making the appointment, I asked about the status of Ageha’s studies as we proceeded to eat the remaining rice.

It was a little fun, as I felt nostalgic that I had studied such things.

On the way back to the classroom after parting ways with Ageha, I saw Saijo-senpai walking toward me from the front.

I positioned myself to bow to him to at least say hello.

As I bowed, Saijo-senpai also looked at me.

Our eyes met for a moment, and then were quickly averted.

I saw Saijo-senpai’s expression for a moment as we passed each other, and it seemed to me that he was somewhat uncomfortable.

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