Ch 8

“Yuya-kun, what do you think of this dress?”


“I think it’s good.”


After that we took the train and came to a shopping mall.


We bought our movie tickets first, but the movie was so popular that most of the seats were occupied, and the only place available for the two of us to sit together was at the very back end of the seats.


And we have quite a bit of time before the movie, so we are looking for clothes………


“You’ve been saying that for a while now.”


“Well, I think it looks good on you.”


“Do you really mean that?”


“…. Yes.”


My senior is a little shorter than me, so she looks up at me.


It’s pretty cute. I think she probably does this on purpose. I thought it was a little mocking.


“Then which outfit do you prefer, this one or this one?”


This one is a little cuter, the other is more mature.


“I think this one suits you better.”


I chose mature clothes.


“Okay, let’s stay here.”


The senior takes it to the cashier.


A man should pay for these things, right? But, hmmm.


Oh well.


“Senpai, I’ll get it.”






“I want to gain Yuya’s trust. Let’s wait until after we get married.”


“…….. I don’t think that gonna happen.”


I couldn’t tell if what she said was a lie or the truth, but I think it was probably the truth.


Because after looking at me seriously, she was smiling and laughing with a carefree smile.


We headed to the movie theater because it was almost time for the showing of the movie.


“Speaking of which, what kind of movie are we going to watch today?”


“Let’s see… It’s a love story where the main character falls in love with a senior.”


“Heh, heh.”


There should be no deep meaning.


It shouldn’t imply a distant future for me and my senpai or anything like that.


“What’s wrong?”


“No, nothing.”


Then, just as I was about to sit down in my seat, my senior held my hand that was resting on the armrest.


“…….. Senpai.”


“It’s starting quietly.”




“I’m glad I was in the very back! If we were in the middle or in front, everyone would have seen us.”


I’m not good at all


Then the movie started.


* * *


The movie was very good.


It was good, but when my senpai got excited, she would bring my hand up to her own breast, which made me nervous.


“Yuya-kun, the movie was good.”


“Yes, it was.”


Senpai says so with a smile.


I really wonder what is it about this person that keeps other people away.


It was then.


“Ah, isn’t that Reika-san?”


“Ah, Reika-san~.”


Two people from the same school, who must have been watching a movie, approach my senior.


One is a refreshingly handsome guy, the other a baby-faced hottie with a friendly smile on his face.


“I didn’t know you watched this movie, too.”


“It was good, wasn’t it?”


“…Yes, it was.”


“Do you want to hang out with us, Reika-san?”


“I’m not interested in playing with you. I’m here with Yuya-kun and I don’t want to play with you guys.”




My senior is very salty. She has an annoyed look in her eyes.


I see what you mean. This is the kind of atmosphere that doesn’t let other people in.


“Well, I guess it can’t be helped then. See you at school.”




Is this the Reika-senpai at school?


Why does she really like me like this?


“Senpai. Was it okay to decline? It should be more fun without me.”


“It’s okay. I’m not interested in anyone other than Yuya-kun. Or did you want me to go……..?”


“No, no. That’s not what I meant.”


“Then I’m glad.”


She shows a look of relief.


I’m pretty easygoing, too. After what happened.


No, no, no. Don’t trust her yet.


After that, we went to various stores and went home.


“Yuya-kun. I had fun today.”


“…Me, too.”


“Heheh. I’m glad to hear that.”


To be honest, I enjoyed myself today.


I think I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t doubted her.


“See you later.”




I look away until I can’t see my seniors.


Phew. I’m going home too.


I feel like I saw so many different senpai today.


Some smiling, some a bit cheeky…


Oh, no, no, no!


Don’t trust her yet.


Until I can trust her completely.

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